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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 4: Awaken Courage! Link!

"Your doing a good job Renzo." A blonde boy grinned. "Really?" The little boy gave a grin. "Now..just a bit more to the left." The blonde pointed. Renzo nodded and looked serious. He pointed the arrow in the same direction. "Like this?" The blonde nodded. "Thanks alot Link." The young boys eyes were full of joy. Renzo then let the arrow soar to its target. The arrow landed half an inch off center. "Well! Your getting close!" Link grinned and took the arrow from its place. "Do you think I'd ever be a hero like you?" Renzo grinned from ear to ear. Link gave the kid a soft smile. "Of course. Just keep practicing." Something then hit Link. Like a invisible arrow being struck into his back. Link turned his head. A brown pig-tailed girl was staring at him from afar. Link couldn't take his eyes away. "Why is this girl looking at me like that?" The girl stared at Link as if he had two heads. Link shook his head and took his gaze away from the girl's light brown eyes. "Well Renz-" Link noticed the little boy wasn't next to him anymore.

"Hm." He smiled to himself. 'I wonder why that girl was looking at me. She gave such a freaky look..' Link thought to himself. 'That look gave me such a feeling though..as if something ..bad is about to happen.' Link turned back to the girl. She was gone also. "Yheesh. Children are fast these days.." He laughed to himself. "Might as well head home." Link started for the the exit of the villiage. Link stopped half way down the stairs. That feeling returned. He turned. The girl was at the top of the stairs. She continued to stare at Link. He, for some reason just couldn't look away. The girl blinked. When she blinked a few images flashed in Link's mind. Some of these images had people Link didn't know. The others showed the 7 Sages. "What was that?!" He thought aloud. "Those.." Link shook his head slowly. The girl then ran away. "Wait..!" Link choked. "I've got to tell Zelda what just happened.." Link mounted his horse. "But..she'll just tell me I'm imagining things.." He sighed and headed towards Hyrule Castle.

Link never made it to the castle.

On his way to the bridge a white portal opened in the ground. "Woah Epona!" Link pulled on the horses's reigns. Epona didn't obey. She ran straight into the portal. "Aggh! Damn ti Epona!" Link yelled as he fell through the portal. The white glow around him was making him tired. "Welcome back Link." A famialr voice welcomed him. Link rubbed his eyes. "Ra..Rauru?" Link turned his head. Rauru nodded. "Yes. Before you ask..your back in the Sacred Realm for a reason." Rauru motioned his hand and 5 platforms outside the one they were on began to glow. "A girl is following her mothers dieing wish. The wish of course is to take the Triforce." Rauru looked calm. Link just stared at him. He soon moved his gaze to the new platforms. "Why..?" Link didn't know what to say. "Her mother wasn't happy with what happened to her husband so she cursed the land. That was how we got into that tiny war. The curse of course ended when she died. Which is why we are at peace." Link stared at the ground. "What..happened to her husband?" Rauru sighed. "We locked him away. You helped." Rauru looked at Link softly. Link gasped. "G-Ganondorf?!" "This woman's husband was Ganondorf?!"

Link looked as if he was about to throw up. Rauru just nodded. "Yes." Link sighed. "The wife was killed too." Rauru continued to look at Link. "Who killed her?" Link was curious. "The father of someone your about to meet." Rauru gave Link a slight smile. "That is all in the past. The girl I was talking about is the daughter of this woman. There is a son but no one knows where he is at the moment." Rauru explained. "My duty is to change you into a Sage so you can help show this girl how wrong her mother is." Link's mouth dropped. "A what?!" Rauru laughed. "I had a feeling you'd react like that." He pointed to the 5 platforms. "See those? There are also other Sages who are being newly awakened." Link nodded. "When I'm through awakening you..you'll meet up with two of them in the Market Place." "Okay." Link said bravely. "Remember Link..the information I have given you is very important. It is best you do not forget it." Rauru started walking towards Link. "I'm going to awaken you now. It won't hurt a bit." Rauru touched Link's forehead. Link's eyes then glazed over.

"Link. You are truly the Hero of Time. Please accept the Goddess's wish to make you a Sage. Awaken! Link! Become the Sage of Courage!" Rauru moved his finger away from Link's forehead. Link fell at Rauru's feet. "Link!" Rauru helped him up. "Woah..what a " Link held his head. "Y'know..before I came here..I saw these images in my mind. ..Horrible images.." Link looked at Rauru sadly. "Explain them to me." "Well..they were the Sages..but..they ..were dieing." Rauru went wide-eyed for a moment. "The others..had people I didn't know.." Rauru gave a small smile. "Those must be the other Sages who were just awakened." Link nodded in agreement. He left out the part about the girl. "Be sure to tell Zelda of these visions." Rauru lifted his palm and a white light appeared around Link. "Stay safe." Rauru gave Link a sad look as he disappeared.

Link stared at the spot where the portal appeared. Everything was moving too fast and taking forever to sink in. "Wow.. I'm a Sage. This is just.." Link then remounted Epona. "Let's go tell Zelda what happened. She'll sure be surprised!"

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