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Inside and Outside

Chapter 2

We followed Zelda untill she stopped at this Resteraunt-type thing. "This wasn't in the game" Micheal blurted out. Zelda turned to look at us..good gawd was she wearing too much pink today. "Game?" she asked and I elbowed Micheal so hard in the ribs he toppled. "EEOW!" He shrieked. "These people dun' know they are a game!" I hissed quietly. "We must never mention it.." Micheal glared at me rubbing his ribs. "You better not've broken them." Was HE demanding! Maybe spending time with Zelda would change my views on her..or maybe not. Well..After sitting down we actually remembered what the currency was here. "Goddamn it! We dun' have any gosh-darn ruppees!" I exclaimed rummaging through my pants pockets.
"You IDIOT" Micheal knew the whole time..it was his tone of voice. "Y'know what M-" I was stopped short of sentence. I hate that. A waiter guy whose name was...Jack served us. Said the princess paid for our meal. views did change. We ate...whatever the stuff was. It was good but it looked gross. Maybe it was rich-people food? Oh well. We need to figure out why the hell we were sent here. Why the hell I didn't bring my CD player..Why the-. Micheal interuppted my thoughts.
"Wanna find Link?..I mean.." he then smirked. "Say it and get spawled by the spork!" I said and flung a peice of food at him. He dodged. And hoo-boy did I wish he didn't. It then hit the Jack guy and well..let's just say he got pissed. At least I have food in my stoamche. "Now..Were can find this...Hero of Time?" I asked Micheal for he acted like he knew everything. "I dun know" He then answered. "Gosh-darn that!" I snapped my fingers. "You dun know shit either!"
"I know." That's when Zelda came back. She said she wanted to show us to her father...the guy we never met in the games..only heard about. Usually..ok...ALL the time my thoughts trailed off somewhere else.I was thinking about how many minutes passed in Earth. In some shows/books whenever you spend like a week in one place outta Earth it's like 3 minutes on earth. Plus..Why did she wanna show us to her father?..Micheal was thinking the same thing.."Are we gunna get executed" was the only thing he said.

Chapter 3

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