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Inside and Outside : 10 Years Later

Chapter 4

I pulled away and quicky turned my face to the side and coughed. Link looked at me with surprise. I got up quickly and walked into the living room thinking to myself. 'Jeez,Maria you idiot! Why did you do that?' I sat on the couch as I bad-mouthed myself. Link looked in from the door way. "Are you okay?" I nodded. "Yeah,I'm fine." I tried to smile. I got up and and whent to bedroom. I searched my drawers for something to wear. When I found something suitable I whent to take a shower. A hour later,I stepped out the door,drying my hair. "Has Micheal arrived?" I walked into the kitchen. "Not yet." Link answered. I nodded. I looked up at the ceiling. A few moments later I heard a knock on the door. "phew." I said under my breath as I opened the door.

Micheal grinned as I opened the door. I blinked. He pushed past me. I smiled. "I'll be back,I need to get some stuff done." I waved and slammed the door behind me.

Link looked at Micheal. "Where's she going?" Micheal raided my fridge. "To get her hair done or something.." Micheal shrugged. "Okay.." Link blinked. Micheal grinned. "Sooo..How was it last night?" Micheal got right up to Links face. "I want ALL the details. Y'know.." Link slightly blushed. "Nothing happened." Micheal pouted abit. "Are you sure..? I mean.." Micheal gave a dramatic sigh. He slumped in a nearbt chair. "Well,If you two didn't make out then, WHAT happened? I mean,damn.." Micheal gestured his hands. "Nothing happened along THOSE terms.." Link blushed. "She did although had a slight accident." Micheal looked up. "What KIND of accident?" Link gave Micheal a look. "She fell and her head began to bleed. Thats all." Micheal looked at the ground. "Oh.."

A few hours later,I returned. I opened the door and found the two playing video games. "How long have you two been at it?" I smiled. They didn't even realize I was home untill I spoke. "Maria! Your hair!" Micheal blinked. "oh..?" My hair was cropped short,near my chin and had newly added red streaks. "Whats wrong with it?" Micheal shook his head. "Nothing really,it looks different." Link nodded. I grinned. and shook my head. Did you two do anything while I was gone BESIDES video games?" I peered to see what games they were playing. Sure enough,Its was the old Nintendo 64 Zelda game. I smirked.

I glanced at Micheal. He looked quite sad at that moment. "Micheal?" I sat down nest to him. "I heard that your.." He looked at the ground again. There was clearly something he wasn't telling me. He looked as if he held this information inside of him years. "M-Micheal?"

Chapter 5

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