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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 15: Diving Under

She struggled. The person wouldn't let her go. Sparkz then moved her head in such a way that she bit the hand that was holding her. The person let go and Sparkz took the oppurtunity to swim away.

"Reeses!" Link went to her side. "Nnngh..." She grunted. "Are you okay! Jeez! Your bleeding!" Link looked at her shoulders. "So!" Reeses cried and looked at the lake. A farmilar looking blue head popped out. The head faced the group and smiled. "Thank Goddesses..." Razz sighed happily. "!" The blue head was lifted out of the water by a blue tentecle. "NYA!" The head cried and flipped towards shore.

Something changed. She felt herself change. Her body got longer and she could stretch her fingers. She landed softly on her feet on shore. "Sparkz!" Reeses and Razz gasped. "Wha-? What!" She looked at her hands. Sparkz gave a big gasp. "Holy -!" "What happened?" Razz grinned and walked around her. "I...I don't know..." Sparkz laughed. "Friggin' awesome though!" She giggled.

Ruto shook her head. "Why am I staying here? How selfish of me!" She stood up. "I shall help! They are going to need it!" She dived into the water and swam to Lake Hylia.

"Well...well. About time I see the pests that are keeping me from my goal..." A woman's voice laughed. "!" The group turned and gasped. Standing on a still-wave was a slightly tall woman. She had on a leotard similar to Shirah's only hers was pink. She wore matching thigh-high heeled boots. A weird horned headpiece with a blue jewel was attached to her forehead. Her hair was red with pink triangle-like marks throughout. Her eyes are the color of blood and were fixed on the small group. The group was wide-eyed. Who was this new girl? What did she want? Was she the leader of this disaster?

Ruto poked her head out of the water a little bit. She didn't want to make too much noise in case this was the girl her friends have been fighting. "Hello there. My name is CabMantha Dragmire." Link gasped at that. He hadn't heard that name in a few years since no one would ever dare mention the Dragmire name. "You...your..." Link couldn't speak. "Yes. I am the daughter to the Desert King." She gave a smirk. "When...?" Link just stared. "Daddy wasn't always wanting to have that Triforce of Power. For some time he would travel to Hyrule Market for fun. That's where he met Mom." CabMantha gave a smile. "That's great and all but ...why are you attacking the Sages!" Ruto finally got the courage to speak. CabMantha shot Ruto a dirty look. "To bring someone I know back." She crossed her arms. "Ruto!" Link hissed. He couldn't believe her. She was too spontanious. "You should've stayed at Zora's Fountain!" He hissed at her again. "Now I'm quite angry...I was just about to go home..." CabMantha sighed. She gave a playful sad look. "Oh! I guess I can stay..." Her sad look turned into a sinister smile. "...to steal that Sage medallion!" The water around her then rose into the air and made a tornado. "!" Everyone gasped.

"JAMU IZUMI!" A voice could be heard under the water. Suddenly, a foam-like substance formed around the water tornado, making it freeze in place. "What!" CabMantha turned. Floating in the water behind CabMantha was a woman around Ruto's age. Her blue eyes glared at the pink haired woman. "Don't hurt them!" The new comer yelled. "Morpha!" Ruto gasped. "I thought I got rid of you!" CabMantha gritted her teeth. "I'm not easy to get rid of." Morpha kept her glare. "You little pest! I knew I should've killed you!" CabMantha put her hand to the side and a pinkish light started to glow around her hand. "I think I'll finish the job!" She then moved her hand forward and rushed at Morpha.

Morpha just stared at CabMantha and didn't move. Ruto gasped and covered her eyes. 'NO!' Her thoughts screamed. 'NOOOO!' Ruto held her head tightly and opened her mouth. "Oh Jesus!" Reeses gasped. "Huh?" Ruto slowly opened her eyes and gasped also. CabMantha was just a few inches away from Morpha but she stopped moving. A ring of water held CabMantha by the waist.

"What happened?" Link just stared. "Someone must've controlled the water without saying anything...not many people can do that..." Sparkz explained. "Could it of been Morpha?" Razz asked. "Not sure..." Sparked looked at Morpha. "It feels like she's still learning. I don't think it was her." Sparkz added. "Ruto...?" Link turned to his old friend. "I...I couldn't of! I don't know how to do such a thing!" Ruto had a hand over her open mouth and stared at CabMantha with wide eyes. "God damn! Damn!" CabMantha struggled. "How 'bout we finish her off?" Zaterl grinned. With that a loud crack was heard and the small group fell to the ground. "Aggh!" They yelled. "NO one touched CabMantha! No one!" A farmilar voice screamed. "Shirah?" Reeses and everyone else got up. "Yheeyah!" Shirah rushed at the group. " Link suddenly fell backwards. "Link!" Ruto gasped as he hit the ground. Shirah gave a chuckle. Ruto then went to kick Shirah but missed. "AH!" Ruto gasped as Shirah held the fish girl in a head lock. "Wow! Your a Sage and yet you have NO brain!" Shirah grinned. "Let go!" Ruto squirmed. Shirah just laughed.

Link got up and gave a glare. "Let her go!" He yelled. "No way!" Shirah yelled back. Link growled. He reached behind his back and pulled his weapon out. "You've taken two of my good friends away. I'll fucking kill you for that!" Link threatened through gritted teeth. Shirah just tilted her head. "How adorable!" She giggled. Reeses stared at Link. 'What's he planning to do?' She thought. Ruto continued squirming. CabMantha turned her head. "Stop wasting time!" She squirmed. Shirah nodded. Link yelled and swung the Master Sword at Shirah. Shirah dodged. Link lunged at her again. Shirah again dodged his attack. "Your weak!" She wiped her forehead. Razz watched him. There was something about his weapon that farmilar. "YAH!" "YEEEYAH!" "HA!"

Link seemed determined to strike Shirah. Shirah dodged every attack. "Damn!" She gasped and threw Ruto on the ground. "I'll deal with you after..." She then grabbed her whip and swung it at Link. "AH!" He winced as the whip made contact with his skin. Shirah then swiftly turned around and whipped at CabMantha. "EEK!" CabMantha fell into the lake. Link rubbed his head. "God damn!" He growled. "Oh,Link! Are you okay?" Ruto's eyes watered. "Wha? Uh...yeah!" Link just stared at her. "NYA!" Sparkz voice yelled. "!" Everyone gasped. "YA!" Shirah went to kick Sparkz's stomach. "Sparkz!" Reeses gasped. Sparkz laughed and flipped out of the way. "Fuck!" Shirah growled. "Die!" She screamed and her and Link were at it again.

Cabmantha laughed and hopped out of the water. "I'll catch you later!" She winked and disappeared in a flurry of pink fairies. "NO!" Razz gasped. Reeses sighed. They finally saw the main enemy. "'Bout damn time we saw who we are fighting. " Sparkz grinned. "Eh." Reeses spoke quietly and kept her eyes on Shirah and Link. Ruto had her hands over her mouth. "My gosh!" She cried. The fight went on. Each one dodging the others attack. Morpha just stared. She didn't know what to do. No one did actually. "Why bother fighting? It's no use!" Shirah panted. Link gritted his teeth and gave Shirah a cold glare. "I'll fight to the death!"

Chapter 16

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