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Inside and Outside : 10 Years Later

Chapter 5

"Whats wrong Mike?" I sat down. "Nothing. Its absolutely nothing." Micheal looked back at the TV. I gave him a look. I got up and turned the game off. "Okay mister, YOU have some talking to do!"

Micheal sighed. "Remember when I was...y'know, 'kidnapped'?" I nodded. "Well,Sin didn't want me at first." I got confused. "Then why..?" "She wanted YOU, I never really figured out why they wanted you..but they did." Micheal stared at the controller. "I'm not sure..just.." Link put a hand on Micheal's shoulder. "Its okay. Thats 10 years ago. Its okay." Micheal shook his head. Link blinked. "Shes inside.." I grabbed Micheal's shoulders and shook him. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GETTING AT?" "Chaos.." I stopped.

"The Goddess of Chaos is WHERE?!" Micheal sighed. "Hence the red.." "What is she trying to do?!" I shivered. "How..long?" "10 years.." I then held myself. "I'm.." Micheal nodded. "Maria, Your the Goddess of Chaos!"

I sat down. My thoughts were racing. But the one that kept coming up was: Why me? "I thought I destroyed her! I DESTROYED THEM ALL!" I cried. Link sat next to me. "Its okay Maria! We'll figure something out!" I looked at him,a small smile appeared on my face. I grinned. "Well, lets go play some games!" I pointed to the TV.

I sat on my bed. "A goddess.." I whispered to myself. "Nope. Can't happnen" I shook my head. "Then again..that night.." I sighed. This was ALL too new..how could..? I know I destroyed them! What did Chaos do? What the hell am I going to do?! I sighed and looked at the ground in confusion.
I woke up the next morning. All the feelings from the day before vanished. I rubbed my face. "ugghh.." I mumbled and walked into the kitchen. "Your awake." Link seemed surprised. "Well, YEAH. Thats what most people do in the morning." I took a sip of some soda. I looked. Micheal was fast aleep on my couch. I shook my head."Are you okay?" Link sat down next to me. "I'm fine. wh-oh.." I looked at the ground. "Lets NOT talk about that today." I smiled and continued sipping my soda. Link nodded. He understood. He took another look at me. "Y'know. Your look really pretty in red."


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