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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 13: Touching the Waves

"Volvagia...?" Zaterl whispered. "Hmm?" Volvagia looked around. Nothing seemed at all familar. "It's okay. Your wounds have been healed." Zaterl smiled. "Huh? ...Oh. Thanks." Volvagia got up and yawned. "Your welcome." "Say...what happened to Darunia?" Volvagia asked. Zaterl's smile then quickly faded and she stared at the ground. "Your expression says enough. ...I was so sure he could make it." Zaterl patted Volvagia's shoulder. "Don't worry! The other Sages and I are going to do our best to stop this threat!" Volvagia smiled. "Of course." She then left. Zaterl stared at the door. "...Well. I hope."

"Ruto?!" Zelda gasped in surprise. "I heard what happened! Poor Darunia!" Ruto cried. "Yeah." Zelda was expression-less. "Two gone. Those other Sages are friggin' weak." Zelda crossed her arms. "How can you say such a thing? Maybe they are trying their best!" Ruto protested. "Well...it isn't good enough!" Zelda argued back. "But Zelda!" Ruto started to argue back. "No more arguing! We have more important matters to discuss!" Ruto pouted at that. "Link's safety IS a important matter to me!" Ruto said softly. Zelda shook her head. "You still love him?" "I have him the Sapphire! It's an engagement ring!" Ruto cried loudly. She then wiped a fake tear away. "He took it even when I told him that. If we weren't meant to be together...he'd of never of taken it!" Ruto was so over-dramatic. Zelda sighed. "I thought I told you that he needed that to help save Hyrule!" Zelda then took a look out her window. Outside, Link was showing Reeses around the castle grounds. "Plus ...I think he likes another."

"I feel so helpless..." Razz hugged his knees. "I should've seen that coming." He sighed. "Oh c'mon now Razz! There was nothing we could do!" Zaterl tried to cheer him up. "We just arn't as strong as Shirah." She clenched a fist. "But still..." Razz started. "But still nothing! we still have 9 or so Sages left!" Zaterl gave him a hug. "I guess thats good." Razz grinned. "Yeah!" Zaterl agreed cheerfully. "Razz-sama!" A voice cried in happiness. "!?" Suddenly a blue furry ball jumped on Razz's lap. "There you are! I've been looking for you and Ree all over!" The voice scolded. "Sparkz?!" Razz looked surprised. "Well,duh!" Sparkz stuck her tounge out. "I got lost almost 5 times in that castle!" Razz laughed. "We were out trying to get the enemy." Sparkz shook her head abit. "I've heard about this enemy and I've heard about the two deaths. Are you and Ree alright?!" She stared at Razz. "We're still here arn't we?" Razz gave another grin. Sparkz pouted. "Right." Zaterl stared at this animal in amazement. The cat was a beautiful blue color with a rainbow tail. Best of all ...it could talk! "Who is this I see next to you?" Sparkz giggled. "Oh! My name is Zaterl!" Zaterl nodded. "Zaterl? That's a cute name!" Sparkz giggled. Zaterl blushed lightly.

"We need powerful protection! This enemy means buisness!" Zelda stared at the pictures in her room. "Where can we find this enemy though? Where could she be hiding?" Zelda sat down at a desk and fished through many maps. "Damnit! There are many places she could be!" She growled in frustration. "I suggest you take a good look at the Gerudo Valley and Fortress maps,Princess." A blonde male appeared at the door. "Will you stop sneaking up on me Shiek?" Zelda grumbled through gritted teeth. Shiek chuckled and walked in. "I'm telling you,Princess. Check the Gerudo maps." "Fine,fine!" Zelda pushed all the other papers away and took out the Gerudo maps. "I've been through these maps before! Theres nothing different!" She yelled. Shiek shook his head and pointed to a specific part of the map. "If you can't see a difference...then you haven't looked at these maps well enough." Shiek said softly and ignored Zelda's glare. "I want this person destroyed. I was her d-" "Princess!" Shiek interuppted. "Look! The Fairy Fountain changed!" Zelda gasped. "How could that be?! Who would have the power to take over a Fairy Fountain?" Shiek and Zelda gave each other surprised looks.

Brave souls you have!" Ruto grinned and gave Reeses,Razz,Zaterl and Link a hug. "You all could've been killed or something!" "Eh?!" The small group gave Ruto a strange look. "Yes. Yes. The deaths of Saria and Darunia did happen and that is very sad..." Ruto sniffed. "Uhhh..." Ruto then wrapped her arms around Link's neck and pretended to cry. "Oh! Link! You could've been the one to be killed! You!" Link lightly patted Ruto's shoulder. Reeses could feel her face burn. "Uh. There,there Ruto." Link sighed. "Ree-chan!" Sparkz yelled happily and jumped into Reeses's arms. "Sparkz?!" Reeses gasped. The cat twitched her ears and purred. "Never leave me in that castle alone again!" She said in a scolding tone. "Alright. Alright." Reeses petted Sparkz abit. Sparkz then went to Reeses's ear and whispered: "Watch it. This Sage is quite over-dramatic." Reeses nodded her head. "I almost forgot! Father wants to see you guys! He didn't tell me what about...but I'm guessing it has something to do with the Water Temple." Ruto put her hands on her hips. "He'd like to see you as soon as possible." Zaterl smiled. "Tomorrow morning." Ruto spun around and faced Zaterl. She gave a big grin and nodded. "Okay!" Ruto then started to walk away. "I'll tell daddy what you said! He'll be waiting!" She then was gone. "Holy Goddess was she weird." Razz scratched his head. "She can be strange at times." Link shrugged. "She's just being herself!" Zaterl defended. "Yeah! Your right!" Razz smiled. Razz then scooched a little bit closer to Zaterl which made her blush. "Though. I wonder what the King would want with us..." Link held his chin in thought. "What could be up with the Water Temple?" Reeses shrugged her shoulders. "It could be anything. Hopefully its nothing." Link nodded at that. "Yeah. Hopefully its nothing."

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