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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 18: Tainted Shadows

So, Razz..." Impa took a sip from the cup she was holding. Her greying hair shined like Sterling silver in the sun. "Hmm?" Razz gave Impa a childish look as he lifted his head away from the plate. "I told you about myself, ...my past. Now its time to hear from you." Impa's voice had such a demanding tone, Razz couldn't refuse. He swallowed the food in his mouth and sighed. "Well, I'm not really from Hyrule. I'm from Termina." Impa nodded, listening. "It's a real great place to live. A swamp on one side, snowy mountains next to it.. Ah, it was awesome!" Razz grinned, reliving these memories. "I lived in Clock Town which is smack in the middle. Cool place that was. We had a really interesting celebratrion. Though, at that time, I didn't know it would be my last." Razz stopped to breathe.

Then he looked at the plate of food in front of him and took another bite. Impa knew the next part was going to be hard for him. She gave him a reassuring smile, her eyes shining like rubies. Razz couldn't help but blush at that. "Okay. Anyway! So! Yeah, it was my last..." Razz searched for the words. "Me and my mother were looking around for these new imported sparkliers. She told me that they would make even the brightest star look dull." Razz didn't bother to take another bite. "Someone mentioned that a newcomer had arrived. We didn't bother listening to the rest. Newcomers weren't that rare. Little did we know that, that would be our downfall..." Impa's eyes softened. 'This must be hard for him. He's still too young to understand how to cope with it...' Razz forced himself to continue. "The newcomer was thought to be from Hyrule. The person was a master at fire magic also..." Razz tried to picture the person. He shut his eyes tightly, trying to remember the sillouette. "Female." Razz's eyes opened.

"It was female." Impa took another sip from her cup. "If you wish to not continue..." She said sweetly looking at Razz. "I wish to. It's good to finally talk about it." Razz smiled. "So that night when me and mom were getting ready to go out, someone was screaming. We couldn't make out what they were saying but it sounded urgent. We left the house and noticed that the Clock Tower was on fire." Razz let out another sigh. "Dad was working there this year and I was worried. So many questions ran in my mind." Razz stopped talking. He wasn't sure what to talk about next. The next part of his life was a blur to him now. He buried it in his mind for so long. He then opened his mouth to speak...

Zaterl yawned. She was so tired from the last battle and the peaceful garden wasn't keeping her awake. Zaterl seated herself on a nearby bench and shut her eyes. Maybe she could take a short nap.

Zaterl found herself running on a gravel road. Everything around her was some shade of purple. "!" She gasped. Her voice echoing. Someone ran beside her. The dark violet figure had long flowing hair and looked to be a child. Zaterl looked to the side and there was another figure, this one looking more manly. 'What's going on!' She thought of trying to stop running. In front of her another figure appeared and this one seemed to have 10 arms. "!" Zaterl held her mouth and gave a large gasp when she saw the next figure. A lilac colored figure figure appeared behind the 10-handed one. "IMPA!" Zaterl tried to scream but couldn't. Impa gave Zaterl a very sad look and touched her chest. Within moments, the Impa figured exploded into hundreds of crimson fairies.

Zaterl woke up and fell off the bench. "Oh jeez..." She held her head. "What a horrible nightmare..." Zaterl just stared at the ground.

"Dad had gotten out of the Clock Tower in time. He greeted us only minutes after we left the house. He told us we had to leave. That we only had time to get the necessary items. Though, maybe, we should've just left without anything." Razz held his head. "Me and mom packed some bags but...we never made it out of the town. I can only remember the silouette. It looked like the figure was holding a stick of fire." Impa almost dropped the cup. "A stick of fire!" She gasped. Razz nodded. "You don't think it was one of the sisters do you!" Razz shook his head. "I doubt it. The stick didn't look like a broom stick." Impa had a skeptical look. "Okay." She nodded, waiting for the rest of the story.

Link brushed some of his blonde hair away from his eyes. He decided to finally get the nerve to ask Reeses out for dinner. Ever since her little fainting episode he felt closer to her. He knew Reeses might not like him but he still had to talk to her. Link smiled at his reflection in the mirror. He showered, brushed his hair and teeth and changed clothing. Link looked quite handsome at that moment.

What Link did to get that dinner date was ask Zelda if she could eat in another room. She refused at first but Link got her to change her mind. He then asked the Palace cooks to make a special dinner for two. He wasn't sure what food Reeses liked so he guessed. Chicken with carrots were part of the main course along with mashed potatos. The appetizers were breadsticks that had a sugary taste and sprinkled with cinnamon. Desert, (if no one was full), was a vanilla cake with cookie crumbs in between the layers. Link smacked his lips thinking of it and went back to getting ready.

Impa cleaned the table. "Thank you for telling me such a story about your past." Razz gave his usual childish grin at her. "No problem!" Razz walked off. He spent so much time with Impa that he forgot about Reeses and Zaterl. He rushed through Zelda's garden, using it as a shortcut. "Zaterl!" Razz spotted his friend. "Zaterl..?" He voice changed to concern. Zaterl looked at Razz with large lilac eyes. "Wha...?" He quickly sat down next to her. "An odd dream. A really odd dream..." She shook a little. "Aww. Don't worry! It's just a dream!" Razz smiled. Zaterl nodded and put her head on his shoulder. Razz blushed but he put his arm around her and comforted her.

Link took a deep breath and let it out. Only a few hours until dinner and he still hasn't asked Reeses. "At this rate, you'll never ask!" He scolded himself. Reeses walked into the warm air. She decided to get out of the palace for something other than fighting Shirah. She wanted to take a better look around the market but something was telling her to visit Kakriko Village. 'Well, I haven't talked to mom in a while...' She thought and walked along the drawbridge. As she walked on the grass, she put her hands in her pocket. Taking them out, she had a thin, white, tightly folded piece of paper in one hand. This, she stuck in her mouth. In the other hand was a match. She lit this and lighted the end of the paper. She shook the match, blowing out the fire and she flicked it away. She soon walked the stairs to Kakariko Village.

Link knocked on the bedroom door. He understood that Reeses would flip if he just walked in. No answer came. He knocked again. No answer. Figuring she was asleep, he slowly opened the door and peeked in. No one there. "!" He gasped. "Ree-chan!" He cried, looking around the room. She didn't mention leaving the castle. "Well this certainly puts a damper on my plans..." He sighed and sat on the nearest bed. Everything was perfect. He fell backwards thinking. Maybe he wasn't ready just yet. Maybe this was a sign from the three Goddesses. "This sucks." He finally said.

He mouth gaped open. She had almost reached her house when she was attacked by a huge fireball. The cigerette lightly slipped from her mouth and she stared at the burning grass. "What the hell..?" Reeses spoke to herself as she knocked on the door. Within moments the door swung open. A woman in her late 30's stood there. The woman's eyes shined a bright spring green as they layed on Reeses. "Rees!" The woman cried as she put her arms around the girl in a tight hug. "Mom!" Reeses hugged her back. "Where have you been! I've been worried sick! Get in quickly!" Her mother grabbed her daughter's hand and dragged her inside the house.

"Dodongo is a very restless King nowadays. Kakriko hasn't been on fire so much!" Her mother whipped up some tea. "Is there a reason why?" Reeses sat down. "I'm not really sure. I hear many rumors though." Her mother poured the tea into two cups. She continued. "One of the rumors talk about him not having enough food." Reeses tilted her head. "Not enough...? The Dodongo's always have more than enough food!" Her mother nodded in agreement. "He hasn't attacked anyone yet though." "YET!" Reeses cried and remembered what happened earlier.

"You must've been at the wrong place, dear!" Sheratron giggled. "I don't..." Reeses stopped short. A low rumbling sound was heard and then a short earthquake. "Hmm...another one." Sheratron said with a bored tone. "Miss! Miss!" A man knocked on the door. Sheratron opened the door and before she could do anything else the guy started talking. "Get out! Get out! Your house! Your roof! It is on fire! Dodongo is becoming way more powerful! Flee! Flee!" The guy ran off, leaving a shocked expression on Sheratron's face. "Ree.." She turned and saw that her daughter was no where. "...Ree?"

Reeses jumped off the porch connected to her toom. She heard the man's message and had a bad feeling. The village answered her feeling. Fire was everywhere and ash covered peoples faces. Some people were screaming as they ran out of the burning village. To her left, a house met its match. It fell down and smashed into pieces. "Shit." Was all Reeses could mutter. "Gabrielle!" An overweight woman stayed behind. "Ma'am?" Reeses tapped the woman's shoulder. "Are you looking for someone?" The lady nodded her head. "Go on ahead. I'll find the person." The lady didn't believe Reeses at first but ran off anyway. "I hope Moms okay." She decided to check the house that fell. "!" Reeses gasped as she heard squeaking noises. Using all her strength, Reeses shoved pieces of the house away. Reeses's eyes grew wide as she saw a lock of brown hair. "Help!" A voice squeaked from within the debris. Reeses pushed one last log away and held out her hand. The trapped one took her hand immediatly and clung to her. "Don't worry. I'll get you to safety." Reeses reassured her and ran out of the village as more fireballs started to fly in.

Link's stomach rumbled. He had told the cooks to hold the dinner for another time. He couldn't believe that she would just disappear like that. Razz opened the door. "Don't worry, man. I'm sure there is a real good reason for all this." Link looked at his new friend. "I'm sure." "Oh! Really?" "A girl you say?" The maids nearby chirped in delight. Razz grinned. "I think I know..." He casually walked to the group of maids. "Hey there!" He grinned. The girls blushed. They all had crushes on him. "What's all this gossip about?" He snickered. "That pink banged girl brought a visitor!" The girls giggled at once. "Ree brought someone with her?" Razz scratched his head in thought. He smiled at the ladies and waved good bye. "C'mon, Link!" Razz grabbed him by his hand and rushed him out of the room. "Ree brought someone with her!" Link shot up and felt himself being dragged out the door. "She what!" He yelled as they ran.

Zelsa smiled as she leaned on one knee. "Who are you little girl?" The girl held onto Reeses's waist. "Gabrielle." She spoke softly, trying not to cough. Zelda tilted her head. "Can't you breathe?" Gabrielle wanted to nod her head but coughed instead. "Don't worry. Our doctor's will take care of you." Zelda patted the girl on the shoulder. Gabrielle just smiled and clung to Reeses tightly. Zelda got to her feet. "She seems to like you." Zelda gave a smug grin and walked away. "Ree!" Razz barged into the room. "Oh, looky there...!" Razz bent down and smiled at Gabrielle. Link walked in after. "Oh!" He gasped as he saw Reeses and Gabrielle. Zelda turned back to the small group. "I have my guards checking out Kakriko now. I'm sure they'll rebuild it." Zelda stiffly walked out of the room. "Well, ..thats good." Reeses held the little girl's shoulders.

Chapter 19

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