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Hell's Rose

Chapter One

Part 1~
Maria was an ordianary Hyrulian. She whent to school and she had friends. Maria didn't have too many friends though. To them she was a quiet,dark person. What set them off was her wardrobe. It consists of a black over- sized turtle neck sweater. Black pants and a cross necklace. Maria yawned as she flipped through the pages of a old worn out book. "Hmm.." She hummed as she sat down..skimming each page. After a while Maria put the book back. It didn't contain the information she needed. Walking out with her arms strecthed abover her head, Maria wondered what she should do next. "Might as well go to the Market. I'll be damned if they actually have something INTERESTING going on." Maria then turned herself towards Hyrule Castle Market. She heard the usual screech and wails from money-pinchers and greedy sellers.
"How delighhtful.." Maria grumbled sarcasticly. "As usual there is nothing going on." Maria heaved a heavy sigh. "- Rose Information!" Maria's ears perked when the seller yelled that out. Maria then felt herself walking that way. "Hey..Did you say you have rose information?" Maria looked around the tiny "shop". "Not just ANY rose, young lady! A special rose." The seller smiled. "Pleased to see your interested. I'm Telluuee" Telluuee shook Maria's hand. Maria smiled. "What is this special rose?" "A Hell's Rose" Telluuee grinned. Maria's eyes widened. "That's what I'm searching for! I only heard about it! It's really real?" Maria smiled. Telluuee kept his grin. "Yes. I have a replica of it. Would you like to see it?" Maria nodded. Telluuee then bent down. When he came back up,in his hands was a glass container. "Oh my..!" Maria breathed. The roses colors where that of fire. "It's a feiry red,orange and yellow. If you turn it a certain way..it looks like the never ending flames of Hell." Telluuee explained, turning it that certain way. "It does!" Maria was never so happy before. Telluuee smiled he had never seen a person so happy before.
"You can have this replica." Telluuee smiled wider. Maria widened her eyes. "Y- you mean it? I can have this?" Maria pointed at the replica with a wide grin. Telluuee nodded. "Your a good kid. I can sense it. Plus..I'm not going to be here much longer." Telluuee's smile faded,so did Marias. "W- what do you mean? You DO mean your going somewhere else right?" Maria looked at the ground. "Of COURSE!" Telluuee grabbed Marias shoulders with that friendly smile back on his face. "I'm uh..a traveler. I..travel to er..places." Telluuee turned around and something caught his eye. Maria didn't believe him though. "Here it is~!" Telluuee grinned and handed Maria a necklace. Now Maria REALLY didn't believe him. "For free." Telluuee grinned. "I believe in you."

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