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Inside and Outside

Chapter 13

I slapped myself. Those thoughts were coming back. Why can't I stop?! Micheal put his hand on my shoulder. I yelped. "MARIA!"
"He wants to check out the mall."
I tried to make it look like something had happened. Micheal stared at me weird.
I walked ahead of them trying to keep my blushing to a minium. I was soo embarassed. These thoughts about someone who doesn't even like me back. I really should learn to stop. That's when I bumped into my EX. "GoDAMNIT!" I yelped backing up. "Sooo..It's the- -" I didn't let him finish.
"Leave me alone."
"ooo..that hurts."
"pff. What brings you here?"
I looked behind me to see where Link and Micheal whent. They were RIGHT behind me. "I'm showing a friend around." I pointed to Link.
"A friend? HIM?"
I grumbled. "She's right." Link must of known how angry I was made my EX shocked. "Your soo ugly though! How'd you meet a friend like him?!" I couldn't explain it. Noone could. "errr..."

"you payed him right?"
The EX snickered. This is why I hated men. This is also why I hated to fall in love anymore. I heard Micheal whisper something to Link but I couldn't make it out. That's when I felt Link's arm on my shoulder. I whent into a blushing frenzy. "uhh.." But Link talked for me. "Excuse me but..She ISN'T ugly."
"Says who?"
"Says ME."
That's when my friend walked in. She was carrying two sodas. He thinks he can make me jealous by PRETENDING to go out with my friend? Not gunna happen. I looked up..My face was probally the color of the Start button on the N64 controller. "Maria..Are you okay? Your all red."
"WHAT?!" I covered my face. My EX snickered. "Where'd you find the guy?"

My friend whispered in my ear.
"um...Want a soda?"
"I thought it was for the other guy.."
"Oh. Okay"
Then I remembered. "Hey,Link...Have you ever had a sada?"
I handed him the soda. "Try it." He did. At first his face looked sick then he looked normal. "It's not bad."
"It's called Coca Cola."
"It used to have a drug called Cocaine in it. Not anymore though."
I could tell he didn't understand but he sure as hell tried to. I nodded. His hand still on my shoulder. Then I thought: Did he LIKE me? My friend smiled at me. "What a way to get back at your ex,Maria. Hiring a guy..." I growled.
"I didn't hire him."
I ran off..to somewhere in the mall. I just wanted to get away.

Chapter 14

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