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Inside and Outside

Chapter 10

Micheal fell too the ground choking on air. "STOP IT! HE'LL DIE!" I stared at Micheal. Where was Link? Was he waiting for a big enterance? Damn..I then pointed my sword at her. "Leave him be." I tried to say it bravely but fear cracked in my voice. The Zelda snapped her fingers and Micheal stopped choking. I blinked. She listened. WHAT KIND OF ENEMY LISTENS TO THE GOOD GUY?! "You want to go back right...?" "huh?" "Hit her...you can go back home." I turned and wouldn't you know? There was Link helping Micheal to his feet. But..the way he said the words..Then..I began to cry..inside. For a second I thought he was crying too.

"Go ahead Maria. Finish her off..Your the goddess 'member?" I chuckled. This didn't seem like a test..nor a good enemy but if it got me home I would do it. I rushed up to Zelda only to stop to look at her face. "Your a brave one." Was all I would let her before I thrusted my sword into her stomache. Micheal cheered. Link just smiled. The fake Zelda dissapeared and a few minutes afterword the small portal opened up. "C'mon Micheal.." My voice was sadder than usual. "Right.." "WAIT!" Link ran up to us. "Yeah?" "Maria..I want you to have this.." Link took off his hat and gave it to me. I blushed again. Link smiled. "You can stop blushing now.." "Thank-You." "GROUP HUG~!" Micheal brought all of us together and well..we hugged. "Bye..for now" I smiled still blushing and jumped into the portal hugging his hat.

Micheal followed. We saw those TV programs again. Then we fell ontop of my bed. "Wow..." "What a...wait..it wasn't an adventure but oh well." I laughed. But Micheal was right. It wasn't an adventure. But I'd do anything to go back there again. It wasn't untill that night would I get my wish..erm..backwards.

I was asleep. Good dreams that whole deal. But in the middle of the night I felt some breathing on my face. I turned around mumbling "I..will..not..join the dark side..." You can tell what my dream was right? Anyway..the breathing thing poked my cheek. I opened my eyes. "Micheal..go back asleep." then shut them again. The thing poked me again. I was getting furious and turned to face the thing and I...screamed. "MICHEAL!" Micheal woke up and gasped. "How'd you get here?!" "What're you doing?" Me and Micheal had so many questions but the figure just smiled.

Chapter 11

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