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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 12: Bolero of Fire

Razz narrowed his eyes and stayed where he was. "Go away!" He yelled. Shirah chuckled. "That's something I'm going to have to refuse." Link gritted his teeth. There was no chance in Hell he was going to lose Darunia. He looked around. The only weapons around was his Master Sword and a bunch of burning rocks. He fixed his gloves abit and picked up a rock. "Heh." He gave a small grin and flung the rock at Shirah. The rock smacked her across her face. "YEOW!" Shirah yelped and held her face. "Why you..." She walked towards Link. Zaterl and Reeses got in her way.

"Crap!" She grumbled. "Whatever. Let's kick it up a notch!" Shirah's whip appeared in her hand. "Hyaaa!" She cracked the whip. "!" Reeses and Zaterl jumped to the side. "Hyaa!" Shirah whipped at Reeses. "This time I'll get more than your back!" She cried. Reeses slashed at the whip. "Heh." Shirah grinned. "Like that'll do any good!" Zaterl coughed. What could she do? She didn't have any weapons. She didn't know how to use her Sage powers yet. "Damn it!" She cried. "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" She repeated. "Zaterl!" Razz called. He wouldn't move away from Darunia. "What...?" Zaterl got up. She rubbed her head and heard a familar giggling. "Farore?!" She turned. No one. She turned the other way. Again,no one.

"What the...?" Farore giggled again. Zaterl then felt something warm against her body. She then felt something warm and light within her and she turned to Shirah. Reeses was still fending off Shirah. Zaterl then rose her hands and focused everything on Shirah. "Tiiiime Frame!" Zaterl yelled and a lilac colored beam of light engulfed Shirah. The next thing she knew Shirah was at the edge of the platform, ready to fall to her death. "Woah!" Link gasped. Reeses just stared at Zaterl. No one noticed Shirah getting back up. Well...almost no one. Volvagia formed another fire ball and threw it at Shirah, who barely dodged it. "Augh!" Volvagia said in disgust. "You can't get rid of me that easily!" Shirah limped towards the group. She headed straight for Razz and ignored the others.

Darunia thought quickly. If he didn't do anything Razz would be toast. Shirah kept walking. "Time Frame!" Zaterl cried and another burst of lilac energy rushed towards Shirah. "Fool!" She growled and cracked her whip,making the burst of energy disintergrate. "!" Zaterl gasped. "Fool me once..." Shirah grinned at Zaterl and walked closer to Razz. "Move!" She ordered. Razz shook his head. "I said move, cretin!" Again, Razz shook his head. "That's it!" Shirah raised ehr whip and aimed for Razz. SNAP! Razz caught the whip between his hands. "I won't budge." He held onto the whip.

"It's okay! We can manage!" Razz said gleefully. "The temple itself is a bit cooler. It shouldn't be that long of a walk any way." Darunia set forth. He was right. The temple was much cooler. They hopped across the platforms and stopped at a big door. Darunia lightly touched the door and it rose open. The room inside was huge. A platform was in the middle with random holes full of lava. A bridge conencted the spot where they were and the middle platform. "Caution..." Darunia whispered and walked across the bridge. A throne carved out of stone was in the middle and strangely ...it was empty. "Where is she?!" Darunia looked everywhere.

Shirah chuckled and made a movement with her wrist. The whip suddenly moved and tied Razz's hands together. "Hyaaa!" Shirah lifted her weapon and flung Razz half waya cross the platform. "AGH!" His stomach landed hard on a rock. He wasn't getting up any time soon. "Now!" Shirah turned to Darunia. "What? ..Who?!" Darunia backed up."Darunia-sama! Move!" Volvagia jumped in the air and was (almost) flying towards Shirah. Volvagia opened her mouth and a burst of fire roared from it. shirah didn't have time to dodge so she was caught in the middle of the fire blast. "Ow...ow.." Shirah grumbled and quickly snapped her whip at Volvagia. This caused Volvagia to lose her balance and she cracked her head against the stone chair. Volvagia was then out cold. "Volva-chan!" Darunia gasped.

hat was it. All the anger he had felt for the past few years was building up inside of him. "Volva..." He growled. Shirah was ready to fight. "You dare to hurt the innocent? Why? What do you have to gain from all this?!" Darunia faced Shirah. "My promotions are none of your concern. Hand over your Medallion." Darunia shook his head. "I will not give you such a precious gift." Darunia then clasped his hands together. This was his last chance. This attack could save him and his friends ...or... it could cost him his medallion and his life. "Damn..." He said bitterly. "Dar...?" Link was wide-eyed. A pillar of fire surrounded Darunia. "Bolero...!" The pillar turned to two fireballs. "...Of Fire!" Darunia let the fireballs go and they swirled towards Shirah. ..Who didn't dodge them in time.

"Gaaaaaaaah!" Shirah screamed in agony. Blood started to show on her arms and face. "Bastard!" She choked out. The attack was much stronger than Saria's. "You'll pay for that!" She rushed at Darunia and grabbed him by his neck. "You might be stronger but...I'll get ya'." Shirah laughed insanely. Her eyes then turned to cat-like slits. Darunia then felt something sharp in his back. "!" He gasped loudly. Shirah removed herself from Darunia, her nails and some of her fingers were covered in blood. "What the...?" Darunia felt his back. A warm liquid was gushing out of the wounds Shirah made. "Darunia!" Link yelled and ran to him. "Didn't...hurt...abit..." Darunia coughed and created another fireball.

Shirah pulled out her whip and smacked the fireball away. "Your getting weak,Sage." Darunia winced. Link held his shoulders. "Don't do anything that'll have her catch you!" Link gave Darunia a sad look. "Right." Darunia grinned and created another fireball. "Bolero Of Fire!" He cried and rammed the fireball at Shirah. "AGH!" She held her stoamch. "God damn." She growled and ran at Darunia. Her hand then started to glow. Darunia didn't dodge in time.

Shirah's hands went straight through Darunia's chest. "Told ya'." She laughed and Darunia screamed. "No!" Link cried. "No! No! No!" He fell to his knees. Zaterl gasped and Reeses growled. Shirah removed her hand and the Goron Ruby was glowing in her hand. Reeses caught Darunia as he fell. He just smiled before disappearing. "Darunia!" Reeses felt the air around her. "Damn you!" Reeses narrowed her eyes. "Just doing my job." Shirah winked and did a backflip, disappearing in the air. "No!" Link rubbed his eyes. "This...this..." Reeses put a hand on his shoulder. "...Exactly." Razz moaned and struggled to get up. "I had ...the strangest dream." He rubbed his head.

"Chocolate ReDeads were eating me..." Zaterl giggled and helped in walk. "Guess we should report this to Zelda..." Link sighed. "Here it is!" Shirah grinned and held the Goron Ruby in front of her. It had a soft red glow to it. The ruby itself was pretty. It was a triangle pattern with gold holding it together. "Amazing!" CabMantha smiled. She took the ruby and put it with the Kokiri Emerald. "Still need more..." CabMantha turned to Shirah. "Yes. Of course." Shirah bowed. CabMantha touched the unusual shaped crystal and the pink glow filled the room. A blue fish-like creature appeared in the crystal.

"Ah! The Zora!" CabMantha laughed. "This should be easy. Zora's can't last long without water." Shirah agreed. "Of course Ma'am." CabMantha waited untill Shirah was gone. She then shut her eyes and vanished from that spot. She soon appeared in a watery dungeon. She hopped across some platforms and walked past a weird dragon looking statue. She opened a huge door and soon was in a room with a huge pool in the middle. She pulled a brown cloak over her head and waited. "C'mon out!" She called. After a few minutes someone emerged from the watery surface. The persons hair was a blue-ish color and she seemed to carry a jelly-like eye ball. "Hello. What's your name?" CabMantha asked sweetly. The person looked at CabMantha with light blue eyes.


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