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Inside and Outside

Chapter 16

"..." When we reached the top. I breathed a sigh of relief. Everything was fine. Nothing touched. Noone was hurt. Then..I got confused. Didn't we just see some scary-like monster go up here? I looked at Link. He looked at me. From what I saw, we were both thinking the same thing. Everything was quiet for the next few minutes. A bit..TOO quiet. "WELL.." I started..twiddling my thumbs. I guess it's ok. Maybe the light played tricks on our eyes or..something." Link nodded. "How's about we go back downstairs and wait for them?" Link then nodded again. I grumbled. He wasn't listening. I rushed to the escalator and ran back downstairs. Hoping that this time, he didn't notice that I was gone.

I reached the exit when a thought reached my head. Was what happened real? Is ANY of this real? I shrugged and walked out the door and into the evening skyline. I waited a few minutes to see if the others would come out. When they didn't I shrugged and walked home. Everything about this day was tiring. Once inside, I realized they haven't come home yet. "eehhh.." I looked out the window. It was nighttime now. "Where are they?" I sighed. "The mall is closed by now.." I looked at the clock. 11:00 was in those big neon digital numbers. I was becoming tense when it read 11:30. "Ayyii~!" I got up, put on a coat and ran to the mall. Walking towards the doors I noticed something I didn't before. It was the same as when I left it. No one was moving. I blinked, too confused right now. I tried to open the door and to my amazement, it opened. "uh..Hello?!" my voice echoed. It was a bit eerie. I poked one of the non-moving people. I cringed. It felt like flesh,yet..it was cold. I backed up. "Ewww.." I continued backing up untill I saw the escalator.

Maybe what I wanted to know..Was up there.

Chapter 17

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