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Inside and Outside : 10 Years Later

Chapter 3

"What're you getting so worked up about?!" I was flipping through channels. "W-w-w-where's Micheal?!" Link looked around. "His house." "BUT..When I was at your house last time he slept with you." I kept my gaze at the TV. "That was then,this is now." Then I sat up. "I'll make a deal with ya'. You can sleep in my room and I'll sleep in here. Allright?" I gave him a look. "Uh..sure?" Link looked the other way quickly. I shrugged and layed back down. "I have some big nightshirts you can use as pajamas." I called to him as he whent in my room to check it out. "Uh..right.." He mumbled. I shook my head with a smile. HE WAS NERVOUS. Of all people! I yawned. I got up with another yawn and began to scrummage in the hall closet.

I tugged at a blanket and almost fell trying to get it out. I tiredly walked back to the couch and layed the blanket down. Then I whent to the bathroom to change. I changed into a nightshirt that came just a BIT higher than the middle of my thighs. Yawning, I whent back to my spot and covered up. Link came out in...my very large pink "Foxxy" nightshirt. I giggled. Link gave me a look. "Shaddup." He mummbled. "Oh,the TVs on you can watch it if you want. That there switches the stations." I turned my head. "How can you be SO CALM?!" I grumbled turning my head back. "Calm about WHAT?" "THIS! I'm..uh..." Link was at a lost for words. "Look,Link." I started. "The onnly reason I'm so CALM about THIS is because I KNOW you WON'T do ANYTHING." I turned my head back and shut my eyes. It took him awhile to figure out what I ment by "anything".

CLANG! I awoke. on the ground. "eow!" I rubbed my head. I turned my head. The TV was still on. Some cartoon was on. I looked down and saw a lump on the ground. I rubbed my eyes. The vision came to focus. I growled. I thought I told that guy to sleep in my room! HE DOESN'T LISTEN. "hrmm..2 AM? fuuckk.." I climbed back onto the couch. Something stung in my head. "OW!" I yelped,holding my head. When the stinging numbed abit, I looked at my hands. They look as though they were covered in blood. "AHH!" I sat up quickly. Thats when Link got up. "Is everything allright?" He looked at me. "My head is killing me." I held it. "Lemme see.." Link got up and looked at the top of my head. "It is bleeding but..I can't find a source.." I sighed. Thats just GREAT. I layed back down. "I must've fell on something when I fell.." I shrugged.

"When did you fall?" "A few minutes ago." I sat back up. "FIRST OFF.." Oh yes. I'm going to lecture. I needed to yell. "..I told you to SLEEP IN MY ROOM." I pointed my finger at him. "But you said you kne-" "SO? That doesn't mean you sleep in here!" I got up. "And since your in here, I'll go sleep in my room." I began to walk. "Oh. and thank-you." I shut my door. Link stared at my door,dumbfounded.

A few bours later, I got up again. While I was searching for something to eat I thought I heard a voice. I looked to see if Link was awake but he wasn't. I thought to myself. 'The voice doesn't sound like his anyway...but it is familiar.' I was so deep in thought, that I even forgot what I was thinking about. "-ria.." I faintly felt something tapping my shoulder. "MARIA." I snapped awake. "What?!" I turned around. "I just wanted to apol-" Link sat down next to me. "Don't. I snapped. Its okay." I smiled. The next thing I knew, Link's face was right against mine.

Chapter 4

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