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Inside and Outside

Chapter 7

So..I blacked out. Well gee..Wouldn't you after you got struck in the head with a Deku Stick which has a titanium head?! I thought so. When I awoken it was damp and dreary. It took me awhile to realize I was wearing different clothes. "EEEAYIII!" I sprang up realizing the dress I was wearing. "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CLOTHES?!...WHERE AM I?...WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" I searched for a door and when I found one,searched to see if it was locked. What were they thinking? They didn't have the door locked. It must be a miracle. Or WAS it? I walked out the door. Godamnit was it hard to walk in this dress. I almost fell 4-15 times. How long was this hall-way? Then I reached 2 more doors. I whispered "Link?..Micheal?" On one of the doors I knocked a certain way only Micheal knows. "MARIA!" was all I needed. "Micheal! Are you okay?" "No." "Why?" I was beginning to get worried. "I'm locked up with Link." I tried to laugh. Keese bagan flying everywhere. "AHH!" I covered my face. I still tried to talk to Micheal though. "Where is Link?" "He's right beside me." "Why doesn't he talk?" "He's too...scared too." Was Micheal trying to get Link to talk? "HEY! AM NOT!" It worked. "Maria..How come you escaped. "My door wasn't locked" I hated saying that.

"Did they change your clothes?" "No..Why?" "They changed mine." I stared down at the dress. "They did?" "Yeah..I'm wearing some sort of dress." "Sounds nice" I totally blushed at that comment. Good thing no one saw. "I'll go see what's going on..ok?" I felt a little bit brave. "Don't do it." "MICHEAL!" If he weren't locked up I'd smack him. I heard him snicker. I left and took a turn. There was another room. Fully lit and full of those Keese. Faraway I could see a throne. Sitting in it was a Hylian. A King? I suposse so. He spotted me at once and motioned me to come over to him. I obeyed. He stared at me for awhile. "Ah,It's you. The beautifull newcomer from Earth." He smiled. I stared at him. Was he CRAZY? Me pretty? Oh well..Might as well go along. "It's me,What do you want?" He kept his smile. "You." That's when it hit me. Micheal must of knew. I growled. "WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY?! LOOK AT OUR AGES! I AIN'T GETTING ARRESTED BECAUSE OF A GEEZER LIKE YOU!" I yelled,making fists. He kept that smile. I just want to wash it off.

"My my..pushy arn't we?..That's what I like ina woman." I was getting furious. "I AIN'T YOURS! I AIN'T NOBODIES!" If only Micheal or Link were here they would help me. I picke up my dress abit so that I could run and well..that's what I did. I ran. I ran all the way back to Micheal and Link. I knocked again. Only Link answered. "Where's Micheal?" "They took him away." I gasped. WHAT?! NO! I searched for a dull sharp object but found none. "What weapon do you have?" "A knife." "Pry the lock!" That's what Link did. When I heard the 'click' of the lock I pushed the door open. Just then Keese Guards appeared. They grabbed for me but I ducked just in time. Then I tried something I never did before. I sweep kicked the guard making him fall to ground. DIVERSION TIME. "RUN LINK!" I yelled looking at all the other guards. "I'll take care of these dudes..Just get Micheal!" I made fists. "Exactly what I like ina woman.." The voice was so chilling that I jumped,frightened and landed in Link's arms. Oh yeah..BLUSH TIME! I turned my head quickly. "...Sorry." "Don't Be."

Chapter 8

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