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Earthbound Millennium : Moon Saga

Chapter 8: Minuet of Forest

Saria gasped. To her surprise, nothing happened. She was still in Reeses's arms. Something didn't feel right though. Saria gave Reeses a look. "Oh!" Reeses eyes were shut tight. "Ree...?" Saria's eyes darted around her saviour. 'Shirah must've taken out her whip while she was running and Reeses took the blow...' Saria's eyes started to water. Reeses's back was starting to turn a dark crimson. She opened her eyes and looked at Saria. "Heh." Was all she said. "Are you okay?!" Saria gave Reeses such a look of fear and concern that Reeses immediatly nodded her head. "Fucking bitch!" Shirah growled. "Come!" Shirah called. Kokiri kids started to approach the group again. Razz moved closer to her cousin. "Are you okay Ree?"

"Yes." Reeses got up slowly. "Your back looks pretty red." Razz put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry about it." Reeses removed his hand. Saria tilted her head abit. Those two were different in many ways but seemed alike also. Saria also sensed that they shared a special bond with one another. "Damn Kokiri!" Shirah clenched her fists. "Give me the crystal! Now!" "What...crystal?" Saria was confused. Shirah was really getting angry at this point. "Your power! The source of your power!" Saria scratched her head. Shirah then laughed.

"Wha-?" Razz,Reeses, and Zaterl were then pig-piled by evil Kokiri children. "Shit!" Razz yelped. Shirah took this oppurtunity to grab Saria by the neck. "Now..now, child. This is a good thing. CabMantha will take your power and use it to make Hyrule a nicer,better place." Saria shook her head. "Your power is inside you. Stuffed in a container of sorts. That container is deep within your soul." Shirah lightly touched Saria's nose. "I need to break that container and take what's inside." She grinned again. "What's inside is MINE!" Saria struggled. "Sadly..not anymore!"Shirah lifted her hand. "Augh!" Razz kicked a kid off him. "Damn children!" Zaterl dusted her skirt. Reeses justed growled. She started to walk towards Saria but the Kokiri wouldn't let her move. They piled on top of her again, scratching and biting. Reeses gave them a few good hits herself. One of her punchs almost broke the jaw of one of the kids. "Reeses!" Zaterl turned. She was then attacked.

"AGH!" Zaterl cried. Razz picked up one of the kids and threw him across the room. The kid hit the wall and fell to the ground. Reeses joined in soon after. She picked up a kid and chucked him at Shirah. The kid knocked Shirah over making her let go of Saria. Saria backed off and ran to the others. Along the way she wished that Link was there. Razz grabbed hold of Saria this time. "Wait." Saria looked at the ground. "Maybe...I should..." Razz shook his head. Saria nodded. Shirah rubbed her face. "Damned Sages..." She grumbled and got up. Saria noticed this and quickly hid behind Razz. "I...won't give up." Shirah pulled out her whip again. "You better!" Razz yelled. Reeses walked in front of Razz and pulled out her sword. "Don't move any closer." Reeses glared at Shirah. Shirah sneered.

The fight began. It started when Shirah tried to take Reeses's sword away with her whip. Reeses got away in time and tried to slice Shirah's whip in half. Shirah also got out of the clashed a few times after knnocking each other down. "That's it!" Saria cried and put her foot down. "You want the power of the forest?" She pushed Razz out of the way. "I'll show you the power of the forest!" Everyone gasped. Link, the guy Saria wished for arrived at that moment and looked around wide eyed. Saria lifted her hand and a wind chilled everyone to their bones.

Saria's eyes looked different. They weren't childish and happy but more adult and full of rage. Leaves started to form around the room. "Minuueet of Forest!" Saria cried andpointed at Shirah. The leaves flew after her and cut her in different areas. "What the?!" Saria held her somewhat bleeding arms. "Saria!" Link gasped. Razz,Reeses and Zaterl sharply turned their heads in his direction. saria didn't move her gaze from Shirah. Shirah laughed to herself. "Deeper into the fire..." "Saria!" Link ran to where she was. Saria didn't speak. Shirah lifted her whip and got a hold of Saria's arm. "NO!" Link cried as Saria was dragged to Shirah. "Well then!" Shirah cackled. "Seems I got myself a Sage!" She kept a tight hold of Saria's neck. "Now..I shall do thi-" "Don't you dare!" Zatrerl growled and narrowed her eyes. "Zaterl..don't!" Razz grabbed her arm. "Huh...?" Zaterl turned. "Another person shouldn't get hurt!" Zaterl looked at Razz. She nodded slowly. "Leave Saria alone!" Link yelled. "Naaah.." Shirah grinned. Link clenched his fists. "I will be promoted if I get her power!" Reeses scratched her head at that statement. "I couldn't give a shirt about your job! Give me my friend back!" Link walked to Shirah. "Come closer.. I'll take bother your powers!" Shirah motioned for him to come closer. Reeses grabbed his shoulder.

"We can't...afford...to lose...two people." She winced a little bit. "Ree..ses...?" Why didn't he notice it before? Her face was covered with drying blood and her back was a deep red. "Yeah. It's me." Reeses wiped her face abit. "What happened...?!" She shook her head. "Reeses..you...you...should see a doctor!" Link gave her a such a crazy and concerned look. "I'm fine!" Reeses continued to shake her head. "Don't worry." Link did worry. Whenever he saw Reeses (which..was only a few times) he got a funny feeling in his stomach. Razz suddenly grabbed Shirah's neck. "Let Saria go!" He demanded. "Never!" Shirah tried to shake him off. "This..is.." Link turned to the struggle. "..not right." Zaterl finished. Reeses made a loud growling noise. Shirah smashed up against the wall. Razz howled in pain. "Razz!" Reeses gasped. Razz slid down the wall mumbling. "I'm sick of waiting!" Shirah grabbed Saria and pulled her towards her. "The girl goes!" Shirah lifted her arm. Saria shut her eyes. "Ha ha!" Shirah then slammed her hand into Saria's chest. Saria screamed in pain. Link held onto the nearest thing (which happened to be Reeses) without thinking. Reeses's face went light pink. Link then buried his face in her shoulder. He couldn't take the image of his childhood friend being murdered. "Don't worry young one. It won't hurt anymore." Shirah gave a soft smile. "I need to do something!" Link wiped his eyes.

"You can't." Reeses said softly. "Wha..?!" "It's been taken already." She looked at the ground. Shirah let Saria go and held something in her hands. It looked strangely like the Kokiri Emerald. "Nice playing with you guys but...I must be going!" Shirah laughed one final time and did a backflip,disappearing in mid-air. Link caught Saria before she hit the ground. "Saria! Saria!" He shook her abit. Razz bit his fist. "Saria!" Link called. Saria opened her eyes abit. Her eyes seemed so life less and sad. She gave a smile. "Li...nk..." She whispered. She then turned her head to the others. "...Thank...you..." she last whispered before shutting her eyes. "SARIA!" Tears were streaming down Link's face. Zaterl wiped her face. "What? What's going on?!" Link gasped as Saria's body disappeared. Reeses shook her head and pushed some hair back. "I..really don't know..." Link got up and nodded. "Let's go report this to Zelda..." Link turned to the door.

"Oh..and who might you be?" He looked at Zaterl. "Zaterl McYui. I'm a fellow Sage." Link rose an eyebrow. "Another Sage?" Link took a good look at Zaterl. Zaterl nervously braided a strand of violet hair. "Do...we... really need so many people protecting this land?" Link put a hand through his hair. "I'm not protecting this place..." Reeses crossed her arms. "What? Why?" "Theres not really a reason. I just don't want too. The original 7 should be able to do the job just fine." Link kind of understood. He stood there staring into space. "So..Zaterl.." Link tried to start a conversation. "What Sage are you?" Zaterl looked around. "Time." "So..you can control time..?" "Kinda'." Link got a idea. Reeses must've knew what he was thinking because she shook her head. "That's too big a job for someone who was only a Sage for a short while." Reeses put her sword away. "Oh..and Reeses. We need to get your back looked at." Reeses yet again shook her head in disagreement. "I'll...-" "I'm not taking no as a answer!" Link poked her nose. Reeses turned her head. "Fine." "Alright. Let's go tell Zelda what happened here."

Everyone gave a nod and began to leave.

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