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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 16: Serenade of Water

"To the death 'ey?" Shirah just laughed. Ruto looked like she was about to cry. "Well...I'm abit tired but..." Shirah snapped her fingers and a farmilar looking Zora appeared behind her. "I believe you all met Mizu?" She giggled and pranced away. Mizu grinned. "Shall we?" He bowed slightly and pulled out a long thin blade. Link held his sword out waiting for Mizu to make the first move. They walked slowly in a circle facing each other. "Scared?" Mizu chuckled. The Her o of Time just shook his head. Then the moment Link had been waiting for happened. Mizu did a strange jump attack and thrusted his blade at Link's heart. "Shi-!" Link dodged and fell on his side. "Oh crap!" He cried as Mizu's sword missed his arm by a few inches. Link got back on his feet and slashed at Mizu. Mizu blocked the shot with his sword. "We must be evenly matched!" Mizu grunted. "I don't think so!" Link used all his might to push Mizu away from him. "I'm more powerful than you!"

aterl held her mouth and watched the battle. She had to help. Zaterl shut her eyes and concentrated. She held her hands in front of her in an odd position. "Time!" She moved her hands a purple clock magically appeared. "Frame!" The magic clock then flew past Mizu, knocking him a few feet away. "Zaterl!" Link gave ehr a surprised look. "Wanted to help?" Zaterl held the back of her head and looked at the ground. Link grinned. "Thanks." Zaterl looked up and grinned also. Sparkz then moved away from the group silently. She had an idea but she would need to be on higher ground in order for it to work. Mizu rose. "Damn bitch! Once I kill this blonde guy...you're next!" Zaterl gasped. "You won't touch one hair on her!" Razz crossed his arms. Mizu ignored Razz and resumed his battle with Link. Link panted. He wasn't sure how much longer he could last before passing out. "Damn it Link! Let someone else fight!" Reeses yelled,still holding her shoulder. Link shook his head. He wanted to be the one who defeated Mizu. He wanted to be the one who killed the enemy. He wanted to be the victor. "Damn it!" Reeses yelled with a hint of concern, which no one else has ever heard before.

Sparkz stopped. She looked down. The Professor's house was as high as she could go. She lifted her hands in the air. "Please work." She mouthed. Suddenly, a big bubble and a smaller bubble appeared above her hands. The bubbles popped and a bow made out of water dropped into her hand. An arrow made out of water fell out of the smaller bubble. "Aim." Sparkz said and positioned the bow and arrow just right. "Ready." She aimed for Mizu. "WATER SPIRAL!" She yelled and released the arrow. Then arrow then slammed into Mizu's heart area and burst out of the other side. "Aaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhh!" Mizu screamed at the top of his lungs. Link gasped and backed away. Mizu continued to scream and as he did, he started to shake violently. "What the hell!" Link was wide-eyed. Mizu then exploded in a splash of water. Zaterl gasped loudly and almost fainted. Reeses just stared at the puddle of water Mizu left behind. She looked up. "Sparkz." She whispered. Sparkz backflipped off the house and landed on her feet.
Shirah growled. "Damn!" She muttered. "No matter. I'll still get that Sage. ...Maybe some others too." She chuckled. She cracked her whip and grinned.

"Damn." Link shook his head and looked away from Mizu. "Let's get Ruto." Link turned and froze. "Your late,Sages!" Shirah laughed and held Ruto hostage. "She's mine!" Shirah made her grip tighter. "Agh! Let me go! Link!" Ruto cried. "Water Spiral!" "Water Fall!" Sparkz and Morpha attacked Shirah. "Shit!" Shirah fell backwards still holding Ruto. Morpha growled. "Water Fall!" Morpha attacked again. "Agh!" Shirah gasped. "Let go of my friend!" Morpha yelled. "Ha! What if I don't? You can't leave the water!" Shirah laughed and lifted her arm with the whip. "Hyaaaaaa!" Ruto cried and a blast of bubbles knocked Shirah away. "!" Razz gasped. "Neat!" He laughed. "Razz!" Reeses yelled. "Sorry!" He chuckled. "Ugh..." Reeses held her head.

Damn it!" Shirah stood up. "Stop fooling around! CabMantha's waiting for me!" Shirah then rushed at Ruto. "Alright. Time to step in." Reeses ran and elbowed Shirah,knocking her to the ground. "Fuck!" Shirah spit something out and gave Reeses a death glare. "You chose NOW to fight!" She grumbled and stood up. "What can I say? I'm lazy." Reeses put her fists in the air. "I have no time to fight you." Shirah looked around for Ruto. "Then make time!" Reeses yelled and the next thing Shirah knew was that she was looking the other way. "You..." She growled and slammed her foot into Reeses's stomach. "Ugh!" Reeses held her stomach for a few moments. "Not bad." She tightened her headband. She lifted her fist and slammed it against Shirah's face making her face twist in the wrong direction. "AGH!" Shirah winced in pain and backed away. "Bitch!" She winced again and held her face. "You'll be next! You'll be next!" Shirah walked away from Reeses. "First to concentrate on the water one..."Shirah pulled out her whip. Ruto gasped and jumped into Lake Hylia.

She didn't know why she did this. It just happened. "Hiding won't do you any good!" Shirah grinned. 'Not sure how long I can last down here...' Ruto thought sadly. Morpha then layed her head on Ruto's arm. She looked at Ruto with sad eyes. "What's going on?" She asked. Ruto shook her head. "I really don't know. All I know is that someone is trying to take my power..." Morpha sighed at that. "Bur Ruto...your also leaving your friends in danger!" Ruto gasped. "Your right." Ruto looked up. "I'll go fight!" She got up and swam to the surface. Morpha watched her. "I hope she'll be okay..."
Ruto lifted her head and widened her eyes at the site around her. Zaterl and Link were a few feet away from the water, sprawled in odd positions. Reeses and Razz looked like they were about to pass out. "Damn me for running away." Ruto scolded herself and walked out of the water. "Alright. Now I've had enough! Want to fight me!" Ruto yelled. Shirah turned quickly and grinned. "Then we fight on my turf!" Ruto then jumped back into the water and swam to the Water Temple. "She can't defeat me here. I know it!" Ruto grinned and entered the temple. Shirah was right behind her. Reeses just stared at the lake. She folded her hands and put her head down.

Shirah scratched her head. "Where is that stupid Sage!" "SERENADE OF WATER!" Then out of the blue a huge water twister shot out of the water and slammed into Shirah. "Glaaauuurrrrggghhh!" Shirah screamed and smacked into a nearby wall. Ruto landed softly on the platform. "Ha!" She grinned and got ready to attack again. Shirah laughed insanely. "Huh?" Ruto looked concerned. "C'mere." Shirah chuckled and grabbed Ruto's wrists with her whip."You know you want too." Shirah pulled Ruto closer to her. "AGH!" Ruto yelled and stopped short when Shirah's hand slammed inside her chest. Morpha lifted her head above the water and screamed when she saw what happened. Shirah did her insane laugh again. "I believe this belongs to you!" Shirah flung Ruto's body at Morpha. "You monster!" Morpha cried. "Heh heh." Shirah backflipped and disappeared. Ruto slowly turned her head. "Ruto!" Morpha cried again. Ruto smiled at her friend. "Thanks for ...catching...me..." Ruto slowly shut her eyes. Morpha's lip trembled and her eyes began to water. "Ruto! No! NOO!" She yelled. "Oh God! Why! Don't disappear on me! Please! NO!" Morpha yelled louder as Ruto started to fade away. She sobbed as Ruto's body were replaced with blue fairies. "NOOOO!" She screamed.

"!" Reeses held her head and gritted her teeth as a surge of pain went through out her body. "Agh!" She yelled and dropped to her knees. "What the hell is this feeling!

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