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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 6: Tip-Toe Through the Forest

Shirah stared at the ground nervously. "I hope she doesn't kill me. It's those damn Sages faults!" Shirah kicked at the ground. "Why won't they come to the forest?!" "Because they are too busy introducing themselves." CabMantha appeared behind Shirah. Shirah gulped. "Well..they..should hurry up!" Shirah huffed. "Yes. They should. We'll just have to wait.." CabMantha fixed the horned headpiece on her head. "Of course." Shirah nodded. "Don't worry..she's the forest dweller. ..A kid. She'll be quite easy." CabMantha disappeared. Shirah agreed. "She is..just a kid."

Zaterl yawned. She didn't know how long she stayed there. "This place is really starting to give me the creeps..." Zaterl walked to the exit and looked down. It looked to be quite a drop. "Well..seems like that girl is gone.." Zaterl decided to jump down. She couldn't stand being here alone. "Well..here goes.." Something scuttered by and Zaterl gasped. Something light blue disappeared into a pile of bushes near by. Zaterl's eyes widened and she rushed back to her hiding spot. "Oh jeez! This place is so friggin' scary! She held her chest as she caught her breath. "There has to be a reason why Farore left me here in this spot." Zaterl sighed. "Still no sign of the kid!" Shirah's familar voice ranged in Zaterl's ears. "That stupid Sage! What could she be doing now?!" Shirah stomped around. Zaterl listened in. "A little kid is a Sage? How..interesting." She whispered. "Maybe if I had someone attack Kokori! Yeah! That'd make her come!" Shirah continued ranting to herself. Zaterl sighed and crept furthur into her hiding spot. The last thing she wanted was to be seen by this lady. " I should do something. I'm a Sage too!" Zaterl whispered glumly. "If only I knew how to use my power.." Zaterl sighed again. "Well..atleast I know what's going on a little bit.." "I need to be prepared.." Shirah hummed. She felt the end of her whip. "If I'm lucky..this kid will come with the other Sages. It will be like a feast of the Goddesses! ..Without the eating." Shirah giggled. "I'll never get out of here at this rate!" Zaterl sat down and continued to watch Shirah. Shirah now seemed to be talking to a small boy.

The boy soon walked away. "There are many children here..who could she be talking about?" Zaterl was curious. "...!" Saria gasped. Razz quickly turned to her. "What's wrong?" he looked concerned. "I...I don't know. I've never felt this way before." Saria sat back in a chair. It had been almost an hour since the meeting and everyone had long seperated except Saria who decided to stay. She wanted to get to know the new visitors. "It..feels like..a childhood friend is saying he doesn't want to be friends anymore.." saria looked on the verge of tears. "It's nothing!" Razz smiled. "Maybe your hungry!" Reeses cut in. "Or maybe your just the hungry one." Razz held in his breath for a moment and looked as if she was going to yell. "...So?!" He breathed. "I haven't eaten in ages! I'm wasting away!" Razz hopped around Reeses looking all cute and sad. "Alright." Reeses put her hands up in defeat. Saria grinned. "Maybe Zelda is making lunch!" Saria gestured the two to follow her. "YUM!" Razz licked his lips and followed. "Zelda's cooks are great. They make such delicious meals." Saria grinned. Razz nearly fainted. "Oh, how I missed food! So delicious! So great to look at!" "Jeez..Razz! Its only been a few hours!" Reeses ruffled his hair abit. "A few hours to you is a few weeks to me!" Razz gave his most sad face. "Right." Reeses just stared at him. "Oh! Hello!" Saria smiled and bounced into the kitchen. "These two guests haven't had anything to eat all day." Saria talked to the cooks as if she was also a princess here.

"Right away." One cook bowed and rushed off. Razz looked around the kitchen with starry eyes and a watering mouth. "Oh! How precious!" He dreamily sighed. Saria gave a strange look. Reeses just rolled her eyes. "I felt something between you and Zelda,Reeses." Saria sounded serious. "Well..she was kind of rude.." Reeses took a look at Saria. "I think thats what made me gasp earlier. ..That feeling." Reeses shook her head. "Nah. Just simple tension shouldn't give off such a feeling." Saria stared at the ground. "Then.." Razz put a hand on Saria's shoulder. "..maybe someone was just messing with your feelings. Minds can do that." Saria agreed. "Well..seems like your lunch is here! I'll be seeing you later!" Saria smiled and walked away. "No ones messing with her feelings, Razz. Somethings going to happen." Reeses bit into her sandwhich. "I know." Razz scarfed down some soup. "Hm." Reeses stared into space.

"Saria!" A voice called. The voice was too familar. "Saria! Help!" The voice called. "Mido!" Saria screamed. Once back into reality Saria fell to her knees. "What is going on?! What is this.." Saria stared at Hyrule Field. "What is wrong with Mido...?" That was when she saw darkness. Pure darkness. Far away there seemed to be a white light. "..." The white light came closer and closer and closer until it took shape. "GAH!" Zelda gasped. "What was that vision?!" Zelda shook her head. "Augh!" Zelda couldn't get the figure of the white light out of her head. "Saria.." She mumbled. "Saria?" Reeses leaned down. "Saria..I was wondering.." Saria looked at her. Her face didn't look young anymore. Razz blinked. "Can we see the Lost Woods?" Saria cheered up abit. "Sure! I'll show you my special place too!" Razz smiled. "Kokiri Forest is great! The Great Deku Tree is our father and because of the magic that surround this place..everyone here stays a kid." Saria happily explained. "If we leave the-" She stopped short. The forest didn't seem the same. The trees were a brownish color and the houses torn at different places. Some sort of green slime appeared in the small lake. "Woah.." Razz looked around. "What happened here?!" Saria choked.

"Who would do such a thing?!" Reeses and Razz looked at each other. "CabMantha." "Over there...is that the Lost Woods enterance?" Reeses pointed to a tunnel passageway. Saria nodded. "Is your special place there?" Saria again nodded. "We need to go there then." Saria sighed and held their hands. She shut her eyes and in a fury of leaves they landed on a raised platform. "This..is where..I would go.." Saria smiled. "And up there..is the place I watch over.." Reeses understood. "Now all we-" A scream interuppted them. "Razz!" Saria cried. A small child was attached to his back. The child seemed to be trying to bite Razz's cheek. "What the flying hell?! Get this thing off!" Raz zmade a grab the child. "Hold on!" Reeses ran to Razz and grabbed the child by the back of its clothes. "Hmmph." She dropped the kid. "Who the fuck.." Razz put two fists up. "These are the other Kokiri children!" Saria shook her head. "Why are they doing this?!" Another kid jumped on Razz's back while another tried to stab Reeses. Reeses kicked the kid away. "Ugh! Annoying pests!" Saria looked to be on the verge of tears. The kids cackled. Out of nowhere they pulled out some weapons. "Oh. Shit." Reeses got into a fighting position. "Well..this is going to be fun." Razz grinned.

The next few moments were nothing but a bunch of grey skinned kids pig piling Reeses and Razz. "Hyaa!" Reeses yelled and lightly kicked some kids out of the way. "This isn't them! These arn't my friends!" Saria cried. "They are under a spell." Reeses some blood off her cheek. The kids giggled and formed a pack. A slightly larger kid emerged. He just grinned. "Mido!" Saria sobbed. "It's a mind control spell. ...Interesting." Reeses held her chin in thought. "Mido! I've come to help! Just like you asked!" Saria walked closer to him slowly. Mido just stared at her. "Hrrf." was his response. "Mido.."Saria held her head in sorrow. "Razz! Get Sa-" The kids weird humming stopped her. "Remember..it's the green one she wants." Mido laughed insanely. "Mido!" Saria screamed at the top of her lungs. "Get her away!" Reeses yelled at Razz. Razz got the message and grabbed Saria's hand. "We'll hide in here!" He suggested and jumped. He landed on a high platform that seemed to be part of a broken staircase.

"So..this is the place you watch over?" Saria didn't answer. She was too lost in her own horror to hear what he was saying or even see a lock of purple hair from behind the tree. "Get back!" Reeses pointed her sword at the group of kids. Mido inched closer. Reeses growled. 'I can't kill them. They arn't doing this on their own..' Reeses then jumped onto the platform and rushed to where Razz and Saria went. "Agh!" Shirah cried. "They got away! How could they?!" Shirah held her head in frustration. "I can still get them myself but.." Shirah pulled out her whip and headed to the children. "Tsk. Tsk. You didn't kill them. Now..I'm going to have to dirty my hands..." Shirah evilly grinned. "You should've done what you were told brats!" Shirah lifted the whip into the air and then slammed the whip back at the ground. A flash of light and a loud CRACK could be heard. When the light cleared the children were gone. "That Sage shall suffer a similar fate..." Shirah started to climb the tree near the broken staircase.

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