Ria's Writing Corner

Inside and Outside

Chapter 1

Well..I had a very peculiar day. I'm walking home and this girl..well she...BARKS at me. Yeah..like a DOG. I'm just walking home wondering WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?! No I'm not English..I'm American. Well anyway..I'm at home and in my room-fasinating! Not..when I see my cousin. He's all sitting there playing the usual Zelda game we play when we get mad at something. It is kinda fun trying to beat your Dark Self a thousand times..Yeah..I restart a game whenever I beat gannon or what-ever that goat thing was. Sensing I was home..my anger could heat a pool. He turns around and asks if I wanna play. STUPID! Do I look like I wanna play? First I get picked on by every cute-lookin' guy at school..Then get picked on by every SLUT in the school and now I get barked at. I shook my head..to say no and to shake my angry thoughts away. The next part is hard to explain but somehow..Link the character on the game froze..yep. oh gee..he froze! my game must be fritzy right now...again. Then my cousin came up and tapped on the screen..yep. Like THAT was gunna do anything. but instead of hearing that glassy deep knocking I heard silence. Why? because his hands was straight INTO the TV! "MICHEAL!" I yelled and tugged at his hands..they didn't budge. I tugged somemore..they only whent further into the TV. Which..pretty soon we were into the TV flying through a void of TV programs. "AHHHHHHHHH~~!" was all we could manage. I lost track of how long we were falling but it must've been pretty long because I was getting hungry and crabby.

But..I'm alway's crabby so that didn't matter. We landed. I first..Micheal second. Were those bones cracking? Yep. Micheal landed on top of me. Good. Now I can live the rest of my life in a hospital getting pshycic help. I was soo scarred for life right now..Anyhoo..The area looked EXACTLY like Hyrule Feild in the game but more..y'know..REAL. Micheal could pin-point every section of the field and that's exactly what he was doing. "THAT'S LONLON! THAT'S KAKARIKO! THAT'S.. " It whent on for hours. God I wished I had food right now..Now where in Hyrule could you get food? I remembered that in the game Link don't eat or sleep which was NOT good for your health. Well..He DRINKS and thass it..Boy,does he have malnutrition. I sighed. I missed my home and those sluts already. There was nothing to do. Just as we were about to get up and white stallion came riding towards us. It had a nice-looking girl on it. "AHOY!" I called..using sailor's greetings now..I must be getting crabby. The horse stopped. Thank-You God. "Hey Miss, Do you know of a place where we can get some food?" I TRIED (hence TRIED) to be polite but my stomache was getting to me and she could tell."Why sure..and please..call me Zelda." Zelda smiled. I gasped and tugged on Micheal's sleeve he was still mumbling about Hyrule Field. "Micheal! LOOK!" I whispered and pointed to Zelda. "It's Zelda, Y'know..from the games!"

I added. Zelda stared at us weirdly. "So...We're can we eat?" I had my hands in a praying position..yep. That's how hungry I was. "Follow me." Zelda shook the reigns of her horse and began for Hyrule Market Town. I grabbed Micheal and obeyed. Well I had too. She was a princess. I'd hate to critisize fashion sense because I have none of my own but..She was wearing WAY WAY WAY too much pink! Ohwell..She was a princess and could do what she wanted. If the town was in peace..what could we two do? Nothing? I would figure that out as soon as my stomache got a break..mmm...shark bites..

Chapter 2

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