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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 17: Waking The Dead

Impa held Zelda's shoulder. Another seat was empty. "It'll be just fine, Princess." She said in a soothing voice. "They'll do much better." Zelda shot her nanny a cold look. "Better! We lost three people already! We must get as strong as we can now!" Impa just smiled. "Impaitence isn't a good value to have, dear." "I know. I just don't want to lose another friend..."

"Ree-chan!" Sparkz picked up her friend. "Ree-chan!" Sparkz shook her head. "What happened?" Razz asked as Link checked Reeses's pulse. "She's still alive..." Link then moved his hand onto her forehead. "She also feels quite hot." Link then took Reeses into his arms. "What happened?" A hint of annoyance never heard before found itself in Razz's voice. "Not sure. Seems like she passed out." Sparkz bit her nails. "Well, a lot of shit has been going on..." Link sighed and walked to the exit. He felt an odd feeling wash over him. It felt like admiration, concern and love all at once. Something he hadn't felt in years.

"Shiek, get us something to drink,please." The Princess ordered. The blonde male nodded and left. Zelda sat down across from Impa and stared into the woman's red eyes. Something didn't seem right. "Tell me Impa. Do you feel anything?" Impa gave her long time friend a warm look. "I feel like this time will be different. How so? I can't understand yet..." Listening to Impa, Zelda, twisting a brown lock of hair, gave a sigh. "Different 'eh." She said quietly.

"Zaterl...are you okay?" Razz walked to her. Zaterl smiled and nodded. "Really? Well...you look okay..." Razz smiled and his cheek turned pink. "We better hurry and catch up with Link!" Zaterl, without thinking grabbed Razz's hand and dragged him with her. "W-woah!" Razz blushed.

Impa stood up. "I had a lovely time talking to you." She smiled and her red eyes sparkled. "Now, I must spend some time alone." Zelda and Impa bowed to each other and Impa walked away. As she turned down the hallway, Razz caught her eye. "They finally returned." She whispered.

"Terribly sorry!" She cowered. "Please don't hurt me!" A pair of golden eyes were filled with fear and despair. "Don't worry Shirah." CabMantha smiled and helped her friend up. "You got the prize. That's all that matters." At that statement, Shirah's eyes widened and she gave a childish grin. "Razz-kani...?" Impa stopped the boy. "Yes?" He turned and stared at the older woman. "I believe it's time we had a chat..." Impa motioned Razz to follow her. Link put a wet cloth on Reeses's forehead. "She's cooling down." He stated and sat next to the bed. Zaterl nodded. "That's good. Though, I wonder what happened to give her such a fever..." Zaterl sat down with a thoughtful look on her face. "She didn't really seem to rest much after ...well...you...know." Zaterl sighed. She couldn't bring up the incident with Darunia. She had a feeling Link was still hurting over it. He did lose a very close friend. Link just stared at Reeses's face. He understood the Zaterl meant well. "You're right." He muttered.

"Is there a reason you want to speak with me?" Razz tilted his head and looked confused. "I feel like I'll have a better time talking to you..." Impa sat down at a long white table. Razz took a seat next to her. "We lost three Sages so far,right?" She didn't even look at Razz as she asked this. "Uh...yeah..." Razz still had the confused look on his face.

"I'll be next." She sighed. Razz shook his hands in front of his face. "Don't say that! We'll protect you! I promise!" Razz couldn't stand the thought of losing someone else. He might've just met those people but they already feel like family to him. He then wondered of Impa was going to tell him she was giving herself up. 'No!' He shook his head. Impa gave him a sad smile. "I won't give myself up easily..." Reeses twitched in her sleep. The feeling she felt earlier was dwindling but it still tugged at her nerves. It was something that wouldn't go away. The feeling was all sorts of different feelings at once.

Sadness. Anger. Desperation. Loss. A small hint of happiness.

A rush of refreshing green energy filled her body. It pushed the other feelings back and made her feel better. Reeses opened her eyes slowly and looked around. It took a minute to realize she was in their room in the castle. She turned her head abit and saw Link holding her hand. "Hmm?" She wondered if that energy was from him. She didn't say anything. She just shut her eyes and fell back asleep.

Impa and Razz were silent. It seemed like they ran out of things to talk about. Though, it was really because Razz couldn't bring himself to say anything. Impa had asked him about himself. There was just too many things he couldn't talk about. He hated bringing up all those memories. "I would like to know more about you." Razz grinned, realizing he and his buddies had never really gotten to know the people they were saving. Impa look skeptical for a moment but she smiled. "Aah," she breathed. "Anything you want to know?" Razz thought for a moment. "I hear your one of the last of your kind, if you don't mind, could you explain what went on?" "Koume and Kotake." Impa said in a low voice. "The ruthless witches destroyed my people. We were striving. We were happy. They didn't like that." She held back some tears. "Mother knew of this, so she hid me in a house not far from where I was living. You might know the family. They are the ones who were cursed for some time." Razz's eyes widened. "Yeah! The spider people!" Impa nodded. "They got that curse for protecting me." She sighed. "Hey, if you don't want to..." Razz was beginning to feel sorry for asking that question. Her life seemed justa s painful as his. "It's okay. " She smiled. "I never really get to talk about my past much." Razz nodded, understanding. "How would you like to get something to eat?" Razz jumped out of the chair. "WOULD I!" He licked his lips like a child.

Zaterl took her usual walk around the the castle garden. The garden seemed different. The flowers weren't as bright as they usually were. She sighed and held a flower petal. She loved the smooth feeling on her fingers. When she went to smell the flower she got it from, a bright purple light pushed her back. "Not again!" She cried. "This vision. ...What is it? What does it mean!"

Zelda watched Zaterl from her window. Zelda's eyes were filled with anger. She couldn't believe this girl was taking a walk in her garden instead of trying to find a way to defeat CabMantha. "3 seats gone..." She growled. "All they do is ...sit around!" Her eyes flashed. "I wonder if they even bothered to fight."

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