Ria's Writing Corner

Hell's Rose

Chapter Three

Maria was startled for a moment. This..fairy was dragging her away from the market. "What are you doing Tael?!" Maria tried her best to keep up with him. "You were going to get killed!" Tael stopped in front of the draw-bridge and catched his breath. Maria stared at him. She smiled slightly which made Tael blush again. "Thank you." Maria shook Tael's hand. Maria then turned and headed for home. "Are you sure you'll be fine?" Tael looked abit concerned. Maria turned around and the rose necklace glittered in the moonlight. "I'll be fine. Thank-you." She giggled lightly. Tael looked at the necklace for a second.
"Thats a pretty necklace." Maria looked at it. "Yeah,I guess so. This is what the person was after." Maria twiddled the rose between her thumb and forefinger. "I'm guessing its worth money.." Tael took a closer look. "Could be."
Niess growled. "I ALMOST HAD IT!" She made a fist. "The powers of Hell.." Niess then slammed her fist into the nearby wall. "If the fairy-boy just didn't show up I would have that necklace!" the more she brought the subject up the angrier she got. She shook her head to to calm down. "I'll get it. I'll make sure of that." Niess grinned.
Tael smiled when he took his eyes off the necklace. "I think..I shall walk you home." Tael looked towards the sky. "Something..just doesn't feel right."

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