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Inside and Outside

Chapter 8

I got down. My whole face was was when I remembered the guards. Erg. I really didn't want this now. I should've changed when I had the chance. That's what I'm gunna do. I ran..as I ran past the guards I pushed them down with all my might. After hearing a small 'thudd' I was happy. I ran into the room I was in earlier and found my clothes. Then I realized that these clothes weren't my tunic & pants outfit but my reqular one. Someone must've whent through the trash and cleaned them for me. After changing I felt so much more comfortable. I stepped out of the room. OK. No guards in sight. I turned in the direction I sent Link. Running I saw other doors. What were they for? I didn't stop to see. I was too afraid. I wasn't paying attention either. I slammed right smack into a wall. "EEOWCH!" I rubbed my nose. Turning to my left I could hear voices. Familar voices too. I ran that way. My side felt as if it was enlarging and was going to explode. "I'm running...too...much.." I then stopped. The voices stopped. Oh shit. Was this a trap? I prayed that it wasn't. The door infront of me looked as if it needed a password to enter. So I whent through the list of passwords.

"Muggle?" Wouldn't you know? THAT WAS THE PASSWORD! I laughed as the door open slowly and creepily. There was that Keese-King guy. hmm..Never caught his name. ohwell. Then I looked to the side. The room was pure gold. Wow..My thoughts stopped when I saw Micheal. He was tied to a pole and had a gag in his mouth. So I looked to the other side. Would'nt ya know? There was Link the same way. The big Hero of Time all tied up to a pole. I sighed. "Let 'em go." The king looked at me. "Why?" I grinned. "Because I said so." "That isn't a good reason." "I say it is. The er...um...uh...GODDESS..said so DAMNIT!" The king just stared at me and I began to panic.

Ok..So the Goddess thing wouldn't work. But..I had to try SOMETHING. "A goddess?" I nodded. Micheal began to snicker uncontrollabley. "What goddess?" Oh man..I didn't think of that one. "I- ...er..It's NONE OF YOUR BUISSNESS! I could be the Goddess of Shit for all your knowledge! Let them go!" "or maybe even the goddess of old underwear.." Micheal laughed. I glared at him. He shut up. "So.." He walked closer and closer towards me. "Your a goddess? Shoulda' known with how pretty you are." By now he was so close I had to look up to see him face. That when I flung my fist into his gut. All I could hear for a moment was his cry of intense pain. I smiled.

Chapter 9

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