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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 19: Shadows Fall

"If you recieve this note, I'm already gone. I'm sorry for leaving without telling all but it is for the best. For the past few nights I've been having bad dreams. I believe something is wrong is going on down at the Shadow Temple. So I must go and check it out." Impa mouthed these words in sadness and ended the letter with her name. She sighed and folded the paper. "Please forgive me, Princess." Impa held back another sigh and draped a violet poncho over her shoulders. Silently and swiftly, Impa ran down the stairs, stopping only to leave the note in Zelda's room. Impa then grabbed her horse and rode to Kakariko all before the sunrise.

"Mistress!" Shirah bowed to CabMantha. "Yes?" The red haired woman answered sweetly. "I sense the other Sage! I'll go get her!" Shirah shot up from the bow in determination. "Nope." CabMantha said in a cool tone. "Wha-!" Shirah's golden eyes were wide in fear. CabMantha never said no to her. Especially if she ahd a plan against the Sages. "You've so much work already. Have someone else do the work for now. " CabMantha snapped her fingers and a figure stepped out from behind a curtain. "You called?" A male figure bowed. "Yes. I did. You've been chosen for this next project." CabMantha gave a sinister sneer and the figure made an evil smile. "Who is this!" Shirah demanded. She didn't like the fact that someone else was doing her job. "The name is Ikari." Ikari bent down and placed a kiss on Shirah's hand. Shirah snatched her hand away. "Don't touch me." She hissed. Ikari nodded. "Of course." He gave a smile, his violet eyes sparkling. "Uh-huh." Shirah turned her head to the side in a snob like manner. "Don't worry Shirah. You need a break." CabMantha twirled some of Shirah's hair between her fingers. This made Shirah turn apple red. Ikari narrowed his eyes a tiny bit. For as long as he knew Shirah he liked her. Sadly, he also knew Shirah would never love him the same way. She had a liking for someone else. He watched the scene before him. He had just figured out who that someone was.

Zelda gasped as she saw the brown parchment paper on her dresser. Her hands trembled as she opened it. Was it a note about someones capture? A threatening letter for her? Maybe its a love letter from...! Zelda gave a small look of disappointment when she realized it wasn't a love letter. Her eyes grew wide when she read the note. "No! Not Impa! No!" She threw the letter on the ground in a fit of rage. "She knew better!" Zelda cried. "She knew better!" She screamed to the ceiling above.

"What?" Ikari gave Shirah a confused look. "Watch out I said." Shirah grumbled. "Why?" Ikari sat down next to her. "There are this group of Sages that protect the others. They are much more powerful." Shirah held her knees. Ikari nodded. Shirah hardly ever talked to him and this was an amazing moment for him. "I'll do my best." He nodded in determination.

"Zelda!" Shiek broke her door down. "What's wrong!" He gasped as he saw her body on the floor. "She knew better..." was all Zelda managed to say. "Who? Wha..?" Shiek noticed the letter. "What's ..." He grabbed it and read it. "Ooh.." Shiek shook his head. "C'mon Zelda..." Shiek helped Zelda get on to her feet. "Why..?" Zelda's voice shuddered. Shiek gave a silent sigh. He knew Impa was going to leave. He knew that Impa would do anything to protect both the Shadow Temple and Hyrule. "Impa is protecting you. That's why." Shiek gave Zelda one of his best smiles. Zelda gave a small smile. "I don't want her to go. She won't leave me!" Zelda clung to Shiek in grief. "Zelda!" Shiek put his arm around her in comfort. "Don't worry! Now, ...let's get you cleaned up and dressed!" He searched her closet and pulled out a blue dress. "How about something blue today? It'll really bring out your eyes!" Shiek gave a sheepish grin. Zelda giggled. "Your right!" Zelda took the dress and rushed into the bathroom. Shiek waited until Zelda shut the door. He took another look at the letter and sighed sadly. "Please, please be alright..."

Ikari chuckled to himself. He stood at the enterance to the Shadow Temple. "Not very heavily locked are you?" He gave another chuckle and pulled out a stick. With the snap of his fingers, the stick caught on fire. Ikari positioned himself in a way that would light all the torches around him. Once in the right position he threw the stick and it flew around the room lighting all the torches. Ikari grabbed the still burning stick and blew the fire out. "Heh." He then walked in. "Oh? Another stupid trap?" He looked down a gap that was in front of him. "Tsk. Tsk." He shook his head and calmly jumped right over the gap. "Interesting.." He smiled to himself and walked through another door. "Aaah. The sweet smell of decay. The tender aroma of death. This place is just great." Ikari touched a statue. "Now to find something suitable..."

Zelda brushed her hair. She couldn't stop thinking about Impa. Terrible thoughts would run through her head and leave as quickly as they have come. She stood up. "Impa is okay!" She nodded and walked out of her room. "Zel!" Link greeted her. He thought it would be a great time to be nice to her. "Yes?" Zelda looked at him. Link hadn't called her "Zel" in years. It felt great. She closed her eyes. Would he finally ask her to lunch or something? Sadly, her hopes were soon shattered when Link told her that everyone was waiting. 'That's right...' She thought. 'That girl...' Zelda sighed and walked with Link. Gabrielle was still attached to Reeses. Reeses didn't seem to care at all. The doctors cleaned Gabrielle up nicely and she was breathing much better.

"So, Gabrielle...when do you want to return home?" Zelda smiled. Gabrielle shook her head. "Uh..." Zelda tilted her head. "I want to stay here!" Gabrielle hid behind Reeses. "Is there any reason why?" Zelda asked calmly. "I like it here better! I have to be here!" Gabrielle gasped and shut her mouth with her hands. Zelda knew she was hiding something. She sat down at the table. "Gabrielle, sit here." Zelda pointed to the seat next to her. Gabrielle looked at Reeses for a second and Reeses nodded. Gabrielle let go of Reeses and sat where she was directed. Zelda carefully held Gabrielle's hands. "Why do you have to be here?" Gabrielle's eyes were wide in fear. "Well, alright. We'll have another go." Zelda still held Gabrielle's hands. "Shut your eyes." Gabrielle obeyed. "Don't worry. Don't be scared." Zelda then shut her eyes. Reeses crossed her arms. There was just something about what was going on that was irking her...

A pink aura surrounded the two Hyrulians. Zelda was talking to Gabrielle telepathically. Well, she was reading her mind at least. "Gabrielle?" Zelda's voice echoed. Zelda looked around the empty space. No one could be seen. "Gabrielle?" Zelda shouted. Before her a light grey figure flickered. "Oh, Zelda!" The figure laughed. The voice was light and there seemed to be a more adult voice attached. "Gab...?" Zelda gasped. The figure smiled. "Sorry, Zel. I can't reveal who I am. You'll figure that out in time." A chuckle was heard. "Zel..." Zelda repeated. "I forgot how nice that name sounded." The figure walked closer to Zelda. "Never forget the wonders of your friends. They'll be the ones to help you out in the end." The figure gave a nod. "Yeah." Zelda almost forgot the reason she was there. "Oh!" She snapped her fingers. "I wanted to see why Gabrielle wants to stay..." The figure frowned at that. "Listen to the girl. She holds much power and can help." Zelda tilted her head to the side. "Just listen to my words. Let her stay." The figure started to flicker again. "I must go." Zelda nodded. "I understand." Zelda and Gabrielle both opened their eyes. "She stays." Zelda got up and left the room. Gabrielle grinned.

Ikari poked at the ground with a Deku Stick. "Mmm. Interesting. Still soft." He dug at the dirt. "Ooo!" He giggled with glee as an old corpse popped out. "Perfect!" Ikari pulled the corpse out. "Now, what was that thing the Mistress gave me?" Ikari searched his robes. "'Eeeh...aaah...eeerr...oh! There!" He pulled out a small pink shard of a crystal. "Awaken!" He yelled and flung the crystal at the dead body. A flash of pink light appeared around the body and it rose up. Ikari gave a evil grin. "Good. Rise! Awaken and obey me!" He cackled in delight. "What?" The now alive corpse look at Ikari confused. "I brought you to life! You shall listen to me!" Ikari demanded. "Okay. Now listen up..." The corpse held Ikari's hands and gave him an understanding look. "I understand that you may like me...-"

"What! Definatly not!"

"Don't deny your feelings!"

Ikari pulled his hands away. "I just want you to distract some people for me..." The corpse looked down.

"Oh. Well, ..okay."

Razz sat down on the bench in the garden. It was just one of those boring days. Reeses was busy with Gabrielle. Link was replanning the dinner date and Zaterl was no where to be seen. He layed down on his back. "Nothin' to do..." He sighed and shut his eyes slowly drifting off to sleep.

The area aroiund was a spring green. Razz breathed in. The area around him smelled sweet. "The grass smells good enough to eat!" He chuckled. "Though, I wouldnt't really eat grass. Too bad there isn't really any food here..." He pouted. A wave of leaves swirled around him. "Woah!" Razz watched the mini leaf tornado. Some butterflies also floated around the tornado. "Who...?" Razz squinted and heard some giggles. "Razz Jade!" A girly voice cried in happiness. "AH!" Razz fell on his butt. He rubbed his head and looked up. "'Tis Farore!" The girl pointed to herself. "The Goddess?" Razz gasped. "Yeah! I've come to give you something!" She landed lightly on her feet. "You did!" Razz jumped like a little kid. "Oh! Of course! Farore slipped some green hair behind her ear. "First tell me whats going on in your life. I'd like to know what Hyrule is like through your eyes. " With that she lightly touched Razz's nose. Razz blinked. "It's a fine place. Everything is going fine!" Razz winked.

"What about Zaterl?" Razz's ears perked up at that question. "Hmmm?" Farore smiled at him sweetly. Razz's cheeks flushed. "What about her?" Farore chuckled. "You like her dont'cha'?" Razz tried to cover his reddening face. "I never said that!" He muffled. "Didn't have to. You r face says it all." Razz pouted and Farore got a more serious expression on her face. "What I have for you will be something you love. You'll cherish it greatly." Farore folded her hands. "Well... I like and cherish food..." Razz scratched his head. Farore shook her head. "You'll like this even more." She turned around and rummaged around a bit. "Well... alright..." Razz looked worried. Farore pulled out a lime green crystal and started to speak. Razz couldn't understand a word she was saying. The crystal glowed in her hands. "Uhh..." Razz couldn't move. Farore continued speaking in the foreign language. She lifted the crystal and forced it into the scared man's chest. "Aaaaggh!" Razz screamed.

"I grant you, Farore's Wind!" Razz gasped loudly and choked on the air. "Farore's Wind?" He mouthed as the ordeal was over. Farore smiled. "I granted you a new attack. You'll be able to use it in times of need." With that, Farore and the scene vanished in a snap.

Razz woke up quickly. "Ow.." He rubbed his face. "I wonder if that all was a dream..."

Zelda paced in her room. "Too long..." She growled through gritted teeth. "Too long!" Shiek just watched her, his red eyes following Zelda's every movement. "I'm sure Impa is doing just fine!" He reassured her. "She could be...but still, too long!" Zelda growled loudly and hit the nearby wall. "Zelda!" Shiek cried. He had never seen so much emotion from her. She must've really care about Impa. Zelda didn't act this way for any of the other Sages. "Zel..?" Link knocked on the door lightly. "What do you want?" Zelda hissed. "I feel sorry about all this..." Link tapped the ground with his foot nervously. "I want to go look for her." Zelda just stared at Link with ice blue eyes. "Don't worry much! We'll find her! Just stop worrying!" Link smiled at Zelda and rushed out of the room. Zelda just stood there, stunned.

Link burst into the room he was staying in. "Get up! Get ready! We are off to find Impa!"

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