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Welcome to the chapter list of my first ever long fanfic from back in 2002. This is the fic in it's fanfiction.net glory, meaning, none of the story has been edited to fix mistakes. Only edited to fit better on this site. I am currently planning on rewriting it for funsies.

Original 2003/2004 Summary

"Earthbound Millennium is a 4 book series featuring a set of characters and their adventures aroundHyrule.The first 3 books revolve around 5 main characters, Reeses Triepan, Razz Jade,Zaterl McYui, Link and Gabrielle Vaneth. The first bookfeatures the daughter of Ganondorf, King of Thieves and her insanity. The second bookis set in thewell hidden land where Sparkz was born.This story features a child serial killer and her want for a mother. The third book focuses around the childhoods of the 5 new Sages and the childhood of new characters, Maria and Blind. It also shows the evil side of Ganondorf's son, Caba andenemy, Carok. The fourth and final book is set in the future and involves the children of the Sages. Also, new comer Allinca (© APureCurse) arrivesand adds on to the trouble. The enemy is the daughter of theprincess of Hyrule,Zelda.

Of course, this story never became a '4 book series'. I never got past 20 chapters of the first 'book'. I wanted a saga of sorts and I was dreaming big as a kid. I don't remember half of the characters this summary talks about either. 20 years later, my 'sage' OCs have lost their sage title and now are more so warriors for the Goddesses. I'm brainstorming rewriting this but it'd mainly be a retelling of Ocarina of Time with my characters.

Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter List

Book 1: Outer Sages

Chapter 1: Awaken Death! Reeses Triepan!
Chapter 2: Awaken Triforce! Razz Jade!
Chapter 3: Awaken Time! Zaterl McYui!
Chapter 4: Awaken Courage! Link!

Book 2: Saria, Sage of Forest

Chapter 5: The Meeting
Chapter 6: Tip-Toe Through the Forest
Chapter 7: Forest Fire
Chapter 8: Minuet of Forest

Book 3: Darunia, Sage of Fire

Chapter 9: Striking the Match
Chapter 10: Lighting the Fire
Chapter 11: Burning Flames
Chapter 12: Bolero of Fire

Book 4: Ruto, Sage of Water
Chapter 13: Touching The Waves
Chapter 14: Wading Through The Waves
Chapter 15: Diving Under
Chapter 16: Serenade of Water

Book 5: Impa, Sage of Shadow
Chapter 17: Waking the Dead
Chapter 18: Tainted Shadows
Chapter 19: Shadows Fall
Chapter 20: Nocturne of Shadow

Book 6: Nabooru, Sage of Spirit
Chapter 21: Spiritual Awakening

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