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Inside and Outside

Chapter 12

T"Micheal,Show him the game."
"WHY ME?!"
"I said so."
He then stormed off Link following him. After an hour they came back. I was asleep. "The idiot!" Micheal grabbed two straws and stuck them up my nose. "You could kill her y'know" Link blinked. "I know" Micheal grinned. I snorted. One straw flew out. "Jeez..She."
I opened one eye slightly. Heh..Micheal was warming up some water. The ol' warm-water trick.
"OKay..This is what we call a 'prank'"
"A joke."
Micheal pulled this trick on me a few times. I bet it happened to you at a sleep-over too. Doggone people.
"See..Stick her hand in there.."
"SHUT-UP!" Micheal hissed.

I felt my hand get slightly warm. Within a few minutes I lifted my hand out. Micheal had his back turned so I splashed him with the water. "ARRRRGGGGHHHH!" was all you could hear for awhile. I lifted my head laughing. Micheal turned around splashed me back. I took the cup and splashed Link who wasn't getting it. "AHH!" He shook himself off. It took him awhile to laugh. I smiled. "We'll leave in a few minutes..Let's just walk around so you can get in the sites." I stated..walking to the closet. "hmm..How's the weather?"
"No jacket?"
"I don't think so."
I shut the door. I backed up into Link. "AHH!" I yelped because..it didn't feel like a person. He was too DAMN musuclar. "WHAT the hell are you doing behind ME?"
"No matter..Let's just go."
Micheal led the way...untill we hit the sidewalk. SUCH a leader. "There's some houses...A small mart..A strip mall.."
I pointed to all sorts of things. As I said before..my thoughts trail off alot..and today's thought was... Am I in love?

Chapter 13

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