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Inside and Outside

Chapter 6

I slapped him. "DON'T get any ideas!" Like I said before..my glares talk for me sometimes. Micheal shut up right away. I sighed. "If there is some type of...'evil'..lurking around wouldn't we need weapons?" I wasn't gunna die without putting up a fight. Hell no. "Yeah but..we'll see." Link shrugged. "hmmph." Link then began to mummble something under his breath. I bet it was how annoying we became. Oh well. Might as well become more annoying. "Anyway..Link. What happened to Navi?" Micheal started a conversation. "She whent away." "Was she a annoying lil' bitch?" "Yes." Micheal grinned. He made his voice all high-pitch-like and said.."HEY! LISTEN!" I could've died. Link turned around and glared at us. But..you had to admit..he did look KINDOF..hence kindof there..cute when he glared. Why does every man I meet hate me? It's annoying. I'll never believe in love again. Well..y'know what? That changed. TOTALLY. Micheal was still doing his Navi impressions when ..

"Maria?" I blushed but thank god there was no light in the Lost Woods. "Yeah?" "Can you shut him up?" "Sure." I grabbed the pen I put in my pocket before my clothes got thrown out and whipped Micheal in the arm with it. "YEEOW!" He screamed and it seemed to echo. "There..You happy now?" I smirked. Link nodded. "ooooo~! I think someone has a crush!" Micheal looked at me. I scowled. Link turned to face me but I looked away. This time Micheal smirked. Happy about what he did. I was trying to hold back tears. He's gunna hate me. NO. Laugh at me. But.. My thoughts trailed along forever and before I knew we were at the Sacred Forest Meadow and...man o' man was it whacked. The Deku Scrubs weren't there..nor were there Moblins. But..Human-like Keese. They didn't see us. That was good. I held in my fear. These keese were gunna be tough. Me and Micheal had no weapons. What were we gunna do?! Of course Link had weapons so he got off his horse and took out the Master Sword. Maybe the Biggeron would be a better choice. Oh well. His fault. He charged at the Keese- People. They screeched and attacked. Me and Micheal covered our eyes and I felt something against my head. I looked to see what it was and the last thing I saw was a Keese-person holding a Deku-Stick. Then I blacked out.

Chapter 7

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