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Inside and Outside : 10 Years Later

Chapter 2

HA. I'm getting mushy. Better stop doing that. "All right..WHY are you REALLY here?" Did he think I was going to be soft and just let him in without a REAL reason?
He really doesn't know me.
"I told you." I crossed my arms. "You waited 10 years?" "It was very hard to get permission to come here y'know.." I narrowed my eyes and shrugged. "Whatever. fine. So now that your here what're you going to do?" Link gave me a look. He was trying to figure out why I got so rude all of a sudden. What can I say? Its a gift. "So whats been happing for the last few years?" Micheal broke an awkard silence. "The usual..fighting..Zelda trying to.." I grumbled under my breath at that name. There was always something about Zelda that I hated. Not the Zelda from the game who acts like she can't do anything and actually can. But the one I met. I just couldn't put my finger on why I hated her. I just did.

"Hows Zelda?" Micheal asked. "Fine fine. Same as she was before you guys left." 'Bet she was happy for THAT' I thought. "I wonder how she'd like Earthorwhateveritscalled." Link thought aloud. "She wouldn't make it past 1 hour. Shes royalty y'know.." I grumbled. That gave me another look from Link. I shrugged and left. Micheal nervusly grinned. "Shes uhh...yeah." he blinked. "She really hates Zelda.." Micheal nodded. "Why..?" "I'm not sure..she just does." Link and Micheal shrugged. "Where are you going?" Micheal called to me. I guess the change in my purse was rattling abit loudly. "To play a game.." "H-hey! Your not going without me!"

So..the two came with me. I put my hands in my pockets and looked at the ground while I walked. I was greeted by a few of my friends when I entered the arcade and I slowly slipped away from Micheal and Link. Its always good to play a game alone when your frusrated. yep. 'Maybe I'm being too mean..' I thought. 'I should cool off alittle..he did say he traveled all the way from Hyrule just to see me..' I nodded. It was settled then. I were to cool off and be a bit nicer. "Found you!" I heard Link call. I turned my head and he was right there beside me. "Hello." I turned my head back towards the screen.

"Y'know, Maria..If you don't want me here.." "I never said that did I?" "Right." "I thought about it..I'll try to be a bit nicer.." I almost whispered. "That's okay." Link smiled. I didn't see him smile,but I smiled too.

An hour later..we couldn't find Micheal. "He's what? 20? and he's LOST?" I grumbled. "Maybe he whent back home?" "That could be it.." I nodded. "Lets see if hes home." There he was. Stuffinf his face. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU WHENT HOME!" I freaked out on him for about an hour. I guess I must've scared Link because he hid in the living room. Fuming, I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. And that was my day. Watching TV. I think got Link got even more freaked out when he realized he was going to spend the night with me...alone.

Chapter 3

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