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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 14: Wading Through the Waves

Ruto bent down and put her hand in the water. She smiled as the water rushed past her fingers. "!" She gasped and pulled her hand out. "Brrr. That was colder than usual..."

"Ruto!" A lively voice giggled. "Makira!" Ruto laughed. "Good to see you!" She waved and walked to her father's throne room. "Daddy! Da-..." Ruto stopped short when she saw who was with her father. "Why is Mizu here?" She thought bitterly. Ruto really didn't trust this Zora. There was soomething about him that gave her goose-bumps. "It is awful,King! Whirlpools have started to appear in Lake Hylia! Rumors also say that tentecles are randonmly appearing and drowning Hyrulians!" Mizu gave a look of fear. "What!" Ruto said aloud. Mizu then gave the King a serious look. "I think its that temple guardian. She's lost it!" Ruto shook her head. The king gave them both skeptical looks. "It can't be Morpha's fault!" Ruto yelled. Mizu ignored her. "We must do something! Kill her or something! She can't continue drowning innocent people!" The king sighed. "I'll sleep on it." He motioned his hands to tell Mizu that it was time to leave. "Right then. See you tomorrow then. your highness." Mizu walked away. "Daddy! You arn't really...? You can't!" Ruto cried. She rubbed her eyes. "Me and her have been friends since I found her!" The king gave a snorting laugh. "Of course not my dear." Ruto sighed with relief. "When are your friend coming?" King Zora tried to change the subject. "Tomorrow morning." Ruto grinned. "Great." The king smiled.

"Aggghhh..." Razz fell face first on the bed. "I don't feel like going to a water-y place!" He whined. "Oh c'mon now Razz! It'll be fun!" Sparkz grinned. "But ...water! Fish! (Wait..fish is good...) WATER." Razz pretended to cry. "Okay. Stop it now. You know you love water." Sparkz stuck her nose in the air and jumped on a bed across from Razz's. "I'm looking forward to seeing Zora's Fountain. My home is right by there." Razz sat up. "Your home?" Sparkz nodded. "You don't really talk about your home that much." Razz cocked his head to the side. "I know. I left when I was a baby. I don't remember too much about it." Sparkz sighed. Razz bit his lip. "You think they'd have food there?" Razz dodged a pillow. "What!" Sparkz shook her head and laughed. "Of course they have food! They are living creatures!" Sparkz then twitched her ears. "The others are returning..." Razz gave a nod. The door then burst open. "One hot plate full of cookies for a Razz Jade!" Link yelled and passed Razz the plate.

"YES!" Razz stuffed them down. "Welll...we promised to meet King Zora in the morning. Shall we get some sleep?" Link suggested. "Might as well." Reeses sat down next to Sparkz. "I just hope the King has something good to say..." Link sighed. "Hmmph. Mm! Mmphh!" Razz nodded and whiped the crumbs off his face. "Chew damnit!" Reeses gave Razz such a look that it made him swallow everything in his mouth whole. "Agh..." Razz stuck his tounge out in slight disgust. "Well...good night!" Link hid under his covers."Right." Reeses then slipped under her covers. Zaterl was already asleep. Razz whiped the crumbs from his sheets and was soon asleep himself. Sparkz was the only one awake. She stared out the window. "It's been years. Am I really going to go there again?"

"Rise and shine sleepy heads!" Zelda yelled through the door. "Your going to be late!" Zaterl sat straight up. "Okay Zelda!" She yelled back. Zaterl then rushed and woke everyone else up. An hour later the group was on their way to Zora's Fountain. Ruto paced around. "Where are they? Where are they?" Makira watched her friend. "Calm down, Ruto. Calm down. They'll be here!" Ruto then stopped pacing and friend a hug. "Oh Makira!" Ruto began to cry. "They are going to be late! ...Wait. ...What if they never show up? Oh! Daddy will be disappointed!" Ruto whiped some tears away. Makira shook her head. "Don't worry Ruto! They will be here!" "WAAAAGH!" The girls heard a scream and then a splash of water.

"What the?" They ran out to see what happened. "Hey! What the hell was that for!" Razz spit out some water as he floated in a big pool of water. "You should've never of stood so close to the edge." Reeses said calmly with a look of innocence. Razz grumbled and swam towards land. "Your here!" Ruto excitedly hugged Link. Reeses gave a small glare. "Uhm. Yeah." Link smiled nervously. "Daddy's waiting for you!" Ruto grabbed Link's hand and pulled him to throne room. "Ah! Link! Such a pleasure!" The king smiled broadly. Link gave a small bow.

"Who're your friends?" The king looked at Reeses,Razz and Zaterl. Razz stepped forward. "Why, King Zora...I'M Razz Jade! I love cookies,pastries,soup (just about any food...), and sometimes long moonlight walks on the be!" Reeses gave Razz a small whack across the back of his head. "I'm Reeses Triepan." Zaterl looked at the ground. "I'm Zaterl McYui..." "Such a pleasure to have you guys but onto more important matters!" The king cleared his throat. "There are some strange happenings going on at Lake Hylia. People are dieing! Now...a fellow Zora, Mizu," Ruto cringed at the name. "told me that it might be Morpha's fault." Link gave a short gasp. 'Morpha!' He thought. "Morpha wouldn't do such a thing!" Ruto cried. Link shook his head. "I defeated Morpha!" The king laughed. "Of course! Morpha went through the same thing Volvagia did." Link understood. "Aah. I remember when Ruto told me about the new-born Morpha." The king gave a smile and looked at his daughter. Ruto knew it was her turn to tell the story.

"Right after you defeated Morpha and awakened me...I decided to have another look around the temple. Good thing too...I was near the door to Morpha's room when I heard crying. Soo...I went to peek inside. In the middle platform was small lump." Ruto moved her hands to help illustrate the memory. "She isn't being dramatic..." Zaterl whispered to Razz. Razz nodded in agreement. "Well...sure enough the lump was a baby. So..not wanting the little one to stay in such a horrible place...I took her home. Here she grew up knowing happiness." Ruto continued. "How did she grow up?" Link questioned. Ruto held her chin in thought. "I'm guessing the Goddesses." Link nodded. "Back to the story...as I said she was happy here...but something told her she had to go back to the Temple. Listening to this she swam back to Lake Hylia (with proper good-byes and all.) and decided to watch over the Water Temple." Ruto had a sad smile. "BUT. That doesn't mean she's the one doing this!" Ruto then stuck her index finger in the air. "Morpha is intelligent to fall for this enemies trap!" "Hai!" Razz grinned. "Well...nice story..." Link mumbled. The king sat up. "Aherm! Yes. Basicly...I want you all to go to the lake and see what's up." The group nodded. "The Temple and the quicker way to get to Lake Hylia are both under water. How are they...?" The king stopped Link in mid-sentence. "No need to worry. Someone will give you the Zora Tunic." Link gave a nod.

"YHEE!" Sparkz's voice laughed and then a splash was heard. "Well...that's where she went.." Razz tried to peek down a hallway type cave. "C'mon now...let's get you fitted for your tunics..." Link began to leave the throne room. "Well...alright." Reeses looked skeptical. Razz smiled and bowed to Zaterl. "After you, miss." Zaterl giggled and bowed back. "Why, thank you sir." They all soon left the throne room. A short walk later they were inside a store. "They have their own store? How...interesting..." Reeses folded her arms over her chest. "3 Zora tunics please!" Link grinned at the cashier. "Sure!" The cashier then rang up the total. "600 rupees please!" Razz fell over. "Damn! How expensive!" Link just gave a smirk and payed. Then two female Zora's appeared and pushed Reeses and Zaterl into a fitting room. "H-hey!" Reeses began to protest. "Now now! You don't want this to be too big or too small!" The Zora's said in a sing-song voice. "I wouldn't care either way." Reeses mumbled. "Ha! " "Done!" "Splendid!" The girl's giggled and made Reeses and Zaterl twirl a few times. "Now your ready for your adventure!"

The Zora's then pushed the fitted girls out of the fitting room. Razz appeared a few moments after. "Does this shirt match my eyes?" "Let's get this damn thing over with..." Reeses stormed out of the shop. "C'mon Sparkz!" She yelled before diving into the large pool. "Yes Ree-chan!" Sparkz shook some excess water off her fur and dived back in. "Where are we goin' Ree-chan?" Sparkz swam to her. "Lake Hylia." Reeses looked around. "Where is that short-cut?" Sparkz giggled. "Follow me!" Link shook his head and smiled as he watched Reeses swim away with her cat. "She can be so cute...now...if only she would smile..."

"Aah!" Zaterl sighed happily as she rose her head above the water. "What a pretty place!" She swam to shore and tried to get a better look. Sparkz agreed. "Quite pretty." "It is. Seems peaceful today. I see no tentecles or anything of the sort." Link scanned the area. "Same here." Reeses gave a look around herself. "..?" She gave a slient gasp. A strange aura was forming around the area. She could feel it. "Sparkz! Get away from the water!" She yelled. "Huh?" Sparkz looked up. She couldn't hear Reeses. She went to say something else when suddenly watery tentecles shot out of the water and dragged the blue cat under. "Sparkz!" Reeses screamed started to run to the water. "Sparkz!" She screamed again and tripped over a hidden rock. "Ugh!" She fell to the ground, her shoulder hitting another hidden rock.

Sparkz felt herself being dragged to the bottom. She opened her eyes and stared in front of her. Her vision was quite blurred but she could make out that there was a long haired female holding her down.

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