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Inside and Outside

Chapter 23

"Tell me what..?" I mumbled. I was getting really angry. "How much do you love your cousin?" Rauru stared into my eyes. WHAT KIND OF A STUPID ASS QUESTION WAS THAT?! "ExCUSE me..?" I gave Rauru the look of death. "Micheal, how much do you love your cousin?"

I ran down the hall, weapon in hand. "That bat is going to die..!" I bitterly thought aloud. "MARIA!..GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!" I could hear Link calling me but I ignored him. I ran out the castle doors and past all the guards. "GET HER!" I heard someone yell. It was faint but I still heard it. HA. I am a fugitive on the run now! Why did Link want me to stay so bad? That fuck-head..he just doesn't understand what it's like to be me. I whent over everything that happened to me the day I got sucked into the damn game. "WHAT a idiot!" "ARF! WROOF!" I got even more angry than I already was.

"OF COURSE I LOVE MY COUSIN!" Rauru fell stumbled when he heard Micheal. "WHAT KIND OF A FUCKING QUESTION WAS THAT?!" Micheal waved his hands at Rauru. Rauru sighed. "I saw the future and..you wouldn't like the turn- out." Micheal blinked. "What happens?" Rauru shut his eyes for a moment. "Maria's about to fight the guy who stabbed. But instead of her winning she's going to die." Micheal's eyes widened. "YOUR LYING!" he growled. "LYING!" "Micheal! Get a hold of yourself!" "Maria should know better than to do that on MY sake." Micheal held his head. "Why would.." "She loves you Micheal. You were hurt. She reacted." Rauru held Micheal's shoulder. "But to the point where she's going to DIE?" Micheal stared at the ground. 'MICHEAL!' 'NO!' Micheal remembered what happened when he was struck. 'MICHEAL!...MI-' Her screaming voice was stuck in his head now. No matter how cruel we act towards each other, we...were family..and we love eachother...

"The clouds are getting darker.." I thought aloud as I looked up. "Thank god I'm only a few feet away from his place.." I stopped. "All that running is killing me.." I rubbed my knees. I sighed. Awhile of walking later, I came apoun the keese's cave. But..instead of finding the keese gang waiting for me, there was nothing. This isn't right..!?" I ran in confused. Everything was everywhere. And THAT my friends, was putting it MILDLY. "OH MY GOD!" I gagged. I almost stepped on the dead body of the guy I was going to kill! "Who..?" I bent down. The front side of his body was torn to shreds. I sighed. "Whoever did this was rough.." I lifted up his hand, I gasped. On it there was an image of the Triforce with the letters S,C,D. "S? C? D?" I wondered. What the hell does THAT mean? ~~~~~

Wait..Somethings not right here.. "I feel strange..like..what you said is going to change.." I looked at my hands. Rauru stared at me. "Unbelievable." He whispered. "She isn't..going to fight him." I didn't even know what I was saying. It just came out. Rauru smiled. "Your tired." He thought I was making it up! That little...! I pouted. "Whatever." I turned my back on him and pretended to fall asleep. I heard him leave a few minutes later. Waiting a few minutes to make sure he was gone, I got up. "Damnit Maria..your such an idiot." I mumbled to myself as I sneaked out the dorr and around the hallways. There's soemthing your not telling me Rauru. and I aim to find out!
"Hm.." I stopped infront of Sheik's room. "He's got that st-..!" I made sure no one was in there before I snuck in. I rummaged everywhere. "Oh..! Does he wear the same thing everyday just like they did in the 60's?!" I growled as I looked through the drawers. "...!" VOICES! I paniced. The window was my best bet. "Allrighty.." I climbed and jumped.
The next thing I knew I was hanging in the air. "AAHH!" I really paniced then. "Don't be afraid." I heard a voice giggle. I looked up. My eyes saw a woman who well..looked almost exactly like Din. "woah.." I breathed. She giggled.

"...!" Someone's there?! I sharply turned. Noone. I blinked. I shook my head and continued to wonder what those letters ment. "Whoever these people are..they love their job." I kicked another torn body. "This is just..sick..what did they want here?" I sat on the bloodied throne to get a better view of the room. I sighed. Then I started to hear noises. "What the? Who would be here?" I got up quickly. "...~!" One of those voices sounded VERY familiar. I looked around for a place to hide. "There!" A rock was jutting out just perfectly to hide behind. "Hey! Can I go back now?" Micheal?! I pressed up against the rock trying to hide. "NO." "WHAT?" I growled. Who was that girl I'm hearing?
"H-HEY! LET GO!" I heard Micheal struggling. Then I heard a slap. "DAMNIT HE SAID LEAVE HIM ALONE!" I couldn't take it anymore. "AHH!" I felt a very sharp pain in the back of my head. I turned around. "Who the HELL are you?" I pointed at the second woman. She just giggled. "EXCUSE ME, I just asked you a question! I suggest you ANSWER it!" I grabed for the end of my sword. "Ha. We have no right telling you anything,little girl." LITTLE?! I'm 15 FOR CRYING OUTLOUD! I snarled and asked again. "WHO ARE YOU?" I felt one appear behind me. I jutted my elbow into her chest. "EEE!" I heard her gasp and fall to catch her breath. "Now..TELL me..Who ARE you?"

I blinked. This place really needed to be remodeled. Maybe some pictures of the oce- OH! umm..back to the little scene..
"What the HELL?" I pointed at the ground. There was this guy there..all..torn to SHREDS. "JESUSCHRISTMAS! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?!" I gagged. "SHUT-UP!" the lady grabbed my face tightly. "mmmph! mmm?" I looked at Maria. What was she doing? "Well..?!" I heard her growl. "YEAH! Who ARE you three?" I piped in. The three stared at us. "heh. We are Sin,Destruction and Chaos." They giggled. "Sin..Destruction..and CHAOS?!" I was abit surprised. "What..." I couldn't think of a word to say, "Now.." Sin grabbed my face again. "..I need to eat," Her lips twisted into a smile. "And feast we will,Sister." Destruction grinned. "haha! Yeah!" Caos grinned and chuckled. "Woah! Waitaminute! Your not going to...EAT me are you?" I swear..I was totally grossed out by then. "A smart child arn't we?" Sin laughed. "Y-YOU CAN'T EAT ME! I'm just-time to refer to the ol' looney tune cartoons-skin and bones!" I waved my hands franticly in the air. "HA. 'know how many times we heard THAT one before" Chaos laughed.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" I screamed, ignoring the pain my voice was causing my body. "Tsk tsk. You just..don't get it little girl. I must have his soul or.." She grinned. "I'm hungry and in dire need of flesh.." I flinched at that. Then..an idea hit me. "Kill me instead.."

Those words rung in my ears. "ARE YOU CRAZY MARIA..?!" I spat out. Those feelings I had...they were true! Maria was going to kill herself for me. "It's okay Micheal." she gave me that smile. "MARIA!" I froze. She was being such a MORON. We could beat their asses! Why..why is she doing this? "If one of us is going to die Micheal, its going to be me." Maria stared at me. "MARIA! WILL YOU JUST STOP!" I clenched my fists. "STOP IT!" I yelled. She gave me a 'I'm sorry' look before walking away. "MARIA!" I screamed at her.
She was gone. I slumped down. "What the hell is a matter with you Maria?!" I stared at the ground. "...~!" I looked up. It wasn't the noise I thought I was going to hear. MARIA! I thought happily. She was just toying around! Typical. In Maria's hands were the remains of Sin. I think I'm in TEARS. Maria pointed at Destruction. With a flick of her finger, Destruction was gone too. "HOLY!" I grinned. She then turned towards Chaos. Again, she pointed at Chaos and with a flick of her finger [and with a twisted smile] Chaos was gone. It happened WAY too fast for me. "?" Maria then fainted. GAH!" I ran up to her.

Hours later we were standing infront of the Castle. "We may not of seen the enemy but by Micheal's describtion.." I didn't listen. I was too busy wondering where Link was. Didn't he want to say bye to us? "Maria..!" Micheal elbowed me. "huh,,? uh..yeah..." I blinked still uninterested. I think Zelda knew what I was thinking. "Well..I guess we should be going.." I grabbed Micheal's arm pulled him towards the portal. "WAIT...!" I heard Link. "Yeah..?" I turned around. Link got a bit closer to my face..which..REALLY freaked me out. "Y'know..I really...well...hmm...LIKE you.." Link gave me his best smile. "I-I..." I sighed abit and looked at the ground,nervous. "...yeah" I turned and ran into the portal home.

"She.." I started and I grinned. "feels the same way!" I ran after her leaving Link dumbfounded. "SWEET HOME!" I kissed the ground. "HOW I MISSED YOU!" I hugged a tree. "Stop that!" Maria giggled. "NO MORE FIGHTING! NO MORE EVIL TWINS OF PEOPLE!" I laughed. I was truley happy to be home at last.

I smiled. It was good to be back. I knew that I was going to miss Hyrule and Link alot but I have things to do for the next few years,


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