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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 9: Striking The Match

It didn't take too long to get back to the castle. (Since Link used his ocarina to warp them back.) It was way past midnight and they were getting really tired. "Watch it. Zelda might blow." Link cautioned them. The group nodded. "And tomorrow..your going to the doctor." Link made a motion with his hand as if to end the conversation. Reeses pouted and crossed her arms. "Zelda...?" Link opened the castle doors. "Zel..oh!" Link was caught by surprise. Zelda stood in front of him,arms crossed. "Where is Saria?" She asked. The group looked at the ground. "...No..." She breathed.

"No!" She shook her head. "You were supossed to save her!" Zelda wiped her face. "Go find some rooms and we'll discuss this more later." She briskly walked away. "Touchy.." Razz yawned. "Here...I'll find us some rooms." Link walked up the staircase. "Hello there." A blonde,red eyed male appeared at the top of the stairs. "Shiek!" Link grinned. "How many rooms?" "Two." "Perfect!" Link laughed and rushed up the stairway. Everyone followed him. "Zaterl and Reeses...that room. Me and Razz will take this one." Everyone gave a nod and went into their rooms. The next morning went by slowly. It didn't seem the same without Saria's childish giggling. Zelda kept passing glares at Reeses and Razz.

"Y'know Ree...we should leave before they blame this shit on us." Razz tugged at Reeses's shoulder. Reeses gave a nod and started to turn. "Who is this?" Zelda asked making Reeses stop. "Zaterl McYui, your highness." Zaterl bowed. "I too, am a Sage." Zelda just looked at her. "Another...?" Zaterl nodded. "Fine then." Zelda walked into the room with the long table. She summoned the other Sages. Razz quickly tapped Zaterl's shoulder and the three left the castle. Zelda waited as each Sage found their seat. It didn't take them long to realize Saria wasn't there. "Where...?" "What...?" Murmurs spread. Zelda lifted her hands for silence. "Now,now.. As you can tell...we are missing a member. This was because of the carelessness of those new Sages. It seems that there is another one." More noise arupted. "We must protect ourselves. This is one hell of a threat it seems." Zelda continued. "This...my friends...is pure evil." "True." A new voice piped up. "Shiek!" Zelda turned her head.

"We must do something." Shiek suggested. "Well..what are we to do?" Impa asked. "Question the new Sages...?" Rauru spoke. "Of course!" Zelda laughed abit. "None of this happened untill they arrived. They might be part of the cause to this mayhem!" Shiek shook his head. "Now..I don't think..." Zelda rose a hand to silence him. "Well...where are we going to find them?" Nabooru asked. This whole time Link stood by the door quietly. He couldn't believe he was hearing this. How could she just decide they were guilty? They didn't see what Link saw. They didn't even care to notice how red Reeses's back was. Link gritted his teeth. That poor woman was almost killed saving Saria's life. That reminded Link...he had to take Reeses to the doctors later. "We're not sure where they ran off too." Ruto shrugged.

"Well...we gotta' find them if we are to question them." Nabooru spoke this time. "Fine then, Nabooru. You go find them." Zelda commanded. "Of course." Nabooru rose from her seat. Link began to creep away from the door. Darunia put a hand on Nabooru's shoulder and stared at Zelda. "They arn't the cause of this. We were told who the villian is." Link gave a sigh of relief. Leave it to his "big brother" to always make sure things didn't go astray. 'Maybe...' Link looked around. He didn't really know what to think. This was happening way too fast for him. He just wanted to be with the new Sages. He just wanted to see Reeses again.

Link slapped his face lightly. 'Why can't I stop thinking about her?!' "That doesn't mean they arn't part of this disaster,Darunia." Zelda had a angry tone in her voice. Link shook his head and walked away. Zelda was being a bitch. How typical. Razz laughed. "Good to be away from there!" "I'll say!" Zaterl smiled. "Zelda...doesn't look to be the nicest person...does she?" Reeses shrugged at that question. "She's going through a loss right now." "Now, now Ree. Don't make excuses!" "I'm not!" "Well...what are we going to do?" Zaterl asked. "Not much right now. Ain't much to do." Razz sighed. "...And...sadly...we have no rupees left." "Yeah..." The three checked their wallets. Nothing but lint were in them. A moth flew out of Razz's.

The group trudged along the Market Place looking for a place to sit down. A cloaked figure stared at them. It seemed to be watching their every move. The figure grinned and gave a nod of its head. The figure soon left the Market Place and headed towards Kakriko Village. "I'm hungry..." Razz whined. "There isn't anything we can do about that..." Reeses sighed slightly. "Or...is there?" Link's voice made the three jump. "I'll get you all something to eat." Link smiled. "But Ree..you must go to the doctors first. You need to have your back checked out." "Oh,fine." Reeses grumbled. "Good." Link grabbed Reeses by the hand and took her to the doctors. "...Did he just leave us here?" Razz scratched his head. "Uhh..." Zaterl blinked. About 20 minutes later the two returned. "Now..let's get us some dinner!" Link winked and took the three to a resteraunt.

"Woah! Dinner already?! No wonder I was so gosh-darned hungry!" Razz's mouth watered. "Your always hungry!" Reeses took a bite out of what she ordered. "I over heard the other Sages talking when you guys left." Link started a conversation. "Mmm?" The three looked up from their plates. "Zelda thinks your with the enemy." "Figures." Reeses mumbled. "They want to question you guys." Link scratched his head. "That's a-ok with me!" Razz grinned. Link gave a grin too. They continued their meal in peace. "Well? Are we going to question them or not?" Zelda was getting irritated at this point. "Fine. I'll do it though." Darunia got up. "Tell Link to get them ready." Zelda nodded. "Good." She shut her eyes and folded her arms. 'Link. Link...' She thought. "What the..?! I'm..hearing voices...?" Link held his head. 'Link...get the other Sages here.' Zelda continued thinking. "Er. Zelda..just..spoke to me. ..In my mind. She wants us to go back to the castle..." Link shook his head. "Sure." Reeses walked ahead. "Wait for us!" Razz hopped on his cousins back. " 'EY!" She yelped. Zaterl gave a surprised gasp as Link laughed.

"Perfect! Wonderful job Shirah." CabMantha held the Kokiri Emerald delicatly. "Really?!" Shirah bowed. CabMantha nodded. "I'm glad my performace was up to your expectations,mistriss." Shirah kept bowing. "And it's great having help such as you." CabMantha said cooly. "My lovely...my lovely..." CabMantha stroked the emerald. "Only need a few more..." Shirah smiled. She was going to help CabMantha get what she needed. Even if it meant her death. "Let's see who the next target is..." CabMantha picked up the light pink crystal. The crystal glowed, showering the place in pink light. "Hmmm..." She inched closer.

"Ah! It seems the next person to be excecuted is the Goron."

CabMantha put the crystal in a safe place. "He's a tough one. Chief leader of the whole race too..." CabMantha was in thought. "I can take him!" Shirah bursted out. "Are you nuts? He's made out of pure rock! Your going to need back up." Shirah growled at that. She didn't want anyone stealing her spotlight. "But...who?" Shirah asked. "I'll figure it out." Shirah nodded and walked away. "So..." "So...?" Darunia stood over Reeses who was slumped in a chair. "What are the questions?" She twirled a lock of her bangs. Darunia gave a hearty laugh. "I never really wanted to question you. I said that so Zelda would stop talking about it. She really seems to think your with the enemy."

"But..I'm not! I never was!" Reeses stood up. Darunia motioned his hands as if saying 'Calm down! Calm down'. "I know that. The other Sages know that. But she..." "...doesn't." Reeses finished for him. "That little princess hated us from the beginning! Little bi-" "Woah!" Darunia put a hand on her shoulder. "She didn't hate you from the beginning!" "Yes she did! She kept giving me and Razz looks and was rude to Link!" Reeses crossed her arms. "Well..when two Hyrulian folk just randonly come in and say they're Sages...you'd get suspicious too." Darunia explained. "She didn't have to be so rude to our faces." Reeses pouted. "True...but she is the princess and has the right to do what she wants. Reeses looked at the ground. "True..." Darunia gave a smile. "Well..our "questioning" is complete." Reeses nodded. "See you around." She left and Zaterl walked in. Soon after Zaterl was Razz. "Is it over?" Zelda peeked in. Darunia nodded. "They're clean Zelda." He then left himself to go home. "Hmmm...something doesn't feel right." He said out loud. He took a look to the sky. "Fire?!"

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