The Sacred Realm

Jane Tetch

“Oh, still waters run deep, my dear. It's always been my philosophy that people should take what they want from life.”

Artwork made by Sarah Forde/Adorkabows

Alternate Universes

Quick Overview:
Jane Tetch is from Earth-11. Earth-11 is part of the multiverse and is an Earth where the genders of characters have been reversed. The main Mad Hatter I base Jane on is the Hatter from BTAS. However, I mix in personalities from the other Hatter’s, even Hatter’s not from DC.
A lot of inspiration for Jane comes from the American McGee Alice games and the Zenescope Comics line of Wonderland comics.
A big difference between Jervis and Jane is that Jane is more ruthless and heartless than he can be.

Basic Information:
Age: 26
Height: 4’11. Can be over 5’ depending on her heels
Build: Jane has an average build, but can be quite thin in the stomach area.
Hair: Mainly blonde. Can sometimes be seen with red hair. Her hair can be either long, towards the middle of her back. Or short, barely touching her shoulders. Her side bangs will usually frame her face.
Eyes: Olive green or a darkish green.
Sexuality: Bisexual.

Jane is childish, selfish, obsessive, and cruel. She seems like someone you might get along with at first glance but you learn your lesson quick. She’s quick to turn on you and won’t hesitate to kill you. She can’t help but latch onto someone and become nearly obsessed with them if she likes them. While she has latched onto Scarecrow, she’s more understanding of them and doesn’t try to be as greedy and obsessed. That’s only because she truly cares for them. This doesn’t happen often. She can be needy for attention.
She’s highly into video games, having high scores no matter what she plays. Video games are known to be an escape from reality, which makes sense for Jane to be into them. Her top game can be Fortnite.
She has an understanding of internet culture and memes.
Her style of dress can be anywhere from steampunk to victorian to modern day fashion. If she can wear a type of headwear with it, she’s fine with it.
Jane also loves causing chaos around Gotham and sending it’s citizens into a panic.
Jane suffers from anger issues. This is most common considering the amount of deaths she has caused since becoming ‘insane’. She has attempted suicide multiple times, all of which have become scars on her wrists which she covers up with gloves and neck. She suffers from depression and can spend days confined to a room during an episode.

At a young age, Jane was bullied. She was bullied for being short, for being smart, and for being quiet and keeping to herself. If there was something to poke fun at her for, the other kids did so. This caused Jane to gain anger problems, depression, and be suicidal as she grew older. She found comfort in books, especially a familiar book about Wonderland. Which was always her go to book when she was sad. In middle school, a young kid named Alistair* would jump to Jane’s defense and the two became fast friends. Unfortunately for Jane, she clung onto his friendship and as she hit the end of her college years, started to become obsessed. Her mind would fill with intrusive thoughts of him leaving her, or worse, not wanting to be her friend anymore. While she tried to pursue something more, Alistair never saw Jane as anything more than a friend. As an adult, Jane kept to her work and studies. She found a job working for Wayne Enterprises, where she spent her time perfecting and studying neurotechnology. She was able to create a way to ‘hack’ into the mind and control others which took over the time she should have been using focusing on her actual work.

With her slowly deteriorating mental health, the moment he announced his engagement to current girlfriend Billie, Jane snapped. However, her anger was seemingly short lived when Billie called off the engagement for unknown reasons. Jane tried her best to cheer Alistair up as he always did for her but once again, he turned her down. A few days after, Billie wanted the wedding back on again.

After a brief argument following the news, Jane killed Alistair in cold blood.

She repressed the memory of his death and figured her only comfort from anything would be to live in her own Wonderland.
* Since the Earth Jane comes from has reversed genders, Alice on her Earth would be male.

The Hatter ::

How Jane became the ‘Mad Hatter’ isn’t a simple story to tell. Her mental illness had gotten worse after Alistair’s death, her love for a series of stories, and her want for the kind of friend she grew up with again that she’d stop at nothing to get the Alice to her Wonderland. She didn’t care for reality and wanted to live in a delusional dream world.
She uses her mind control abilities to make her victims become characters from Wonderland, to use them as servants basically, or cause them to commit suicide if she doesn’t like them.
After she named herself the Hatter, she found Billie’s address and had Billie slash her own ring fingers off and shoot herself in the head as she had blamed Billie for Alistair’s death.
However, due to Jane’s anger issues whenever her victims didn’t follow along or attempted to fight for themselves, Jane went for murder.
Unlike different versions of Jervis Tetch throughout his comic years, Jane’s victims are always over the age of 18.
Ruthless, heartless, and emotionless, Jane is more of a Queen of Hearts than a Hatter.
Some of her abilities as the Hatter include:
Knowing the use of different torture weapons, from medieval (her favorite) to modern day.
Mind control chips.
She can brew and make her own tea. These teas can range from having drugs (like, ecstacy for example.), to fatal drugs (like, cyanide for example.), to normal tea. She also makes teas for herself which can range from keeping her anger down to helping her sleep.
She uses some of these teas to keep her victims in a state where she can apply her mind control microchip with little hassle.
Said mind control can also give the user heightened strength, which she uses to put her own set of body guards and thugs against the Bat and get herself away.

Jane doesn’t have many friends. With her attitude, she can’t keep someone around for long. She doesn’t trust others and does what she can to keep people at bay. Her jealousy, childishness, and ability to obsess over things also turn people off from getting to know her. Out of anyone in either Gotham she’s in, the only one she trusts is the Scarecrow.
While the two of them don’t see eye to eye on most things, there’s this bond that they share that can’t be explained.
Most other villains in Gotham, she either tolerates, like Riddler or despises, like Joker.
She can not stand the heroes. She seems to blame the Bat for her never finding another Alistair and desperately wants his cowl as part of her hat collection.
Jane has also attempted her own Wonderland group, consisting of the Tweedles and March Hare but she also sent them running after attempting to murder them multiple times.

Other Things:
Jane took piano lessons as a kid and is highly skilled with the instrument. She can be seen playing when she isn’t causing mayhem and some say it’s the only time they see her truly at peace and happy.
She took some fencing classes as a teenager to help with her other mental issues. She had to stop taking the classes as she almost stabbed her opponent fatally, which to this day she claims was an accident.
Her parents tried their best with her and still keep in contact. Her father came to Gotham from Europe and started a Hat Shop, which Jane has taken over as her headquarters. Her mother was born and raised in Gotham and works as a nurse in a nursing home.
On the Earth Jervis is from, Jane had decided to open up a dance club as Jervis already owned the hat store. (Though, she has attempted many times to take it over.) Rightfully named, Club Wonder*, it’s the best way for Jane to find her Alistair/Alice.
* The idea for this came from an issue of Li’l Gotham where Jervis owns a dance club with the same name.

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