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Inside and Outside

Chapter 22

"MICHEAL!" I screeched. My voice echoed throughout the whole castle.
Micheal landing on the ground in a bloody heap. "NO..! MICHEAL!" I fell to my knees,screaming at the top of my lungs. The last thing I remember was the sound of foot-steps and the horrid vision of Micheal.
"OH MY G-.." Link rushed towards Micheal. "Zelda, you take Maria back to her room..I'll get Micheal to the docter!" Link picked up Micheal and ran off. Zelda huffed. "Why can't she stay where she is? She's perfectly fine." Zelda mumbled after Link was out of site. "C'mon you.." Zelda grabbed my arm and dragged me to my feet. "You need to lie down..HELLO.." Zelda waved a hand infront of my face. "Your..your really shaken up.." Zelda stared at my lifeless face. "Maria?..MARIA!" Zelda shook me. All I could think of was Micheal. How he didn't scream when the arrow made contact. "MARIA! Snap out of it!" Zelda dug her nails into my shoulders as she continued to shake me. A few minutes of that..I snapped back into reality. "No..!" I clutched my face, holding back tears. "Its...Its going to be okay!" Zelda let go. I could sense that she was crying too. "He can't..." I started but Zelda stopped me. "Don't EVER think like that!" Zelda cried. "DON'T!" she grabbed my shoulders again. I nodded.

For the whole time the docter worked on Micheal, I wouldn't eat or sleep. I was too nervous. TOO nervous. "WHY DID I IGNORE IT?!" I lashed out at myself. "THE ONE FUCKING TIME..." I held my head. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. "He's..He's going to be fine.." Link squeezed his grip abit. I nodded in disbelief. "Who would hurt him..WHO...?" I thought aloud.
I had a flash back.

"HIM!" I said so loud I even startled Link. "I know who!" I started for the door but Link grabbed my shirt collar. "WHOA there...! Where do YOU think YOUR going?" Link gave me a look that made look stupid. "To kill someone..DUH." I crossed my arms. "With WHAT...your mouth?" "HEY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO THAT TIME-!" I pointed at Link to show him it was a joke. He gave that look again. "Well..whatever...I'll find a weapon." I walked out the door leaving Link in his look. It took him a minute to realize what I said. "H-HEY! YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE WITHOUT ME..!" Link ran out the door after me. HA. He didn't notice that I knew he was going to do and was right next to the door. "Idiot.." I mumbled and walked down the hall. " A weapon...there were those weapons we had before BUT.." I walked into a room. "...!" I was then washed in light. Seems familar.

"OWWWW!" I rubbed my head. "What the..! HEY!" I smiled. The weapon I had had before was right here in front of me. "YES!" I grabbed it. Then I thought, wait..who's helping me? I shrugged that off and ran out. Determined to that certain guy.

What happened? The last thing I could remember was Maria was tasliong about something..weird. The rest..a blur. I tried to get up but was forced backward by pain. "GAAHHH!" I yelped. "What HAPPENED?!" I demanded the air. "You got stabbed." "AAHH!" I yelled in shock. "I'm sorry. I was too busy with your paperwork." "I have no money." I gritted. "No need. Zelda will pay for it most likely." I let a tiny gasp. She has to pay for her own docter? WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COMING TOO?! My eyes smiled. I couldn't make my mouth smile that would just bring more pain most likely. "So, I was stabbed. Stabbed by what?" I shut my eyes, waiting to hear the details. "Your were hit in the back with a arrow. Thank the Goddesses you survived! That arrow almost struck your heart!" the figure of the voice came into view. It was Rauru. "The Sage of Light? T-then your NOT a docter, I presume." The pain was crawling through my body, "ghhh...What do you want?" I said through my gritted teeth. "To heal you first off..and to tell you of whats going to happen."

Chapter 23

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