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Hell's Rose

Chapter Two

Part 2~
I believe in you...
Those words hung in Maria's thoughts for awhile. 'He gave these to me for free..that is very supicious..not too mention in said I believe in you...what a cook!' Maria stared at the necklace,not watching where she was going. All Maria could hear was her own thoughts.
5 minutes later [or it seemed] Maria smacked right into someone. Maria fell and landed on her butt. "Gah! Sorry!" Maria rubbed her head and eyes. "Take no need." The person helped her up. "I can sense you were deep in thought." Maria at this guy. He was a VERY VERY tall man with ebony hair and eyes. Maria couldn't get her eyes off him. It wasn't because of how handsome or how tall he was, it was...his wings. "Miss..?" The guy waved a hand in front of her face. Maria circled around him. "Are those real?" Maria pointed to one of his wings. "Yeah." He grinned. "Woah..Then..your a fairy!" Maria grinend herself. She's never seen a human fairy before. The man nodded. "Hey..may I know your name?" Maria stuck her hand out, as if to shake his. "My name's Tael...you?" "Maria."
"How's come your so tall?" Maria looked up. Tael shrugged. " I just am I guess." Tael smiled. Maria nodded. Then Tael blushed. Maria smiled a tiny bit but not enough to let him know she knew he was blushing. "Y-y'know Maria.." "hmm?" "Your cute." Maria stared at him. Tael could tell she was surprised. 'We just met for crying out loud!' Tael thought. Maria smiled again. "Y'know what? I think your cute too." Tael's face was a deep red color then.
"I sense it...but where?" A figure stood by where Telluuee's stand used to be. "It was SO strong here! What the HELL happened?!" The figure slammed her fist into the concrete wall. "That damn...he knew I was coming didn't he! He HID it somewhere!" She growled. "But..what happened to him..?"
"I hope to see you tomorrow, Maria." Tael smiled and put his face close to hers. "I'll try to be here." Maria smiled. A few minutes later they were walking in different directions. "HA! He couldn't hide it from me THAT long.." the figure grinned as she saw Maria walk past. The few minutes were all a blur to Maria. She remembers walking and then the next second she's sprawled out on the ground. "Give IT to me." "W-what..?" "I said, give IT to me." "Give WHAT?" "Don't act dumb!" Maria felt a hand grab her throat. "AHH! LETMEGO!" Maria grabbed the hand and tried to pull it off her neck. "Give me that necklace!" the grip got tighter. "n-NO!" Maria tightened her grip too.
"Didn't you hear the girl? Leave her alone." Tael ran up. "Heh..This is none of your concern." "Your hurting her. I believe it IS my concern." Maria searched her back pocket. 'Where is it..c'mon..!' Maria rummaged around for her knife. 'AHA!' Maria whipped it out and flung it at whoever attacked her. Much too her surprise, the person grabbed the knife. "Heh. Typical. You really want too-" the voice was cut off. Tael found a pressure point in the neck and pressed on it lightly, making the person faint. "C'mon, Maria..! This isn't a safe to be!" Tael grabbed Maria's wrist and pulled her away from the scene.
'Why would someone be attacking me..?!'

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