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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 1: Awaken Death! Reeses Triepan!

She stared out the window. Kakariko Village was busy as usual. The carpenters never seem to be able to finish the house they were making. She sighed. "How..boring." She grumbled. Yawning,she layed her head on the window sill. "Reeses..it's time to eat." A voice called from behind her. Reeses didn't hear the voice. She was too busy thinking. "Uhm..Ree?" The voice asked. Again Reeses didn't listen. "Ree!" The voice yelled and pushed her alittle. "Huh..What do you want Razz?" Reeses gave him a look. "It's time to eat." Razz smiled. "Right." Reeses mumbled. "Your eating with the rest of the family." Razz commanded. "Hmm?" Reeses untangled part of her bangs. Reeses looked different than most Hyrulians. Her face was part black and her eyes were black and white. She had triangle scars above and under her eyes. Reeses rarely smiled and when she did it was fake. Reeses lives with her mother and cousin. Her father was killed trying to defeat an evil that plauged the land. "C'mon!" Razz pulled her out of the room.

The table was quiet. Reeses found a spot and Razz sat next to her. Nobody said anything. Razz understood why she never came to eat at the table. Her mother would tell a story about her father and Reeses just couldn't stand it. Razz hoped she wouldn't do that this time. His hopes were then shattered. Sheratron then asked Reeses if she'd been going through the family albums. Reeses said no. Her mother told her to go through them and find some pictures of her father. Reeses didn't bother to hear the rest. She got up and stormed off. Razz followed. "Ree.." He started. "Why do you do this?" Razz asked. "I have my reasons." Reeses answered. "Why?" He asked. Reeses looked at him coldly. Then her eyes softened abit. "He promised me he'd return. No matter what." She explained. "Soo..are you mad at him?" Razz didn't get it. "No. I can't be. He died..so his promise had to be broken." Reeses sighed. Razz sighed too. "I think I get it. Whenever someone mentions his name..is that what you think about?" Reeses nodded. "Ah." Razz also nodded. They stayed in silence for a few moments. "Well..I'll bring your food up then?" "Sure." They then went in different directions.

Reeses felt something warm near her room. "..?" She went in. "Sparkz?" Reeses called. "Sparkz?!" She called again. "What is it?" Sparkz jumped on top of Reeses' dresser. Reeses looked around abit. "Did you feel something? ..Something like fire?" Sparkz gave Reeses a weird look. "No. Unless you count the candlt you left burning." Sparkz giggled. "Very funny." Reeses walked away from her dresser. "Reeses..have you ever wondered whats beyond this town?" Sparkz looked away. "Huh? ..Of course!" Reeses sat on her bed. "So have I. I haven't seen much of Hyrule besides this place and my homeland." She gave Reeses a deep look. Reeses looked confused. Sparkz sighed to herself. "It would be nice to see some other busy places." Reeses stared at her ceiling. "I would too." Sparkz smiled. "EEEK!" Reeses cried when Sparkz jumped on her. After a few minutes Reeses got up. "Hmmm. I don't really remember leaving this candle burning..." She went to blow the candle out.

The flame didn't go out. "What the..?" Reeses blinked and tried to blow the candle out again. The flame got bigger. "Jeez!" Reeses grumbled. Reeses turned around and almost jumped into the candle. "What the hell?!" She cried. A woman was sitting on her bed smiling and waving. "Who the hell are you?!" Reeses asked. She didn't get how this woman got here. The woman giggled. Her hair seemed like it was on fire with every move she made. The woman stood up. "Hello there. I'm Din." She slightly bowed. "Din? Din?!" Reeses tried to think of were she heard that name before. "I'm quite famous..being a Goddess and all." Din laughed. Reeses gave her a look. Din continued. "I have power over fire as you could tell." She explained. "That's..great and all..but..what are you doing here?" Reeses asked. "Oh!" Din giggled again. "Of course!" Din grinned and got abit closer to Reeses. "Uhh.." Reeses backed up. "You haven't awakened..have you?" Din asked stupidly.

"Well..I'm not asleep." Reeses replied. "..You have no idea what's going on..do you?" Din stared at her. "Of course I don't!" Reeses cried. "Ayiii." She slapped a hand on her forehead gently. Din kept smiling. "Well..I'm just going to have to awaken you then." Reeses shook her hands in front of her face. "Awa-What?" She didn't get what was going or why this lady was in her room. "Reeses. You have extremely powerful ..powers sleeping inside you." Din looked serious. "What the hell are you talking about? What powers?" Reeses then gave Din a serious look. Din moved closer to Reeses to the point where they were nose to nose. "You my friend,need to be awakened before it is too late!" Reeses again shook her head. "Hold still and I'll show you." Din softly touched Reeses forehead. Reeses's eyes glazed over as a symbol appeared on her forehead. "Reeses Triepan. The powers inside you bring death,destruction and sometimes despair. AWAKEN." Din moved her finger away and Reeses fell to her knees. It took her a few moments to realize where she was. "What..the?" She held her head. "Reeses Triepan. You have awakened as the Sage of Death." Din softly smiled.

"Sage..?" Reeses said under her breath. "Yes. Sage." Din spoke. "You'll of course need a weapon." Din raised her hand and a blade appeared in her hand surriounded by flames. Reeses stared in awe. Din placed the handle of the blade in Reeses's hands. "You weapon is called the Death Burade. The blade changes sizes depending on your emotions." She explained. "But please..be careful." Din started but stopped. "...Din?" Reeses looked at her strangely. Din turned her head towards Reeses's door. "I hear something." Din whispered. Reeses blinked. "That could just be my cousin." She told Din. Din shook her head. "...!" They heard someone yell outside her door and something came blasting in. "Oh crap! Din!" Reeses yelled. The blast went right through Din. "Din!" Reeses cried as Din fainted in her arms. "Holy..fuck." Reeses placed Din on her bed. "Din? Din!" Reeses shook Din's shoulder. Din felt cold. "Din!" Reeses cried again. "How..unfortunate. You awakened." A person stood in her doorway. Reeses looked up from Din. "Who are you?" She growled.

"Shent." The person smiled, his whitened fangs showing. Reeses got up. "Well..Shent. Get out of my house!" Reeses turned to Shent. "I would like to..but..I have to kill you first." Shent laughed and walked into her room. "Get out!" Reeses went to punch Shent but he dodged which sent Reeses flying to the floor. Shent laughed again. His overly-muscled body shaking with his laugh. "Damnit!" Reeses stood up, Shent then rushed at her. He rose his ax. Reeses gasped and dived out of the way, "Arr!" Shent cried. Reeses then went to punch him again and got him square in the face. "Agh!" He mumbled rubbing his face. "Fuck! Nothings working! I need something..oh yeah!" Reeses pulled out the sword Din gave her. "I want you to get out." She pointed the sword at Shent. "Oh my!" He laughed. "Your going to attack me with that measly thing?!" Reeses narrowed her eyes. "Yes." Shent raised his ax and went to his Reeses again. Reeses blocked it. She started going after him trying to stab him in the chest. Shent kept dodging. "This is getting old!" Shent dropped his ax and picked Reeses up by the neck. "Your going to die now!" He gripped harder. Reeses struggled.

She didn't know what to do. Shent grinned. Reeses got an idea and bit his hand. "OW!" Shent growled and held his hand for a moment. Reeses fell on her bottom. "Eek!" She gasped. Shent grabbed a dagger from his pocket. Reeses held her sword infront of her defensively. Shent then moved extremely fast. The next thing Reeses knew was that she was bleeding from her cheek. She held her cheek in shock. 'H..how?' She thought. Reeses took a look at Din. "Right." She turned to Shent again. "You bastard. How dare you come unannounced and try to kill me." Reeses took a step closer and her blade grew longer. Shent was startled. "Now..YOU DIE!" Reeses screamed and thrusted the sword between Shent's eyes. "AGGHH!" Shent screamed in agony. Reeses just stared. She then turned to Din. "..Din!" Reeses cried again. "Oh..c'mon!" Reeses mumbled and Din slowly opened her eyes.

"Oh..my. I'm sorry." She smiled. She then saw Shent. "Miserable runt." Din rose from the bed. "How dare you attack both a Sage and a Goddess. Shameful!" Din scolded. "Who put you up to this?" Din crossed her arms. "I'll never say! Find out yourself!" Shent grinned and blood got into his mouth. "Fine. Die then." Din waved her hand and Shent disappeared. The Death Burade clattered on the floor. "Now...you see? You must go to Hyrule Castle." Din got back on topic. "Are there other sages?" Reeses picked up her sword. "Oh! Yes! There are 12. Including you." "12..?" Reeses was surprised. Din gave a wide smile. "The others are called: Light,Forest,Fire,Water,Shadow,Spirit,Love (Or Wisdom..),Death (You!),Triforce,Time and Courage." Reeses counted. "I only counted 11." Din laughed. "There is one other. You will find out about her soon enough." Din put a finger to her face. "Uhh." Reeses was startled. "I must be going. Remember..go to Hyrule Castle!" Din smiled at Reeses for the last time before disappearing. "Wa-!" Reeses started. "Ayiii.." She grumbled.

Chapter 2

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