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Inside and Outside

Chapter 4

lI snickered too for it would be hilarous to see a cow in a small house like that. Before we could blink all the ledge-fence things appeared. Yawning..I watched. Link was better here than I was playing him at home. Epona wasn't that dumb. (Miracles DO happen.) and I needed sleep. "Are you gunna play?" I asked Micheal after a few minutes. "Yeah..I wanna try." Micheal was so determined at things. I smiled. "I'm going to find a place to lay down..Hyrule's just as boring as in the game." I yawned. "PERFECT SCORE!" yep. That yell of Malon's could wake the dead. I froze and fell. "yer mother..rides crabapples.." I mummbled when I tried to sit up.

"Now..Which one of you is gunna try?" Malon did that smile. God was it annoying. "I AM!" I heard Micheal yell as I fell asleep right then and there. I woke up in Malon's bed. It was soft. Comfortable. "Are you okay?" Malon stepped in. "Yeah! I just fell asleep." I tried to smile but my back was killing me. Boy was I gunna kill Micheal. "No..You fainted." Malon sat down at that table. "Fainted?!" I turned to look at the wall. "Why?" Malon stared at me when I asked this. "Your back was in a irrregular told me that he didn't mean it. He apologizes." Malon nodded. "Atleast he said Sorry this time." I chuckled. Malon didn't get it. "Is my back better? Can I walk? Do I need anything?" Boy did I have a ton of questions. I didn't feel this way when I got hit by that car. Ohwell. This seemed diffrent. "Your back is fine. You should be able to walk. I don't think so." Malon didn't like the idea of me asking all these questions. "What'd you do to my back?" That one was puzzling me.

Malon smiled..this smile was different. "Farmer's secret!" She chuckled herself. I did the same. I got up. I felt better than before. Walking downstairs I noticed that the room didn't have all them cuccoos. Good. Them things are annoying. I walked out the door. There was Micheal talking to Link. I smiled. Atleast he said he was sorry. "Hey,Maria!" Micheal waved over to me. "Sorry 'bout your back! I didn't mean to break any bones!" He did say sorry. I sat down next to him. Being next to the real Link made me so f-ing nevous. "Hello,Maria." His voice made me blush. "Hello." I looked the other way. Link blinked. Micheal whispered in his ear. Oh god..Did he say that I had a crush on him? LIES! ALL LIES! Micheal snickered. He did. But I don't. Do I? OH GOD DAMNIT! I hate romance! I hate love...Hell..I loathe Valintine's Day! My mind seemed like 2 people right now. I got up and ran away. "MARIA!" Micheal got up and ran after me. Link just stared at us. "MARIA!" He grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me down. I glared. "Maria..you fool! Do you think I'd say that?" "What?" I lied.

"You IDIOT!..I just told him that your having boy- problems and can't stand being around them for awhile." Micheal..was being NICE? I poked his forehead. "Hello?..Micheal? Are you in there?" Micheal laughed. "Of course..NOT!" He faked punched me which could look pretty real from faraway. "AH!" I laughed and pushed him off. "Your gunna get it!" I got into those funny-looking DBZ poses and just couldn't help it. I fell over laughing because Micheal was doing his impression of Goku eating clouds. Link came running over here. "Hey! Are you alright? I saw him punch you!" Micheal and me both laughed. "That's what it seems like to the un- trained eye." Micheal then got infront of me and stared at Link all-serious like. "Did you know.." he started. Oh no..Not this again! "that I'm GAY on the WEEKENDS with POTATOS?!" Link's face was so kodak-moment like.

Chapter 5

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