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Reeses Jade

Artwork made by Sarah Forde/Adorkabows

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Quick Overview:
Kyrie Jade is a Legend of Zelda Fan Character / OC. A warrior seemingly chosen by the Goddesses, she helps the others with their fight against Ganondorf each time she's reborn.

Basic Information:
Age : 18 to 20's, usually around Link's age.
Height : 5'6
Build : Athletic build, not as pronounced muscles. Looks thin.
Hair : Black, uses magic/dye to give herself pink bangs. The black part of her hair usually goes slightly past her shoulders.
Eyes : One eye is black and the other is white from birth. After one of her battles, a scar goes a few inches above and a few inches below the white eye.
Sexuality : Bisexual.

Kyrie is a determined warrior, fierce in battle and protective of those she cares about. However, she can seem a bit naive. She sometimes might feel off if her brother or Gabrielle aren't around. She also likes to keep to herself and attempts to stay calm in dire situations. Once you get her to open up, she puts on a more cheerful tone. When she isn't protecting Hyrule, she finds comfort in cooking and enjoys making meals for her friends and family. She also enjoys having pets around.

Kyrie was born in Market Town. She lived peacefully with her father, mother, and brother until a man from the desert started showing up. She had her suspicions something was going on when a child in green appeared out of nowhere to see the Princess. While she didn't interact with him herself, she heard stories about Link from her friend, Malon.
Her best friend growing up was a girl named Gabrielle, the two were completely inseparable.
Suddenly, the King called for all the soldiers to help fight the attack caused by the man from the desert and everyone in the town had started to flee. While trying to escape with her mother, Kyrie had saw her dad fighting a moblin and one attempting to sneak up on him. Kyrie had tried to warn her father about the attack but while he was distracted, the second Moblin sliced his head off cleanly. Frozen in fear, all she could do was watch her father's head roll towards her and stare at her with life-less eyes. Her mother arrived soon after and saved her before the Moblins could get her too.
Everyone who escaped ran to Kakariko Village, Kyrie vowed that she would train to be a soldier like her father and help fight.
Impa, being a Shiekah and a founder of Kakariko, visited often to make sure the residents were safe. During those seven years before Link would awaken, she would have dreams about a girl she would often see around town. The dreams were visions given to Impa by the Goddesses and were a message that she should help train Kyrie and the others. As Kyrie got older, Impa soon realized that the Goddesses saw potential in them and were having her train a special set of warriors to protect Hyrule and the Sages. When Kyrie was finally told this, they trained harder and would stop at nothing to keep monsters at bay and keep Hyrule and the seven Sages safe.

Kyrie is soft spoken and can sometimes seem a little shy. She never tried for a relationship after Ganondorf's attack so she's pretty awkward in a relationship. Most times when she's reincarnated, her love interest is Link. However, some versions have a soft spot for Zelda as well.

Other Things:
Kyrie doesn't trust Link at first, after following him around she warms up to him. After the battle at Death Mountain, she realizes she had feelings for the hero. However, while Link makes it a little obvious he feels similar, he doesn't fully return the feelings until after the battle with Ganondorf.
Kyrie was blessed with the magic ability to make lightning. She harnesses this power to create a form of 'shock arrows' to destroy her enemies with.
Link and Zelda are the sworn protectors of Hyrule, they are the main pieces needed to destroy Ganondorf and send him back to the Sacred Realm. However, Kyrie and her set of friends were chosen by the Goddesses as warriors to help defend Hyrule when Link and Zelda can not. They're also used to repel evil while Link and Zelda are fighting Ganondorf.
Kyrie can sometimes get jealous of her brother Razz, as he was chosen as the leader. He was granted the ability to wield Din's Fire, Nayru's Love, and Farore's Wind without the need of a crystal. She quickly dismisses these feelings when fighting as her focus should be on the fight.
As a chosen soldier, Kyrie was granted abilities over death. She can sense spirits and can cause massive, fatal destruction when given the chance.

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