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Inside and Outside

Chapter 11

Then I glared. "If you EVER EEEEVEEERR DO THAT AGAIN.." I couldn't be mad for long. "Any way..NO really..HOW did you get here?" "Probally the same way you did." Hmm..Interesting..But did he have to wake me up NOW? I mean..Not like him but some normal-type people DO sleep. Anyway..I sat up in bed yawning my lunges out. "So..What's this place like." He sat next to me and I..godamnit..blushed. "It's...well...um.." I tried to find words but that was hard. How could I say the Earth had nice people when it really doesn't? I could just say it's a nice place to live..but Micheal beat me to it...like alway's. "IT SUCKS!" He blurted out. I sighed. "The people may not be very nice at times but it's a very nice place to live." I glared at Micheal. When you think of it,I'm alway's glaring. God..It must be my depressed thing to do..hmm..

Micheal snickered. "With all them people at your back you still SAY it's a nice place to live?" "Yes." "Your an idiot." "I know." Link chuckled just then. "Do you alway's have this conversation in the morning?" "Yes" "No." Argh. He alway's has to but in. I flung a scrunchie at Micheal and he tossed it back. "So..What're doing today?" I looked at Micheal. He shrugged. I snapped my fingers. "We are gunna show you around today!" I smiled one of my few smiles. Link smiled back. "Great!" Then I shouted..."OUT!" That freaked out Link but Micheal pulled him by his arm. "Less' go..She'll be out ina minute." Then they left. I searched my draws for some clothes to put when I did..well..you know. Ina few moments I opened the door. Micheal was showing Link the gane he starred in. I kept the box. "Your turn Mike." Micheal got up and rushed into my room. "So.." Link started.

"Sooo..." I repeated. "I star in a game?..How do they know me?" "I really...have no f-ing idea." "Oh.." I shrugged as I walked into the kitchen. "Cereal...cereal..AH!" I got out some Kix. "Kid tested..Mother approved." Link stared at me weird. "I dun' know." I tried not to laugh. "Want some?" Link nodded. "This is a nice.." He stoppped when one of my cats jumped on his shoulder. I giggled. "That's Figaro. I call him Figs. I also have a dog named Toto. She's around here somewhere." "You like animals?" "I love them" I gave Link his bowel and a spoon. "Eat have lots to see today."Just then Micheal came into the room and poured himself a bowel. "So..Where to first?" "I dun know yet." I grumbled.
"You gutta know SOMETHING!" Micheal said between mouthfuls. I scowled. "Well..I WOULD like to see that game.." I laughed. "Sure."

Chapter 12

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