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Inside and Outside

Chapter 14

I stopped at WaldenBooks. I looked behind me. "Phew.." I walked in.
"Shit." I walked deeper into the store.
I was at the back. I looked back no one was there. I whent back to the books and again,I bang into Link. "AYII!"
"I'm sorry!"
"About what?"
There he was.
I growled as I brushed myself off. How'd he appear there? "What happened Maria?"

"Something happened."
"I said NOTHING." I've never been so rude to somebody before. "Sure."
I turned around and walked away. When I was out of site I sighed. What did I do? I just snapped at him. He was trying to be nice. Is this reason why I have less friends? I got up. I looked around,they were all looking for me upstairs. I then bolted out of the mall. Away from everyone again. I yawned. The sun was a bit too bright. "Hrm.."
I grumbled. "What?"
"Y'know what?"
"What Link?"
"I really like you."
That was a simple way to say it. Straight out. I just stood there..stunned and speech-less.
What else could I do?

Chapter 15

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