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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 3: Awaken Time! Zaterl McYui!

"Pass me the healing potion." "This one?" A violet haired girl asked. "Yes." A male voice answered. "Thank you Doctor Itsun." A mother smiled and gave some of the potion to her kid. The violet haired girl smiled at this. Itsun turned towards her. "You did a great today Zaterl. You'll become a great nurse." Zaterl grinned. For as long as she could remember Zaterl had always wanted to be a nurse. She always liked to help the wounded and sick. "I hope to see you again soon." Itsun smiled. Zaterl nodded and left. She shielded her eyes from the sun as she exited. "Wonderful! I got the job!" Zaterl skipped through town. The place was so busy and was packed with places to shop. Which was one of the reasons it was called 'Hyrule Market.' Zaterl went passed to shops to an ally.

Everyone's houses were usually behind the stores. She ran to her house. Smiling broadly she let herself in. "I just can't believe I got the job!" ..All my life.." She trailed off and started making herself some late afternoon lunch/ As she put the ingredients in the pot something didn't feel right. Zaterl gave a confused look. "How odd. My house just smelled like the forest.." She ignored the feeling and went back to her soup. "Mmm.." Zaterl giggled as she took a sip. "How del-..." The feeling returned. "Why..am I getting this feeling..? This feeling..is making me..feel as if I have to enter the Lost Woods.." Zaterl gave the room a nervous look. "Okay. I'm just going to ignore it. It would end up as nothing anyway.."

Zaterl shook her head as if it would make the feelings go away. "Silly girl! Stop hiding the fact you can sense me!" A cutesy voice laughed. Zaterl dropped the pot with the soup. "Holy shit..who..?" She backed up against a wall. "Zaterl Mcyui..go to the Lost Woods!" Zaterl looked around. "Who are you?!" She cried. "You will see when you go to your destination." Zaterl stared at the puddle of soup on the floor. "Should I really go..?" She walked towards the door. She gathered her courage. "It's not everyday a mysterious voice talks to a common Hyrulean." Zaterl left her house not knowing of the dangers that lie ahead. She ran. It was a long trip from Hyrule Market to Kokiri Villiage. The only thing that kept her going was the mysterious voice. "!" Zaterl fell on her knees. "Stupid bridge!" She growled. "Not that far now.." She got up and dusted herself off. "Wow. This is Kokiri Villiage? Seems so..quiet.." Zaterl looked around. Kokiri Villiage was a small foresty place. The houses looked as if they were once part of a big tree.

Zaterl felt at peace here. "Go to the top!" The voice commanded. "Top? Top of what?" Zaterl looked everywhere. A cave opening caught her eyes. "Aha!" She grinned and started towards the opening. "..This is weird.." Zaterl walked through the opening. "..following a voice that could be my imagination..to place that could mean my death.." Zaterl was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't notice the spikes that were in front of her. "Eep!" Zaterl backed up. "Oh no.." She whined. "I knew you'd show up.." The voice took shape above her. "Huh..?" Zaterl looked up. A girl above her smiled. "Why hello there, Sage of Time!" Zaterl gasped. "Who..who are you?!" The girl floated to the ground. "I'm Farore." A light wind ruffled through their hair. "What did you call me?" Zaterl stared at Farore. Farore was dressed in all green. The dress she wore was so long that it looked like she had no feet or legs. Her hair was a dark green and half of it was up in a bun. "I called you the Sage of Time." Zaterl continued to stare. "I knew it! This was all a joke! Damn!" Zaterl grumbled. "No. No!" Farore shook her head. "This is NOT a joke!" "Yeah..right." Zaterl headed for the exit.

"Zaterl McYui!" Farore said loudly. "I am not joking with you! Your the next sage to be awakened!" Zaterl glared at her. "Stop toying with me." Farore was getting impaitent. "Don't believe me. Maybe whats about to happen will change your mind." Farore walked closer to Zaterl and touched her forehead. Zaterl's eyes then glazed over. "Zaterl McYui. Your the newlt awakened Sage of Time. You have the power to manipulate,freeze,whatever time." A symbol then appeared on Zaterl's forehead. The symbol had the shape of a clock and looked similar to her necklace.

Zaterl fell to her knees. "Woah.." She mumbled. "What was that about..?" She took a look at Farore. "You've been awakened." Farore smiled. "Awakened..? This..wasn't a joke..?" Zaterl looked at her hands. "Of course it wasn't. Your a gifted one. It's up to you to save your fellow sages.." Farore looked distant for a moment. "What's going on..?" Zaterl asked. "Someone wants to take the power of the sages. They want to power to take this land." Farore gave Zaterl a soft look. "They want to fulfill a family members dream.." Zaterl lightly gasped. "So..this person wants to kill us?" Farore slightly nodded. "Jeez.." Zaterl crossed her arms. "You need to find the others." Farore then rose into the air.

"Where will I find the others?" Zaterl watched Farore. "They will eventually come to this part of the land. If you wish to stay.." Zaterl nodded. "I wish to stay then." Farore then picked Zaterl up by her arms and brought her to the enterance of the Forest Temple. "You'll be safe here." Farore started to float upwards. "Who are the others?!" Zaterl yelled. "You'll know when you see them." Farore smiled one last time before disappearing. "W-wait!" Zaterl cried. "Damn.." Zaterl grumbled. "Now what am I to do.." Zaterl walked around. "...'Course Ma'dam." Zaterl stopped when she heard a voice. "I wonder who.." She peered from a opening. Zaterl's eyes widened when she saw the person below. The girl's skin was brownish and she had cat ears instead of Hyrulean ears. "Who is this..?" Zaterl thought. "I wonder.." The lady with the cat ears mumbled to herself. Zaterl eyed her every move. "They'll have to come here. The forest child will realize somethings wrong and then we attack. ..Right my children?" Then the villiagers emerged from random hiding places. Zaterl gasped quietly. Surrounding the cat eared lady was a mob of little kids all dressed in green. Zaterl didn't like where this was going. Not at all. She backed into the shadows hoping not to be seen. Zaterl then understood her fate and waited for the next events bravely.

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