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Inside and Outside

Chapter 5

I cracked up laughing. "Don't worry..He doesn't mean it." That was when Malon commented on our clothes. "What're those?" She pointed to my black turtle-neck.
"A turtle-neck."
"What're THOSE?!"
"Pants. COMFORTABLE pants."
I guess the girls were too busy wearing to dresses to realize what pants are. "Why do you wear such rubbish?" "'Cuz It's comfortable." I nodded. Then Malon turned to Micheal. "What're those?"
"A shirt..."
"Are those pants?"

JEEZUZ. What was this? Who Wants To Be a Millanaire? "I guess I'll have to change your clothes.." Link muttered. "HEY! What's wrong with my clothes?" Me and Micheal yelled at Link. Me and Micheal stared at eachother. "JYNX!" We yelled. Link and Malon just stared at us. Atleast I should've brought my CD player. I need music. Outta instinct I starting humming something. I kept humming as Link showed us a place in Hyrule Market to buy clothes. "As long as it ain't green." I blinked sorting though the black tunic outfits. Even the tailor was fasinated by our clothes. Link was keeping his distince from us as much as possible. THANK-YOU Micheal for that gay potato comment. "OKay..I want this shirt with the same color pants. Also in the same fabric." I was soo fashion-less. Black all the way for me. As I was waiting I starting singing under my breath "Talk with your mouthfull..Bite that hands that feeds you..Bite more than you can chew. What can you do? Dare to be Stupid...lalalala..you can eat a bunch of sushi and forget to leave a tip..lalalala..Dare to be Stupid..C'mon now and Dare to Be Stupid It's so easy to do..Dare to be Stupid..We're all waiting for you...Let's go.."

I was a Weird Al fan so I tend to sing his songs to make me feel better at times. Finally my clothes were done and I could wear them. Micheal was getting the same thing as in Gold. Our fave colors are Black and Gold. Cool 'eh? Anyway..A lil' while later we came out in our new clothes. "I HATE IT!" I cried. For a odd reason they threw my other clothes way. I cried. This wasn't as fun as I thought. Micheal saw how sad I was. "Hey..Don't worry..We'll be home soon." Micheal smiled at me. I tried to stop crying. "Ok." "SO.." I turned to Link. "What do you guys ACTUALLY do for fun here?" Link blinked. "Ever met a Sage?" "YE-!" Good thing Micheal cought me. I shook my head. "I'll show you to Saria. The Sage of the-" I couldn't help myself so I blurted: "FOREST!" I quickly covered my mouth. "Ye-yeah." Link stared at me weird. I turned my head and blushed again. He walked closer. I turned my head again. "Well..Do you know how to ride a horse?" I grumbled.

"If I state myself correctly..I think I said..No." "Well your gunna hafto ride with me." "ON THAT DUMB HORSE?! NOWAY IN HELL!" I growled. "Epona is NOT dumb." Link slightly glared at me. "Glare at me again. I don't give a rat's ass." I crossed my arms. "Fine then..Ride with Micheal." Link got apoun his horse and I got apoun Micheal's horse with Micheal. "So..What evil shall we kill now? The Man-Eating Bush?!" Micheal snickered at my comment. "No it's..OH NO!" He pretended to gasp. "THE TREE!" I laughed. Link stared at us. "Actually.." He started. I never let him finish. My glare says more words than my vocal box. But he re-started. "ACTUALLY...Saria said something weird was going down at Sacred Forest Meadow." That gave me an idea. If we beat this maybe we can go home. "Now Maria..you may get along with Saria."

I don't know why but I blush whenever he says my name and Micheal was beginning to noticed. "oooooo~!.." Micheal grinned.

Chapter 6

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