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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 2: Awaken Triforce! Razz Jade!

Razz shook his head. 'She can be quite stubborn. I understand how she feels though.' He thought to himself. 'Too bad she's always hiding her feelings..' He continued to think. "Oh well. Might as well go to my room." He spoke to himself. Razz sat in front of his mirror. His aqua hair slightly fell over his eyes. Razz puffed some air and his hair moved with the wind. His eyes were the most attactive thing about him. They were gold and sparkled like coins in the sun. What everyone loved about Razz was his great sense of humor. Razz grabbed hold of the side of his mouth and pulled to check his teeth. Much to his surprise he wasn't the one in the mirror. "What the?!" He yelled and backed away from the mirror.

He then felt a icy wind and shivered. "Weird..I have no windows open." Razz looked up. 'No windows were open..yheesh.' He thought to himself. He looked back in the mirror his thoughts going back to a time when his parents were still alive. He sighed and shut his eyes tightly as if to stop tears from forming. When he was younger his parents were killed right in front of him and because of that he lived with his aunt. He could sometimes still see his mothers burning body as if he was still there. Razz sighed again and shook his head. He knew he couldn't bring them back. "We all lost someone.." He said to himself remembering what Reeses had told him. He shook his head again as the icy wind returned. "..?" He looked around.

"How the hell..? There are no damn windows open!" Razz grumbled. "..Hmm..I'm hungry.." Razz yawned and went to the kitchen to get some food. Sheratron caught him. "Getting MORE food? How much can you eat?" She laughed. "I'm a growing boy!" Was Razz's excuse. As he was getting his food he heard something fall in Reeses's room. "...?" He ignored it and shut the cabinet door with his foot. "Yum!" He smiled and walked to his room. On his way he heard something clatter in his cousin's room. "What..the..?" He said with his mouth full of food. "Whatever." He went in his room and chowed down. It was amazing how much this guy could eat and he always seemed hungry. He stared at his mirror. Did he really see someone else in there? He moved abit closer. He knew it was his imagination but the freezing wind was changing his mind. He moved just abit closer. "Hiii!" A sweet voice giggled. A woman then appeared half way in his mirror. "Agggghh!" Razz fell backwards. He looked up. "Who are you?!" He pointed.

"Now..now..it's not polite to point." The lady laughed. "But..if you must know..my name is Nayru. I'm one of the Goddesses sent here to awaken you!" Nayru walked out of the mirror. Razz snickered. " 'Awaken'? How can you 'awaken' someone who isn't asleep?" Nayru blinked. "Huh? ..Oh! I know that!" She laughed. "What..?" Razz looked at her. "I don't get this. Your a Goddess..sent here..to MY room..to awaken me?" Razz found all this funny. Nayru nodded. "Okay. I'm going to wake up soon and find that this is all some funny dream." Razz shut his eyes. Nayru huffed. "Razz! This is serious! You must be awakened soon." "Oh? Awaken as what? The almighty source that can save the oh,so legendry Triforce?" Razz gave a look to Nayru. Nayru grumbled. "This is serious!" "Fine. Tell me what I shall awaken as." Razz yawned.

Nayru didn't get this kid but she smiled. "You, Razz Jade shall become the Sage of Triforce!" Nayru gave a bigger smile when she told him. Razz held in his laughter...or...at least tried too. He bursted out laughing. "Oh. My! A Sage?! That's rich!" Razz held his stomache he was laughing so hard. "Razz!" Nayru pouted. "Oh. I'm sorry. That news is just too funny." Razz stopped. "This can't be taken lightly Razz. Someone is trying to steal yours and the other Sages powers. Why they are doing this is still a mystery." Nayru explained. "So..your awakening me as a Sage..and there is someone stealing Sage power..something just doesn't fit.." Razz thought aloud. "What doesn't fit?" Nayru was confused. "Why awaken someone who is a target? Next in line to be killed?" Razz sounded somewhat smart. "Easy. If we awaken you..you can help kill whoever is doing this." Razz snickered again and shook his head. "If you could stop stalling now..this would've been done alot sooner!" Nayru crossed her arms. "I'm not stalling! I just want to know more about what your doing!" Razz then crossed his arms and looked away. "Ugh!" Nayru was fed up with it. He just wasn't going to listen. "Now listen to me." She calmly told him. "I need you to awaken as a Sage. Your power is needed!" Razz just stared blankly at her. "I'd be able to tell you more if you'd just let me!" Nayru insisted. "Well..this will turn out to be some wacky dream anyway so..go ahead. 'Awaken' me." Razz laughed.

"This ISN'T a dream!" She growled. "But..since your going to let me awaken you.." Nayru grinned and lightly touched his forehead. "Razz Jade." Razz's eyes glazed over and he lightly fell to his knees. "You my friend, are the Sage of Triforce. Your the heir to the legendary force. Your powers come from the 3 Goddesses. Din,Nayru, and Farore. Nayru pulled her hand away from his forehead and a symbol appeared there. It looked similar to the Triforce. Razz blinked and looked around. "Woah.." He held his head. "What ..just happened?" He asked Nayru sleepily. "You have become a Sage." Nayru smiled. "Huh?!" Razz got to his feet surprised. "I don't seem any different.." Razz looked himself over. Nayru laughed. "Your outside didn't change!" "Well..then..what now?" Razz gave a thoughtful look. "Ask your cousin. She'll know." Nayru suggested. "Right." Razz then walked towards the door. "Hey! Watch out!" Nayru yelled and pushed him. "What the-?!" He fell onto the floor. Razz looked up and gasped. Nayru was above him and she looked frozen in fear. "Nayru!" He tried to get up but the next thing he saw was Nayru dissolving into the floor. "Ugh! Gross!" He mumbled. He touched the spot with his foot. "Dry." He thought. 'What was she saving me from anyway?' Razz turned. "Hello dear." Razz yelped and almost jumped a mile. "Who the hell?!" He gasped.

"I'm Shentura." The voice laughed. Razz got a better look. Shentura looked like a middle aged woman with greying hair. Razz raised an eyebrow. "Who are you and how'd you get in here?" Shentura smiled. "I already answered your first question. How I came here..is none of your concern. She reached into a pouch that was on her hip. "Now..I wanna' do this quickly.." Razz narrowed his eyes. "Do what exactly?" He asked. Shentura just grinned and pulled out a dagger. "I was abit late. I apologize for that." She giggled. Razz got into a fighting position. "What are you doing Shentura?" He asked in a low voice. "See. I was told to kill the ones about to be awakened. I was abit late..seeing that your already awake." Shentura lightly rubbed her finger along the blade of her dagger. Razz didn't get what was going on. Several questions ran across his mind. Who was this woman exactly? What was she doing in his room? What happened to Nayru? "Now..we can do this the easy way..or..the hard way.." Shentura moved closer.

"Get out." Razz commanded. "How rude!" She giggled and continue moving in closer. Razz made the first move. He whacked his foot against her head making her stumble abit. Shentura growled and tried to slice his face. Razz quickly dodged. "..!" He looked at his hand. A freshly made cut appeared. Shentura rushed at him. Before Razz could react she already had her fist lodged in his stomach. Razz sputtered. Shentura laughed. "Great! Your weak!" Razz growled. "Weak...?!" He then smashed his foot into her stomach and thrusted his fist into the side of her face. "You little freak!" Shentura cried and pushed him into his mirror. "Augh!" yelped as his mirror broke. "Damn it!" He muttered. Shentura wiped some blood from her lip. "Your dead! I'll kill you!" She again rushed at him. Razz gasped and quickly grabbed a sharp piece of glass. He got up and sliced Shentura's face as fast as he could. "Augh! Ahh!" She howled in pain. "Now..who's going to die?" Razz asked coolly and thrusted the glass into her chest. Shentura screamed in pain. Something then began to bubble on the floor. "What the..?" Nayru adorned her Hylian form.

"Who is this? What happened? Are you okay?" Nayru looked concerned. Razz laughed. "I'm fine." "Oh,good!" She smiled. "Seems I didn't get to finish." She moved her hand abit and a sword suddenly appeared in a bubble next to Nayru. "How foolish of me. I forgot to give you your weapon!" Nayru looked quite embarrassed. "That's okay. What is it?" Razz stared in awe. "It's a somewhat modified Master Sword." "Ma-.." He whispered. That name sounded so familar. He smiled and took his new weapon. His smile grew wider as he felt the coolness of the golden handle in his hands. "Well..I'm glad you accepted the fact your a Sage. Now I'll just take care of this one here.." Nayru glared at the somewhat breathing body of Shentura. "Okay." Razz acted as if he wasn't listening. "Razz." Nayru began. Razz looked at her. "You and your cousin must go to Hyrule Market. There you will see a castle. Go there." Nayru turned. "Alright." "Tell the princess that something is about to happen." Nayru and Shentura then disappeared. "Well..okay then." Razz blinked.

Chapter 3

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