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Inside and Outside

Chapter 3

I laughed..sortof. "Of course not!" I waved my hand abit. hehheh..Jeezuz..Pointless to tell him I don't know for that would scare him more than he is now. tsk. tsk. There we were..infront of this long long long..etc. etc. hall-way. There was the father. He was a nice..well actually a..okaye looking man. Bit too much beard in my opinion. The good thing was that he welcomed us newcomers...how he even knew was beyond my world of thinking..The bad thing was..he wanted to know how we got here. Now doesn't that suck?! What could we tell me the man? Oh gee,Mister King,sire we were just playing a game about Hyrule and all ova sudden out tv warped us here. Is THAT even believable?! Well..no. But maybe with a little prayer...

"We came from another land" was the words I said. The old guys eyes sparkeled. "Another land?!" He smiled. I nodded and nudged Micheal so he'd nodd too. "What other land?" ARGH! And to think we were safe. What can I tell him now? Might as well.."Erm..Earth?" I looked everywhere but at the King. "Earth?..How quaint. Welcome to Hyrule. Enjoy your stay." then..we left. No..FORCED to leave. Damn guards. I outta..oh..no matter. "Mike..Who're we missin'?" I tugged on his sleeve blinking. "The fairy-guy who rides the dumb-ass horse?" I snorted at that answer. "Yeah" But..when you think of it..the horse was kinda off stupid. She never whent the right way and when you tried to get to get over the Gerudo Plank Thing..well..you know. Anyway..we started around Lon Lon Ranch. "Cool..Were gunna meet that lady!" Micheal laughed.

I laughed too..for it was the only thing to do. I'm dreaming..I'm dreaming..GODDAMNIT WAKEUP! "Maria?" Micheal was snapping his fingers infront of my face. "Yes?" I tried to act like I was listening. Then Micheal pointed. "LOOK!" he squealed. Well..I looked. There he was..riding on Epona.."Sure,Lemme just set up the ledges again,Link" Malon smiled and walked towards the house. "THAT GAME!" Micheal blurted out,pointing. I slapped him. Malon then saw us. "Howdy there,newcomers. I see you already know about the coral game." We nodded.

"Have you ever played..?" WHAT was this? A test? We couldn't say yes so we shook our heads. "Do you know how ride a horse?" We again...shook our heads. "Right. How's about you watch Link here play it? Maybe you can try afterwards." Malon did that smile again. "But..HOW can we when we just said we don't know HOW to RIDE a horse." I argued."When you find your right horse..you don't need lessons." Malon walked away to set up the game. "I ain't playin' it." "Wait 'till he finds a cow in his house!" Micheal snickered.

Chapter 4

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