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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 10: Lighting the Fire

"That isn't right." Darunia rushed through Kakriko and up to where he lived. The Gorons seemed okay. "Phew." He sighed with relief and sat in his room. 'There is something different about those Sages. They seem more full of life...' Darunia thought. 'They can't be with the enemy. They just can't be.' "Chief?" A younger Goron walked in. "Yes?" "Is something going to happen?" Darunia gave this Goron a look. What was he getting at? Was that dark smoke a foreshadowing of something about to happen? "What?" Was all Darunia could choke out. "Don't think we haven't noticed it,Chief. The dark smoke above the mountain...it's turning..." Darunia sighed. 'So they did notice.' He thought sadly. "Maybe ...the mountain is just acting up!" Darunia gave the best excuse he could manage. "Well...if you say so." The other Goron was skeptical. "Don't worry about it." Darunia smiled and lightly pushed the Goron out of his room. "Shit. Something must be happening..." He said out loud. "It's all in the wrist Link!" Razz stuffed his mouth with some cake. "...Her wrist that is." Link cringed. Reeses had yet again won at another game of arm wrestling.

"Damn. You must do this alot." Link rubbed his wrist. Reeses shrugged. "Not really." Zaterl was in the back of the room hunched over some papers. "Writing medical notes...sucks." She sighed. "Aww. Just write the persons name and then put either red or blue." Razz suggested. "Red or blue?" Zaterl looked at him. "Red potion or blue potion!" Razz grinned. No one said or did anything. A cricket chirped nearby. "Hmmph." He stuck up his nose and smushed another slice of cake in his mouth. "Well. Atleast you have a job." Reeses won yet again. "Damn!" Link exclaimed. Zaterl gave a giggle. "Okay. Let's get serious here." Link stood up. "Was that cat lady the enemy?"

"She's with the enemy. Like...a henchwoman." Zaterl answered. "Did you see the actual enemy?" Link walked closer to Zaterl. She shook her head. "Only heard her voice." The others gave a nod. They really wanted to see who was behind this mess. "What a strange looking black cloud..." Reeses looked out the window. "Black cloud?!" Link rushed to the window. "Holy! That's surrounding Death Mountain!" Link stared out the window with wide eyes.

"Open your eyes." The cloaked person backed up. Someone yawned. "Morning already?" The someone asked. "Yes. A new day." The cloaked person took a step forward. "Your the other watcher of this Temple arn't you?" The other person nodded. "Good. A group of people are soon going to come here. They want to destrot his place!" The other person shook her head. "Why?!" The cloaked person shrugged. "No matter what story they tell you...its all a lie." The cloaked person gave a grin under her hood. The other person gave a nod of her head. "Tell me your name..." The cloaked person stared at the other. "Volvagia."

"Does Darunia know?" Link paced around the room "Well..if he lives there..." Reeses started. "But ...maybe..." Link finally sat down. "If something was wrong he'd of contacted us by now." Zaterl gave a reassuring smile. "Your right. Darunia wouldn't just do..." Link then had a flash back to when the mountain first had its black clouds. "...or would he...?" Link remembered how Darunia went off the fight the monster of the temple by himself. "The question is..." Link took a look around the room. "What would make Volvagia act up again?" Razz perked up his ears. He'd only hear stories of Volvagia. "You've seen her?!" Link nodded. "Is she how the books describe her?" Link gave another nod. "She truely has a dragon's heart and a firey soul." Link recited. Razz stood in awe.

"Sounds interesting..." Reeses played with a deck of cards. The only game she ever wanted to play was Solitaire. "Maybe Darunia is in so..." "Don't speak that way!" Zaterl covered Link's mouth. "He's perfectly fine!" Zaterl whined. "Mmph! Mmmphh!" Link agreed. Zaterl removed her hand. "Yuck!" She stuck out her tounge in a gross way. Darunia sat in his room. "What is she planning?" "She won't try to eat us again...will she?" He thought out loud. :The last I saw her...she was happy. What happened?" Darunia put his hand on the side of his face.

"Someone had to of come into the Temple and upset her. Why would anyone want to upset such a nice, sweet girl?" Darunia also started having some flash backs. He remembered when Link first fought Volvagia and how the body was disintergrated. He also had a vision of himself entering the temple after Ganondorf was sentenced. He heard a baby crying. Darunia, curious about it followed the noise until he entered the boss chamber. On the platform in front of him was a infant wrapped in a heat resistant tunic. (Although she didn't need it.) "What's this?" He said walking to the platform. "A baby? How did you...?" Darunia took a double take. The baby he was holding had a resemblence to the dragon who was defeated. "! Did the Goddesses give you a second chance?!"

Darunia heard himself say in his flash back. The baby yawned and coughed out some smoke. "They did!" He exclaimed. "Well...how about you just live with me..." He gave a grin and took Volvagia home. Volvagia grew up pretty quickly. By the end of the second war she was already an adult. That's when Darunia decided she could be the second watcher of the Fire Temple. Volvagia happily agreed and thats when Darunia's flash back ended. "I took good care of her..." He just couldn't figure out what was wrong.

Zaterl walked around Zelda's garden. The night wasn't over with and she wasn't tired. "So pretty..." She smiled as she saw all the flowers Zelda had. "Can't sleep?" Razz's voice made Zaterl jump. "! Oh..yeah." She gave a laugh. Razz smiled. "So..tell me more about yourself." Zaterl blushed. "Well..you know my name..my age is 18." Razz then started to get a funny feeling in his stomache. It was the same feeling he got whenever he was near food. "You want to be a nurse?" Razz seemed interested. Zaterl nodded. "Guess I can't since I'm a Sage." She gave a tiny sigh. "Don't talk that way! You can still be a nurse!" Zaterl shook her head. "How? I'll be out every other day because of this enemy..." Razz then noticed that this was hurting her. "I'm sorry the Goddesses chose you..." He gave her a light hug. Zaterl's face turned bright pink. "It's okay. Actually...I quite like it. I've made some new friends..." Zaterl stared at Razz and felt a feeling that was similar to the one Razz was feeling. She didn't notice this much before but Razz was a pretty cute guy. His golden eyes sparkled whenever he talked or moved. Zaterl felt her cheeks burn.

"!" She held her face and looked away. "Zat...?" Razz looked surprised. "Nothing! Nothing" Zaterl just gave a smile which made Razz smile also. 'She looks so pretty...' Razz thought as they strolled through the garden together. "Zelda has a beautiful garden don't you think?" Zaterl glanced at Razz. "Yeah..." Razz wasn't paying much attention to the garden. His eyes were focused on Zaterl. If he didn't know any better...he could've sworn he was falling in love. "Ree-chan..can I call you that?" "Sure." Reeses and Link were alone in the room and Reeses was teaching Link her favorite card game. "Well Ree-chan...you don't talk much,do you?" Link gave a small smile. Reeses just shrugged. "I only talk when necessary." Link nodded. "How's your back?" "Quite fine." "Good. Good." There was a uncomfortable pause. "Soo..where does your family live?" Reeses looked up from her cards. "Kakriko." "Kakriko?" Link had a tone of interest in his voice. "Have you by any chance seen a purple haired male with a third eye walking around?" Reeses gazed at her cards again. "A few times. Not recently." "Ah." Link said in a understanding tone. "Y'know...you are quite pretty..." He added. "..." Reeses hid her blushed face behind her cards. "T-thanks..." She loudly whispered.

Darunia left his room. There was absolute silence throughout Goron City. "How peaceful." He smiled. He didn't realize until how long he'd been in his room thinking. 'I was practically up all night!' He exited the city and looked around. The horizon line was getting brighter. "God damn." Darunia rubbed his eyes and turned to look at the mountain. The clouds were getting darker and a bit of red was visible. "She's getting really angry." "It's gotta' be an omen!" Zaterl gasped in amazement. "Your right. ...An omen to what though?" Razz gave a weird face. They thought for a moment. "Darunia!" They exclaimed at the same time. "Holy crap...we were out here all night." Zaterl gave a yawn. "Yeah..." Razz gave another smile. They then decided to go back to the room they were staying in. Link was snoring on the bed and Reeses had her head buried in her arms and was still at the table. "Might as well get some sleep before..." Razz didn't finish due to yawning.

There was a knock on the door. "Yes?" Zaterl answered. "Is Link awake?" Zelda asked sweetly. "Not yet. ...Hold on." Zelda then heard some noises. A splash of water and Link screaming. Zelda couldn't help but giggle. She had her doubts about these new Sages but she had a liking for Razz. He seemed so energetic and happy. Link opened the door and looked at Zelda. "Yeess?" Zelda moved some blonde hair away from her eyes. "Darunia needs your help! It seems someone upset Volvagia!" Zaterl and Razz looked at eachother. "He wants you to go to Death Mountain right away. " Zelda gave a link a look. "Dry yourself off." She turned on her heel and walked away. "Who'd upset her?" "Why?" "Razz!" Link said loudly. "Why did you dump water on me?!" Razz gave the most innocent look he could manage. "Who me?" "Yes you!" Link's lip curled. "I don't know what your talking about!" Razz laughed. Zaterl giggled to herself. Reeses looked up from her arms. "Stop fighting and get ready!" Everyone was silent. "How...?" Link whispered to Razz. Razz shrugged. There were many things about his cousin that he still didn't understand.

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