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By 2006, I was a bit better at writing and wanted my own Alice type story. I'm reworking the characters and story.

2006 Summary

An Alice in Wonderland inspired story. While it is a typical "Wonderland gets evil" story, I do hope to add some originality to it. It starts with Mae, the modern day Alice, having a typical day at school. She takes a test, passes and celebrates. The celebration doesn't last long though. In Wonderland, something horrible has happened! The daughter to the Queen of Hearts was kidnapped! Princess Hearts sends for Mae who gets sent to a Wonderland turned upside down. Mae meets a Hatter wanna-be named Funhouse and the two set off to save the Princess and help turn Wonderland back to its normal, crazy state. [please?]

Across The Faded Glass

Chapter List

Chapter 1

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