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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 11: Burning Flames

Darunia waited by the mountain enterance. "Volvagia..." He exhaled. The thought of Saria's death was starting to eat at his mind. He wondered if this was his time. 'She's trying to get us all..!' He thought as he stared at the enterance. 'What purpose could this woman have?'He continued staring and a small rumbling sound could be heard. Rocks and debris fell over and smashed onto the ground below,just missing him. "Where are they?"

Reeses pulled down at her shirt. It felt nice to be in something clean. She lightly felt her back. The cut she recieved had been gone for a few hours and the scar was just starting to disappear. "Hmm..." She said thoughtfully. Her hair was still a mess even though she just washed it. While she was washing a thought came to her. 'What if she tried to get Darunia..?' (It seems to be the thought on everyones mind..) She shook her head. She left the bathroom full of negative thoughts. "Ree-chan...are you hungry?" Razz grinned and handed her some toast."Uh. Sure..." She took the toast and chewed on it. "It seems that we'll have another big day ahead of us..." Link predicted.

Zaterl agreed. "Hopefully this won't be as ...action-packed... as before." Razz ate, what seemed like his 30th piece of toast. "Geez. Do you have a bottomless stomach?" Link gave Razz a weird look. Razz winked. "My little secret." Zaterl giggled. "Uhh.." Link looked to Reeses for support. "He's weird." She said in between bites. Link just nodded. "Darunia must be getting pretty tired of waiting..." The other three just nodded and continued to eat. A half hour later the small group was outside the castle. "Death Mountain is a extremely hot place..." Link informed, remembering his time there. "Uh-huh." Reeses fixed her hair abit. "Are we walking?" She asked. "I have a quicker way." Link took out his ocarina. It was a bright green color with a piece of paper with a symbol on it wrapped around the mouth piece. They guessed that he was going to warp them to Death Mountain the same way he warped them back to Hyrule.

Razz held onto Link's arm,Reeses held Razz and Zaterl's hands, and Zaterl held Reeses's hand and Link's arm. The ground under them swirled in a circle. Red fairies began to surround them and the area disappeared from their sight. A few seconds later the fairies disappeared and the area around them changed. "Well..here we are." Link grinned. "Where's..?" Razz looked around while Link whiped some sweat away. "He must be outside." Link took out his long shot. "The bridge is still bring worked on." He aimed it at a wooden beam a few feet away. "Hold on.." And..that's what everyone did. "AGH! The weight!" He cried as he tried to get across. The others clambored on top of him. "Yheesh!" Link finally got up. "Oh..thank goddess! Cold air!" Razz spinned around. Darunia laughed and gave them a hug. "Link...what's the big idea of taking them through Death Mountain without proper protection?" He scolded.

"It's okay! We can manage!" Razz said gleefully. "The temple itself is a bit cooler. It shouldn't be that long of a walk any way." Darunia set forth. He was right. The temple was much cooler. They hopped across the platforms and stopped at a big door. Darunia lightly touched the door and it rose open. The room inside was huge. A platform was in the middle with random holes full of lava. A bridge conencted the spot where they were and the middle platform. "Caution..." Darunia whispered and walked across the bridge. A throne carved out of stone was in the middle and strangely ...it was empty. "Where is she?!" Darunia looked everywhere.

"Where is ...who,Darunia?" A voice appeared behind them. "Volvagia!" He smiled. Volvagia walked forward. "What are you doing here?" Darunia gave a confused look at that question. Volvagia didn't seem the same. She seemed ruder,angrier. "Volvagia...?" Volvagia shook her head. "Don't pull an act with me Darunia!" "Act? What are you talking about Volvagia?!" Volvagia growled. "STOP PLAYING GAMES!" She roared and pillars of fire burst from the pools of lava. "I could say the same to you..." Darunia gave ehr a serious look. "I don't want to fight or anything..I want to know whats upsetting you..." Volvagia gave him a very stern look. "Everything was a lie,wasn't it?"

"Wha..?" Link finally spoke up. "What is going on?" "I ...was told... that you guys were coming. I was also told a few other things also..."She said with fire in her eyes. "Would you like to tell us what exactly this person told you...?" Reeses asked calmly. "Sure." Volvagia sat down on the chair. "The person told me that I was stuck here because of my past ...I was stuck here because you hate me! Stuck in the heat because you thought I was a freak!" Darunia's mouth fell. Who would tell her these lies?! Why would she believe this person?! "Volvagia! You know better than to believe the lies of a stranger!" "Shut it! This "stranger" is a friendly lady! She wouldn't lie!" They argued. Razz whiped some sweat from his forehead. "It's so hot here..." He sighed. Zaterl agreed. Reeses just stared at the girl yelling. Her hair looked like it was on fire and reached her middle back. She had a long red pony tail sticking out. Volvagia of course wore little clothing. It was a red bikini top and short shorts with the goron symbol placed in random areas.

"Admit Darunia! You hate me!" She screamed. "No! I don't!""Stop it! Stop it!" Zaterl tried to cease the fighting. The next thing she knew she was jumping out of the way of a fire ball. "Agh!" She grunted as she landed on the rock floor. "Volvagia!" Darunia grabbed her shoulders. "I have orders to kill you all!" She whispered. "I'll only take these three. The other can do the rest." Darunia gasped. "Kill them? No!" "I have to, Darunia-sama!" Volvagia cupped her hands together and fire began to form. She then made the fire into a ball and flung it at Zaterl. "Zaterl!" Razz gasped and pushed her out of the way. The rolled until they reached the edge. "Unngh.." Zaterl helf her head. Volvagia stood up. "HA!" She flew another fireball. Razz covered Zaterl. Reeses then took her out her sword and flung the ball back at Volvagia.

"Ah!" She gasped and moved out of the way. The fireball hit a nearby wall and some rocks fell. Volvagia formed another fireball. Instead of throwing it, she blew into it making a wave of fire. Reeses helf her sword out in front of her and stopped the fire from hitting anyone near her. "Damn!" Razz gasped in excitement. "She's tough..." Zaterl coughed. "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Volvagia flew more fireballs.

Reeses swung them back at ehr as if it was a game of tennis. Darunia grabbed Volvagia's arm. "Stop this! Your fighting the wrong people!" Volvagia stared at him. Reeses rubbed her arms. They were scratched up and had a few burns. "Please stop it, Volva-chan!" Darunia started to have tears in his eyes. Volvagia gasped. Darunia hasn't called her that since she was a little kid. She shook her head again. "Stop it!" Darunia repeated. "Volvagia..why? Why listen to this person?" Link asked.

She couldn't remember. She scrunched up her face in thought. No matter what...she couldn't remember the exact reason why she listened to this cloaked person. What neither of them knew was that the person had used a magic trick to make Volvagia listen to her. "I took care of you for so long...why would you think of such a thing?!" Darunia knew she was starting to realize the error of her ways. Someone else did too. Shirah suddenly appeared on top of the throne.

"Why,hello!" She smiled. Reeses,Razz,Zaterl, and Link growled when they saw her. They knew all too well why she was there. Link and Razz stepped in front of Darunia. "No use protecting him...I'll get him anyway." Shirah hopped off the chair. "I knew you were too weak. CabMantha should've left this to me..." Shirah looked at Volvagia. Volvagia growled at that comment. "Now...back to what really matters"

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