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Inside and Outside

Chapter 9

Smiling at the sound of pain. Makes me sounds SOO sadistic. Bah. I stepped too the side and he fell. I ran over to Micheal and untied him. "You owe me..BIG TIME." "phh. I'd rather have bed-bugs bite." I shook my head as I untied Link. "Goddess of Underwear? Where'd that one come from?" When you think of it..you can't help laughing. "I dun know..but let's go while we still have the chance!" Micheal took off running yelling,"C'Mon oh,Mistress Underwear!" "rrr..."I ran off after him laughing. Link just stared at us weird. "What did I get myself into?"

Reaching the exit I realized it was behind that fairy fountain in the Meadow. "wow.." I breathed. The shallow water was so relaxing and the fairies felt so soft to the touch. It was so peaceful that it made me feel bad for capturing them in the game. Walking towards the light..I yawned. Then my stomache growled. "Argh. What's there to eat?" "Bugs." "Besides that..." "Air?" "That's nutritious." "I know." hrmph. Didn't he bring any food with him? I mean JEEZ! We DO get hungry. "I have some..red potion." "IS it FOOD?" "I think so.." "I'll have some anyway.." So I took the bottle and drank a little. I felt more energetic as usual. "Thank-You." Link nodded a 'welcome'. It wasn't long untill we met Saria. She did look young. How could they stay children for so long? I'm so jealous. She started explaining what was wrong. Someone from OUR world did the same thing as we two did. Only they changed a few things and just attacked the castle. OH MY GOD!...not. Well..maybe they saw Zelda's pink outfit and taught her fashion sense? Um..Anyway. This didn't shock me and Micheal for some reason. Well..besides the fact that Zelda is alway's getting attacked apoun or being kidnapped. I again,yawned. Saria stared at us. "Please..HURRY!" Oh gee. Rush a tired person. Okay..Anyway. Me and Micheal were wrapped around in a green light. Within two shakes of a goat's tail were in front of Zelda's castle. Oh gee..wouldn't you know it was different. looking. But that doesn't matter. Trying our best to remember how to get past the guards we snuck in. "This is eerie." "I know." "What do we do?" "Find weapons dummy!" "Right!" We searched every where. No weapons for us could be found.

"THIS SUCKS PANSY ASS!" Micheal roared as we met back at the hall way. "THERE'S NOTHING!" "I know..B-.." I was cut off sentence by a soft glow. It was yellow. The yellow light formed into two weapons. One was a long..long sword with a black handle. That one was obviously mine. The other had a gold handle and wasn't as long as mine. "Are these.." "Yeah.." "Who's the enemy?" "I don't know.." Then we heard a noise. "THE THRONE ROOM!" We ran as fast as we could there. When we reached it..There was Zelda. Well...she looked like Zelda only she wasn't wearing pink. "'eeehhh.." I tried to speak but never finished. "Welcome Back.I hope you enjoyed your stay here for it is your last." "OH COME ON! YOU KNOW HOW F- ING OLD THAT LINE IS?" Micheal put his hands on his hips. "Huh?!" "Never mind." The fake Zelda snapped her fingers. "huh?..MICHEAL!"

Chapter 10

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