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Inside and Outside

Chapter 21

We sat. We ate. How exiting was that?! I mean..all that chatter! I mean WOW! Okay..that was overly sarcastic. God,I wished someone would say something to us down here. Then I remembered we were at the very end. Jeez..I'm becoming very forgetful lately. "So..what're you doing down here?" Micheal broke the silence. "How's come your not sitting next to..Zelda?" Micheal fluttered his eyelashes and made his voice sing-songy when he said Zelda. I tried not to giggle. Link stopped eating. "Uh..Sheik's there?" I put down my fork. "Thats not it..Sheik wouldn't sit there unless there was a reason. NOW..why ARE you sitting here?" Link realized he was caught. "Because...I wanted to welcome you two back?" I blinked. Under my breath I said "yeah..right.." "..!" I jerked my head up. Someone watching? "Maria..?" I turned my head. "Something wrong?" "No..Nothings wrong." I smiled to prove it. After dinner, Me and Micheal decieded to stay outside for a while. "I think he likes you." Micheal grinned at me. "HELL NO!" I snapped. Micheal grinned wider. "OOOOO! Link an' Mari-" Let's just say...he never finished that song.

When we reached our rooms, I got that feeling again. I just knew something was around here.. "Damnit.." I yawned. I hope tonight whent by fast. There were pajamas there for us but the ones for me were a BRIGHT BRIGHT pink. I swear, I actually almost threw-up. At least Micheal got the color he wanted. "How come your not wearing your pj's?" Micheal poked me. "I'll throw-up. It's too bright...and pink. I'd rather sleep in pajamas the color of shit." Micheal laughed. We stayed up longer than anyone else in the castle did. "GIN!" Micheal jumped up. "It's Go Fish.." I corrected. "Hey..I wonder if everyone is asleep?" I walked quietly to the door. No Noise. "Yep." I walked back. "Lets go to bed." I suggested and Micheal nodded. We crawled into our beds and fell asleep quickly. The next day, I awoke to the pain in my hand. "Thanks for the wake-up call..but..I really didn't need a alarm clock." I talked to my hand. I noticed that Micheal was gone. "Now where'd he go?" I opened the door. I rubbed my eyes and walked towards the place we were last night.

I walked into Sheik. "S-sorry.." I rubbed my eyes. "It's okay. Micheal isn't here. He's with Link." I was fully awake then. How the HELL did he know what I was thinking?! "And no..Micheal isn't telling him THAT.." then I got furious. 'MY THOUGHTS ARE MY OWN!" I snapped and stomped away,hungry. THE NERVE! Reading ones thoughts...There should be a rule against that.. I was lost in my own thoughts. "Hmm..I wonder what they eat for breakfast around here.." I looked around for the kitchen but there was no door leading to one in the dining room. "Right here,m'lady." That voice! "Will you stop-" No one was there. Nothing but a plate of eggs and a few strips of bacon. "Well..thanks for the meal invisible guy.." I sat down and began to eat. Awhile later Micheal ran in. "Where were you?!" I wiped the grease from my mouth. "Learning how to shoot arrows!" Micheal grinned.

That feeling again! Why won't it stop?! I held my head. "Maria?!" Micheal sat next to me. "Are you okay? You've been acting...weird since last night. Well..weirder than usual.." Micheal blinked. "What do you mean..WEIRDER? Looks who's calling who weird!" I got up. Me and Micheal then walked back to our room. The feeling came back. This time I ignored it.
I wish I hadn't this time.
A few seconds later, Micheal was struck in the back with an arrow.

Chapter 22

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