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Welcome to Hyrule's Secret Grotto, a personal website.
Layout was made by: Linkyblog, The dolls and small pixels were made for me years ago, please don't take/adopt/etc them as the pixels were made for me. I believe one was made by Celesse from Gaia Online. The stamps were found on DA. Header image was made for me by Nichole Parrish-Turner.


I will update this as time goes on. Testing testing testing

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37 . She/Her . Taurus
Hello! I'm the owner of this site, Maria. I've been around on the internet since 1999. I truly miss Geocities and being able to make different looking web pages. I miss the uniqueness of the old web. I know this all just makes me sound like a 90 year old but I have been around for awhile! I'm glad for Neocities and bringing back the ability to make unique websites. My site will constantly be under a form of construction.
I barely upload photos of myself and would rather use picrew.
Image used above was made on Picrew.

A lover of Link from Legend of Zelda since I was a kid. Midna is a favorite character as well. Been a fan of Parasite Eve since it came out. I enjoy Overwatch to an extent. I also find Fortnite really fun but the lore confusing.
Newest game is Love and Deepspace!

Currently Reading!!
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And so many more!!

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