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Inside and Outside

Chapter 18

I stood there. "...'Ria!...MARIA!.." Someone shook my shoulders violently. "Huh..?" I slowly came too. "MARIA! Your ALIVE!" Micheal grinned. "yeah.." I grinned myself. Then I remembered. "NO! What happened?!" I thought. "What...what happened?" I looked at Micheal. "One second I was in the mall the next..I was here." Micheal blinked. "So.." I looked at the ground. "Now...we'll never know.." I faced my N64. "Maybe.." Micheal rushed and turned it on. The usual stuff happened. Micheal growled as he fiddled with every controll on the controller. "DAMNIT!" He slammed the controller on the floor. "Micheal.." I looked at the screen. "Is that..a SMILE?!" I pointed to Link's face. "What?! Your joking..!" Micheal squinted at the screen. "Why would Link be smiling..?" Micheal had a little smile himself. I saw this. "What are you thinking?" Micheal blinked. "He knew something the little scroundrel." Micheal's smile faded. "Micheal..!" I stifled a giggle. I sighed straight after. "Well..Lets wait awhile..and see what happens.." I tried to smile. Micheal nodded.

A few weeks later while I was doing my homework I kept hearing noises. After a half-hour of these noises I got to the point where I could kill someone. "Damnit! Where is that coming from!" I ran into the living room. The noises got louder. Then the I realized what it was. "Who'd be knocking on my..WAIT no oones here!" I got scared. "WAIT.." I turned on my N64 to see if that were the problem and sure enough there was Link his knuckles to the screen. I was furious. "WHAT?!" I screamed. Link soon realized I was there. "H-hey! Did I scare you?" I growled. "oh..well..umm.." I sighed. "I'm sorry for what happened. Even I don't know what happened." I blinked. "Wait..then..noone won.." I thought. "But..who brought us back?" I asked. "I don't know.." Link fixed his hat. "Either..Zelda or the Goddesses.." I looked at the ground.

Chapter 19

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