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Inside and Outside

Chapter 15

"..." I sighed.
Link looked at me. I turned my head.
"That boy...Was he.."
"My EX? Yes..." My voice trailed off.
"What happened?.." I looked at him. I was so mean to him and yet..he's so nice to me.
"It's nothing.." I said barely audible. "Just...nothing."
Link could tell I was still a bit speech-less from before. He stared at me. I stared at him back. I gave him my usual lop-sided grin.

That's when we heard a crash in the mall. "?"
Then I heard Micheal screaming. "OH NO!" I ran in.
"MICHEAL?!" Link was behind me. There was none in the mall besides us. I fell on my knees. I hid my face in my hands. I didn't come in time. Faint sobs could be heard from my hands. "Maria?.."
"I couldn't...I..."
"It wasn't your fault.."
I looked at Link my eyes red from crying. "YES IT WAS! I should never of ran out! Then I could of saved him.."
"We still can..." Link pointed to the top floor. "Looks like a boss I thought I defeated.."
What was it with all these recarnations?! I wish I still had my sword. I stood up shakingly humming U2's Beautiful Day. Link puy his arm on my shoulder to stop me from shaking. We then ran upstairs hoping the enemy is a easy kill like the Zelda one. We reached the escalator which stopped working.
"T-This is scaring the SHIT outta me,Link."
"I know."
I prayed that they were still alive...somewhere.

Chapter 16

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