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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 5: The Meeting

She grinned. "It's still not enough." The lady said as she held some oddly shaped crystals. "This is just not enough. I need more power." The grin got larger. The woman put the crystals on a table beside her. "Power..." She breathed in. "..feels wonderful. No wonder everyone wants it.." She put a lock of crimson hair behind her ear. "And these crystals. I wonder if anyone else knows they have such powerful things in their soul?" She flipped through a book. "Of course..the Sages are more powerful." I must have those! I just can't believe my warriors let them awaken! They are worthless!" She growled and slammed the book on the table causing the crystals to fall on the floor. A cat like woman reflected off the shiny surface. "Shirah." The woman turned. "I'm awaiting my next duties." Shirah bowed her head. "How is the forest?" "I did not see them but I did feel something. I took care of the little brats too." Shirah gave a evil grin. "Well..if you felt a Sage there..the others must feel it too." Shirah nodded at this. "I'll wait there for them CabMantha. I'll get them." Shirah bowed her head again and left. CabMantha shut her eyes and smiled to herself. "Soon..all our dreams will be fulfilled."

"Your a what?!" Zelda gasped. "A Sage Zelda! Just like you!" Link grinned. "H-how?!" "Rauru awakened me. He told me the whole thing. We just need to find the girl and turn her around or something!" Link explained. "Why wouldn't he tell us though?" Zelda grumbled and stared at a window. "Well..I really..don't know." Link looked at the floor and could feel his cheeks getting hot. "Maybe he forgot..he is getting old.." Zelda shook her head as if she was getting rid of something. "Maybe. About this girl.." Link didn't want to talk about Rauru. He wanted to talk about this girl who could become the next enemy. "What about her? We don't know much about her." Zelda turned her back to Link. "We don't even know what she's really after." "She's after the Triforce!" Link rose his voice abit. "How typical. It's locked away in a realm far away from here." Zelda sighed. "Maybe she found out-" Link stopped himself when he saw Zelda glaring at him. "She couldn't of figured out where it is!" Now Zelda rose her voice. "We don't know what this girl can do!" Link was yelling now. "We don't know anything!" Zelda calmed her voice and crossed her arms. Link huffed to himself. "Well.." He walked to the door. "We'll just see what happens." Zelda said her last sentence as if to end the conversation. Link nodded and left. Link found himself walking around the Market Place. He was lost in his thoughts. It wasn't long before two voices broke his thoughts.

"You are so stupid! It's obvious where the castle is!" The voice growled. "But..c'mon Ree!" Another voice groaned. Link followed these voices untill he came to two people. Link gasped to himself. The person of the first voice has a oddly colored face. One part was flesh while the other half was black. White triangle looking marks seemed to decorate the tops and bottoms of her eyes. "We better hurry Ree..." Link turned his gaze to the second voice. A guy was standing there. His hair was a aqua color and his eyes shined like gold. Link shook his head and walked to the two. "Are you guys lost?" He gave the two his best smile. "Well..not really. This fellow here won't believe me when I tell him that..that castle is our destination." The girl stared at him with her different color eyes. Link backed off abit. "Well..your right. That place is the castle." Link agreed. The aqua haired male crossed his arms. "Why do you need to go there..?" Link tilted his head abit. No one usually just visits the castle anymore. They either had urgent news or gifts for the princess. "We need to see the Sages." The girl moved her eyes to the sky. Link coughed. "The Sages?!" Link choked on his words. "Yes." The boy nodded. "I'll take you there. You two must be the ones Rauru told me about." Link gestured them to follow him and they walked to the castle. He stared at the girl for a moment. There was something about her he liked but he didn't know what.

After getting past the guards Link found himself knocking on Zelda's door. "Zelda..?" He called. "What?" A impaitent sounding voice answered. "There are two people here who need to see the Sages." Link looked at the door. It creaked open. Zelda gave the group a look. "Well...? Go on. Say what you have to say." She waited for a answer. "Where are the other Sages? This is information for all of them." Zelda gave a small glare but walked down the hall to a large room. Once in the room Zelda sat down at the end of a long wooden table. Reeses looked around. The room was decorated with pictures that showed scenes from long ago. The one that really caught her attention was a scene that showed 3 figures around a golden triangle. The red figure looked familar to her. "Hey! What is your name?" Reeses snapped back into reality. "My name is Reeses." She looked back at the room. Zelda nodded. She then stared in front of her and shut her eyes. One by one a different color aura appeared. In the aura's place was a person sitting in a chair. "I'm really sorry to disturb you all but-" Razz interuppted her. "We need to tell you something!" Zelda glowered at Razz. "Go ahead." A olden looking lady smiled softly and nodded. "There's this..girl..and she's coming here!" Razz moved his hands and changed the tone of his voice to portray fear. "She's coming tp destroy us all!" Razz flailed his arms. "There's something we have that she needs!" "What do we have..?" A blue skinned fish creature asked. Reeses coughed abit. "We have this ...pure... power inside of us." A tanned woman then spoke. "How do we know when she's going to attack?" Reeses looked at her. "We don't."

Razz coughed then. "We may not know when shes going to attack..but we do know that she'll stop at nothing to get what she wants!" "Like most enemies." A rock grumbled. "There was someone who attacked our families a few years back." Razz sounded serious. "We are wondering if this person is the same as that person." "What happened to your family?" The fish creature was curious. "Well..there was this big fire when I was little. I can't remember much..but there was this person. A girl. Woman perhaps. Me and my parents were running to the exit when she crashed into the window. She grabbed the shards of glass and flung them at us. One landed on my moms leg while the other landed in my dads arm. They ignored the pain and continued running. Then..the rest is a blur.." Razz rubbed his eyes. "I remember seeing them on the ground..burning..burning away. Everyone stared at Razz sadly. Reeses still wasn't paying attention. "I..ran. I was living in Termina at the time so it was a bit of a run.." Razz smiled as if the next part he was about to say had some good news. "I ran to Kakriko since I knew Reeses and her family lived there." Razz fixed his red headband. "Soon the fight happened there too. Reeses's father decided to stop the threat. Somehow..after that..after he died..it all ended." Link's ears perked. This all somehow seemed familar. So much was going on that he forgot half the stuff Rauru said. He even forgot to tell Zelda his visions. "The father of.." Link snapped his fingers. Everyone looked at him. Rauru gave a smile.

"Her father killed the mother of who we're against!" Link smiled back at Rauru. "I also forgot to mention that I had some visions of my own." Link wanted to sit down. "Oh? Your not only a Sage but a fortune teller too?" Zelda didn't seem very happy. Reeses stopped looking at the artwork in the room and looked at Link. Razz pointed at him. "Your a Sage too?!" Link nodded. "Whatever. Let's continue the meeting." Zelda breathed in abit. Reeses gave Zelda a glare. She knew she wasn't going to Zelda one bit. "What were your visions?" Rauru asked lowly. "Well..some of them had all of you in them." Link pointed to the 7 at the table. "You were all dieing." "So..much death." A green haired little girl held her head. "I also had visions with you guys." Link turned to Razz and Reeses. "I couldn't make out what was happening though." Reeses rose an eyebrow. "Wait..you two are Sages?!" Link's mouth almost fell. "Abit slow there..are we?" Razz laughed. "I guess.." Link felt his cheeks go red. "Yeah. We are. Me.." Razz pointed to himself. "..I'm the Sage of Triforce." The other Sages eyes widened when they heard that. "Triforce?" "He watches it?" Murmurs spread. Razz coughed again. The voices died down. "Reeses here is the Sage of Death." "Is this some sort of joke?!" Zelda rose from her seat. "Excuse me?!" Reeses spoke again. "Why would there be so many of us?" Zelda put her hands on her hips. "As the Goddesses." "Goddesses?!" Zelda almost yelled. Reeses nodded. "Yes. Goddesses." Zelda sat back down. "For this being such a crisis..your quite calm." Zelda gave her a look. "I have no need to panic. It leads to unwanted failure." Reeses just stared at her. Her eyes seemed so life less. Zelda looked the other way. The green haired girl made a small noise to get their attention. "Hello you two and welcome! My name is Saria. If you have any question about anything just ask!" Saria gave them a girlish smile. Razz nodded. "Okay."

CabMantha yawned. "Why can't I detect one? There are alot of them! Damn it!" She threw the book she was holding across the room. "Argh!" CabMantha was getting angry. She looked at a oddly shaped light pink crystal. "I wish you were here. You'd help me with this.." The crystal glowed in reply. "What the..." CabMantha held it up. "Some.." She squinted her eyes. A green haired little girl appeared on the crystal. "Who..?" CabMantha gasped. "Is she a Sage?!" The crystal glowed in response. "Well..well..well. Seems I've found my first target.."

Chapter 6

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